VietnamShoppingVietnamese Souvenirs Your Friends And Family Will Love

Vietnamese Souvenirs Your Friends And Family Will Love

Are you interested in Vietnamese souvenirs?

If so, then check out our guide below to the top gifts you should take back from your next trip to Vietnam. Whether you’re planning the end of an unforgettable trip to Vietnam, or just dreaming of your next vacation, we have you covered. 

Vietnamese Souvenirs 


One of the most popular souvenirs in Vietnam is silk, the material woven from the cocoons of the silkworm.

It is a luxurious material that you can find throughout the country. Plus, silk is more affordable these days, so tourists have a better chance of purchasing their favorites to take home with them.  

hoi an silk vietnamese souvenirs

The best place to buy Vietnamese silk is in Hoi An

Non La (Conical Hat)

Non La, or the circular cone hat, is made of bamboo cataphylls. 

It is a cultural symbol that differs in style and color depending on the region you are in. 

They are worn all year, to protect the wearers from rain during the wet seasons and for shade and protection during the warmer months. 

vietnamese souvenirs non la

Wear a Non La and blend in with the locals

Hand Embroidery and Handmade Jewelry

Hand-embroidered pieces are another attractive option if you are looking to take a souvenir home with you. 

Many pieces of clothing and framed silk pictures contain natural scenes that are stitched one thread at a time, such as:

  • Flowers
  • Trees
  • Animals
  • Birds

In some areas, tourists can even explain or sketch their specific idea to the artist who can create a personalized rendition for you to take home. 

Handmade jewelry in Vietnam is also among the topmost delicate items to collect on your trip to Vietnam. The price for each piece is not as high as fancy brands, but the quality is well worth the money.

vn souvenir jewelry hcm vietnamese souvenirs

Vietnamese handmade jewelry bears significant oriental features

Check out these Vietnamese jewels loved by travelers

Ao Dai

Ao Dai is Vietnam’s national costume, which is often a popular souvenir. 

There are 3 main styles of this long dress. The “trendy” dress reaches the floor and fits the curves of the body as it is more form-fitting. The “hippy” dress is brightly colored for teenagers, while the “mini” only extends to the knees.  

vietnamese souvenirs ao dai

You purchase an Ao Dai by first picking out the fabric, and then having a tailor create the dress, which usually takes about a week.  

The best Ao Dao, however, is tailor-made to your style and body figure. See here for The Best Tailors in Ho Chi Minh City

Guoc Moc

Guoc moc, or wooden clogs, are a traditional footwear option for men and women. 

Though a little outdated these days, you can still find these shoes during important festivals or special town events like the Cai Luong or Ca Tru performances. 

They may be hard to find, as they are considered old-fashioned, but would make an impression once you brought them home. 

Sand and Wood Paintings

Sand painting is the artwork created by pouring colorful sand and powdered pigments on a sticky surface and fixating it with spray, so it doesn’t come off again.

There is another kind of sand painting that is created by pouring colorful sand in a glass mug or vase so that the layers create a beautiful piece of art. 

wooden craft vietnamese souvenirs

Wood paintings, on the other hand, are intricate carvings on thin pieces of wood to create a beautiful painting. The most impressive thing about wood paintings is that you can also get to see the artists bringing their artwork to life.

These mostly feature landscapes, portraits, labor scenes, and calligraphy artworks. 

Other Interesting Vietnamese Souvenirs You Can Buy

Shopping in Vietnam is always fun, not only is it a golden opportunity to experience the local lifestyle, but there are actually plentiful items to choose from and buy for your family. Some other favorite Vietnamese souvenirs are:

vietnamese souvenirs collectible figures

Collectible figures and statues of Vietnamese folk characters

vietnamese souvenirs postcards

Postcards in Vietnam come in different shapes and sizes, and you can even send home a creative postcard right from the Saigon Central Post Office

vietnamese souvenirs t shirts

T-shirts made in Vietnam are cheap and of high quality

Places to Buy Vietnamese Souvenirs in Ho Chi Minh City

On the streets of District 1 and in almost every tourist attraction, you’ll be able to find a souvenir store with various items for you to choose from. In case you would like to go on a shopping spree and look for more souvenir options, make your way to Ben Thanh Market.

vietnamese souvenirs ben thanh

Make sure to bargain when shopping at a Vietnamese market

Bottom Line of Buying Vietnamese Gifts

Enjoy your next trip to Vietnam, and consider purchasing one of these gift ideas when you’re there!

If you need more help traveling in Vietnam, contact our team at i Tour Vietnam.

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