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Vung Tau 1-day Itinerary

The coastal city of Vung Tau has never ceased to be a hot vacation spot for all Southern Vietnamese dwellers. The azure sea, white sandy shores, picturesque mountains, and a mouth-watering selection of seafood are what kept this city busy all year round. While everyone usually prefers a multi-day coastal adventure, having little time won’t stop you from enjoying this haven. See here for our comprehensive Vung Tau 1-day itinerary to see what you can do and taste!

Tips for Vung Tau 1-Day Itinerary

  • Most attractions in Vung Tau are close to each other; therefore, the most economical and convenient transportation is a motorbike.
  • Avoid the rainy season (May – October) because there may be storms, which are dangerous in coastal cities like Vung Tau.
  • Many restaurants and entertainment are on Tran Phu Street, but booking resorts or hotels on Thuy Van Street is best since it is nearer to the beaches. Look for hotels in Vung Tau below:

Vung Tau 1-Day Itinerary – Morning

6 AM: Hit the Beach

Vung Tau has one of Vietnam’s best beaches for a summer vacation. That’s why taking a dip in these beautiful waters is a must-do. You can hit the beach at any time of the day, though we recommend choosing the morning so that the weather is cool, and you can also watch the sunrise on the sea. Some beaches to put on your list are Bai Truoc, Bai Sau, and Bai Dua.

8.30 AM: Breakfast with Banh Khot

Start your adventure with these small but mighty goodies – the Vietnamese mini rice pancakes. A portion will contain 5 to 7 Banh Khot, which you will eat with fresh herbs and sweet fish sauce. This treat is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, with an explosive sweet and savory flavor.


10 AM: Visit Christ the King Monument and Nghinh Phong Cape

Christ the King Monument


Christ the King Monument is the tallest Jesus statue in Asia at 32 meters and one of the most popular attractions in Vung Tau. After overcoming about 1000 steps up the mountain where the statue is located and 133 steps of the staircase inside the statue, you’ll get to see a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city.

Note: You should wear non-revealing clothing: no shorts and mini-skirts, no sleeveless tops.

Nghinh Phong Cape


Nghinh Phong Cape is another fun location to see the bird’s eye view of Vung Tau. With the mountainous backdrop and the front view of Bai Dua Beach, the place has an untouched kind of beauty that will give you amazing pictures. This is one of the lesser-known things to do in Vung Tau, so you won’t have to worry about the crowds.

Noon: Lunch with Stingray Hotpot

We bet you’ve never heard of this dish! Stingray Hotpot is a sweet and sour delicacy of Vung Tau made of stingray meat, fresh vegetables like elephant ears, bamboo shoots, banana flowers, etc. It tastes best when you want a quick and easy dish on a cool day. Some city dwellers travel to Vung Tau for this hotpot only!

Recommendation: Lau Ca Duoi Hoang Minh (44 Truong Cong Dinh Street)

Vung Tau 1-Day Itinerary – Afternoon

2 PM: Visit the White Palace


The White Palace used to be the summer vacation home for Emperor Bao Dai, but it’s now turned into a museum of local and cultural artifacts. The palace got its nickname from its milky white paint and its original name – Villa Blanche. You can visit this place in the early afternoon when the sun is still high up since the shades of many frangipani trees shelter the palace’s ground.

4 PM: Check-in at the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a famous location among young Vietnamese. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The Lighthouse is located on the top of Little Mountain, so you can end your day by admiring a mesmerizing sunset over Vung Tau at this location.


  • You can go by motorbike or walking up to the Light House. However, as the road is not in its best condition, we recommend returning before dark.
  • After you have traveled up the alley from the main road, turn left at the first intersection. The way up is quite confusing, so you should travel with other Vietnamese visitors or ask locals for directions.
  • Try homemade yogurt at the Co Tien store. The store is a small, hidden house outside the Lighthouse’s gate.

Vung Tau 1-Day Itinerary – Evening

6 PM: Dinner with Seafood

Anyone spending their first time in Vung Tau should not miss the collection of fresh and delicious seafood that this city has to offer. Being a coastal city, the seafood here is especially cheap and varied. You can get anything from sea snails to clams and squids. Get a group of friends to the places we recommend below and mingle like locals over seafood dishes and beer.


8 PM: Shopping and Snacking at Vung Tau Night Market

Location: behind The Imperial Hotel & Resort Vung Tau

If you are still feeling energetic or you want to get some sea-themed souvenirs for your friends and family, head to the Vung Tau Night Market. The market is divided into two parts: one selling all kinds of souvenirs and one for seafood stalls. Having dinner here is also a good option since the price is very budget-friendly; however, you have to know how to pick out fresh seafood.

Find discounted tickets for your trip to Vung Tau:

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Our Thoughts on Vung Tau 1-Day Itinerary

Vung Tau is a young and fun city with endless things for you to do. Above are just a few of the highlights of the city. Feel free to add in more locations of your choice or adjust the schedule to your liking, like adding in a day at the beach to explore all the watersports and the peaceful shores of Vung Tau. What do you think of our itinerary? Tell us your thoughts down below or give us a rating!

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