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Volunteer in Vietnam

After the wars have passed, regions in Vietnam are still suffering from tragic effects from the wars such as poverty, health problems, deformities, and sluggish economic growth. A huge effort and help are the most necessary things right now to give many Vietnamese a better life. Nowadays, the chance to join a volunteer in Vietnam is not limited to Vietnamese only but is also open to foreigners who want to contribute to the local community.

Where to Go for Volunteering in Vietnam

The most popular way to volunteer in Vietnam is through charity organizations. Each charity organization will focus on different objects. People give and donate their money, clothes, milk, diapers, food, etc. to charity organizations and these groups will be intermediators to transfer your donations to the people who need them most. Contact these organizations and offer to give a helping hand in their frequent philanthropic events or activities.

Some reliable charity organizations in Vietnam:

SOS children’s villages

SOS Children’s Villages are places for caring, nurturing, and supporting orphans, abandoned children, and children in difficult circumstances. These villages are built in many provinces to give greater help to children in Vietnam. In these villages, the children have a new family, they are provided a good education to build up a brighter future. However, the expenditure to run these villages is so huge that they need a lot of help from our community.

You can come to the SOS children’s villages to visit, raise money for the children or become a volunteer here.

volunteer in vietnam 1
SOS children’s village in Go Vap District

Volunteer at religious sites in Vietnam

Many religious sites in Vietnam (temples, pagodas, and churches) run and sustain homes for disadvantaged children (orphans and children with birth defects, victims of Agent Orange); these homes are in great need of volunteers and fondly welcome visitors. Simply playing with the kids or giving small gifts like milk, toys, and rice is highly appreciated.

giveback program i tour vietnam 19

Visit and volunteer at kids’ homes run by churches or pagodas in Vietnam

Handicap International in Vietnam 

The Handicap International in Vietnam has been operating since 1992, dedicated to helping handicapped victims of the past big wars in Vietnam, victims of violence or sufferers in any disaster-stricken areas in Vietnam, as well as providing emergency aid, especially during times of natural disasters in Vietnam. As of 2007, the organization has organized more than 20 different projects in various areas of disability and multiple fields of stable development.

Blue Dragon Children Organisations

Blue Dragon is a social organization dedicated to helping street children in Vietnam. Founded in 2003 by Michael Brosowski, the organization has helped more than 68,000 children escape homelessness, trafficking, poverty, illiteracy, etc. Currently, Blue Dragon continues to support over 1,500 children.

In addition, other charity organizations worthy of mention are Saigon Children’s Charity, Saigon Charity Commission, and ActionAid.

Volunteer in Vietnam

By volunteering in Vietnam, travelers get to discover the latent beauties of many regions in Vietnam while giving help to the needy. This is an example of responsible travel in Vietnam.

There are many organizations now offering travelers volunteer trips in Vietnam. In these trips, you can choose to help watch, play, or feed the kids. While traveling, you can become a teacher to local children, plant trees, or clean up the beach.

itourvn giveback program 9 itourvn giveback program 8

Volunteer to be a teacher of children in remote areas of Vietnam

You can book a volunteer trip with i Tour Vietnam. We believe that helping the community is one crucial part of our mission, and we have an exclusive i Volunteer Expedition and our GIVEBACK Program, where parts of our profits go back to helping the community. To make sure the donations benefit the ones in need, we use the money to buy useful items for the kids, instead of donating money directly.

giveback program i tour vietnam 22 itourvn giveback program 5

i Tour Vietnam’s GIVEBACK Program gifting school supplies to children of ethnic minorities

How the Volunteering in Vietnam affect your and people’s life

Make your life become more meaningful

Joining the volunteer work in Vietnam can help you find more meaning to things in life. Being apart from your office, you have a chance to visit new places with many new cultures and customs. These experiences will help your life be more vivid and happy. Above all, you learn about and get inspired by incredible people whose lives may not be full of hardships but never lack optimism.

volunteer in vietnam 5

Volunteer in Vietnam makes your life more meaningful

Having a chance to make some people’s lives better

You help other people not only with your actions but also by inspiring them with your positive thinking and your kindness. An important note, if you want to make a material contribution, is that you should donate items such as clothes, books, and food, rather than money.

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Summary of Volunteer in Vietnam

There are a lot of ways to volunteer in Vietnam. Research before doing volunteer is very necessary. In addition, do not forget to find a reputable and credible organization to cooperate with and guide you in volunteering in Vietnam. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us!

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