VietnamVietnamese Lottery

Vietnamese Lottery

There are many types of lottery in Vietnam. The national lottery and Vietlott are the two common ones. Read more on the legal age in Vietnam and Vietnam’s gambling regulations.

National Lottery

Vietnamese lottery first appeared in 1962. It was then spread out quickly all over the nation. Vietnamese lottery is not only for entertainment but also a source of the national budget which helps enhance social welfare.

vietnamese lottery national lottery

National Lottery

Each lottery costs VND 10,000. You can buy as many as you wish. The prize is announced every day in the afternoon. You can wait for the live program of the announcement, check online, register to receive the results via text message, or you can find the result in the newspaper the next day. The grand prize can be up to VND 1.5 billion (approximately USD 64,000). You will have to pay a progressive Personal Income Tax if you are lucky to get a prize of more than VND 10 million per lottery prize.

Vietlott | E-lottery

Vietlott is another kind of Vietnamese lottery which has just been popularized since 2016. The significant difference between Vietlott and the national lottery is the prize money. While the highest prize in the national lottery is VND 1.5 billion, the lowest prize of Vietlott is VND 12 billion (approximately USD 516,000). And if the jackpot – the special prize – has not been won by anyone in the last announcement, it will be added to the next announcement. That makes the value of the prize increases day by day until there is a winner for the jackpot. And you also need to pay a progressive Personal Income Tax if you win the prize.

vietnamese lottery vietlott

Vietlott tickets

Another difference is that while with the national lottery, you can only choose a given series of 6 pre-printed numbers, but with Vietlott, you can choose to combine 6 numbers from 1 to 45 to form your series of numbers. Each Vietlott ticket costs VND 10,000, and you can buy as many as you want.

In Summary of Vietnamese Lottery

Vietnamese lottery has long been a hobby of many people. Selling lottery is also a way to earn a living for some. It bears a hope of life-changing with a big fortune, or it is simply just a job of the poor, the elderly, or the disabled. Vietnamese lottery, therefore, serves as an essential part of many people’s life.

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