VietnamWeird Things You Might Come Across in Vietnam

Weird Things You Might Come Across in Vietnam

Experiencing a new culture in a foreign country will incessantly take you by surprise, and Vietnam is a country full of wonders – some are unusual even. Here are some weird things in Vietnam to prepare you for the culture shock.

Insane Motorbike Skills

Motorbike is the most popular means of transport in Vietnam, and consequently, people have mastered the art of controlling this kind of conveyance. One of the many weird things in Vietnam you will see is the crazy ability to carry and balance almost everything on one little bike.

weird things in vietnam fridge

There is evidence in case you do not believe…

DSC 0041 5

weird things in vietnam balloon

Do you think that the bike will fly up to the sky?

DSC 0062 4

Who wants a can of beer?

DSC04187 copy

This is an easy level

bikelihood 2

These are harder ones, but it still can be more difficult…

The streets may seem hectic and intimidating, but can be full of fun and adventures nevertheless. Find yourself a trustworthy local guide to embark on a Motorbike Tour and learn all about the excitement on the streets of Vietnam.

city tours 3

Join a motorbike tour to explore the streets of Vietnam

Crossing Streets Without Looking

Vietnamese Street Crossing is a real challenge because there are vehicles in every direction. The more you look, the more frightening it is. So, look both sides first, gather every bit of your courage, and then just focus on walking straight ahead.

city tours 91

Take it slow when crossing the roads in Vietnam

Street Ninja Is Everywhere!

As a tropical country, most parts of Vietnam is hot and humid all year round. In addition, a lot of Vietnamese love white skin, so Vietnamese people, mostly females, tend to cover every inch of their body when going out. It might be one of the weird things in Vietnam for tourists, but to the locals, it is just a part of their daily life.

weird things in vietnam ninja 1

Welcome to the country of Street Ninjas

weird things in vietnam ninja 2

Hot as it may be, our skin is definitely more precious!

The “Gánh” Culture

Gánh is a wooden pile with one bamboo basket at each end. It plays a crucial role in Vietnamese Street Food and Street Vendors in Saigon in particular, as well as being a means of livelihood for a number of locals. Compared to other weird things in Vietnam, it is delightful rather than shocking, and you’re welcome to try distinctive specialties from Gánh.


A gánh full of snacks

There is a wide variety of dishes that you can find in a gánh, from an evening snack like Banh Trang Tron – Mixed Rice Paper, Hot Tofu, to main courses such as all types of Bun – Rice Vermicelli.

DSC 0507

Don’t underestimate the humble appearance as it can fill your stomach with heavenly goodness

Dancing in Public

Dancing in public happens in several places in the world. However, in Vietnam, you can see groups of people in the parks enjoying the music at different times of the day, every day! In early mornings, they would dance as exercises or aerobics. When the night comes, it is time for classical dancing to take over and excite the atmosphere. See more Public Parks in Ho Chi Minh City to know where to find this enjoyable activity.

weird things in vietnam dancing 1

Morning exercise at public parks is a habit of many Vietnamese

weird things in vietnam dancing 3

The music genres vary greatly

weird things in vietnam dancing 5
These days, more and more people in Vietnam have been into classical dancing

Summary of Weird Things You Might Come Across in Vietnam

On the streets, there are numerous weird things in Vietnam. You can see people with insane motorbike skills and carrying unbelievable kinds of stuff on the back of their vehicles. Some pedestrians innocently cross the roads without making any glances to the moving conveyances, and everyone looks as if they came from a Ninja movie. Besides those bizarre features, you could also spot several unfamiliar things that are part of Vietnamese culture such as gánh vendor or dancing in public.

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