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Vietnamese Flower Markets in Ho Chi Minh City

Besides some local markets where you can buy everything, some markets specialize in selling one kind of goods for the locals, like textiles and flowers. You can find quite a few flower markets in Ho Chi Minh City because the flower is one of the products that Vietnamese buy almost daily to decorate their homes and offer to their ancestors at families’ altars. If you are interested in where you can find your favorite flower in Ho Chi Minh, these places are our recommendations for you.

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market

flower markets ho chi minh city Ho Thi Ky1

Address: Ho Thi Ky Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
Opening time: All days

Ho Thi Ky Market surrounds the area of Le Hong Phong Apartment in District 10, about 5 to 7 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. In the middle of the 1980s, a few flower traders gathered in this area to sell their flowers to the locals. Over the years, the number of traders increased, and they established a flower market named after the revolutionary heroine Ho Thi Ky.

Ho Thi Ky is the market most people in Ho Chi Minh City think of when they want to buy flowers. The market is crowded, especially a few days before the Tet holidays. Most flowers in Ho Thi Ky Market are transported by trucks from Dalat, known as the city of flowers. A wide range of fresh, beautiful flowers like roses and lilies are sold here at the wholesale price, which is cheaper than in other markets.

Ho Thi Ky Market opens daily; from 2 AM to 7 AM is usually the busiest hours of the market when trucks deliver flowers to traders. After flowers are gathered in the market, owners of flower shops in the city and from other provinces would order flowers delivered to their shops, or they can come here to buy them directly.

If you want to buy freshly picked flowers, you should come to the market in the early morning. Inside the alleys of the market, there are also shops like other local markets where you can see how Vietnamese go shopping, especially for food and daily necessities.

Dam Sen Flower Market

flower markets ho chi minh city Dam Sen 1

Address: 39 Nguyen Van Phu Street, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City
Opening time: All days

Dam Sen Flower Market was founded in 2000, so it looks more modern than Ho Thi Ky Flower Market. The long distance from the center of Ho Chi Minh City to this market is about 10 kilometers. Dam Sen Flower Market is an indoor market as big as a sewing clothes factory. Its design was simple, with spacious areas so people could quickly go around window-shopping and buying flowers.

There are about 60 flower shops that offer visitors a variety of flowers, which are also bought from Dalat by wholesale traders. Every day, about 40 tons of flowers (100 tons on Tet holidays) are usually taken to the market at midnight by trucks. Then, they would order trucks to transport the flowers to many provinces in the Mekong Delta or local markets in Ho Chi Minh City.

flower markets ho chi minh city Dam Sen 2

You could even come across some flowers that only grow in cold climate countries like Holland, France, Japan, and Taiwan. Low prices and the delivery service are other reasons why the locals often buy flowers here before the Tet holidays or special occasions. The traders always ensure all packs of flowers would be fresh and pretty when customers receive them. The most convenient time to get there and purchase some pretty flowers is from 7 AM to 9 AM every day.

Hau Giang Flower Market

flower markets ho chi minh city Hau Giang 2

Address: Hau Giang Street, Ward 12, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City
Opening time: All days

Hau Giang Flower Market is not too far from Dam Sen Flower Market, about 8 kilometers from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, but it is not as popular as the two markets above. It is a wholesale flower market established by an individual in 2005, so its market area is smaller than that of Ho Thi Ky and Dam Sen.

flower markets ho chi minh city Hau Giang1

There are about 80 flower shops in this market. Most of the owners used to run their businesses in other markets before settling here; some of them were also from Ho Thi Ky. The market gives the locals living far from the city center another choice to shop for their favorite flowers. Besides, some local flower tradesmen choose this market as the source of flower distribution to the western region.

From around 1 AM to 3 AM, flowers are often transported from other provinces such as Dong Thap, Tien Giang, and Da Lat. Every morning, people would come here and buy their favorite flowers. There are many kinds of flowers, but roses and daisies are the two most popular here.

Tet Flower Markets

flower markets ho chi minh city tet binh dong

Around Tet, many flower markets are opened across the city. These markets are only opened a few days before Tet (from 15th December of the Lunar Calendar) so that people can shop for flowers to decorate their homes during this biggest Vietnamese holiday. In the city center, there are markets in public parks like 23/9 Park, Le Van Tam Park, and Gia Dinh Park. A bit further from the city center, there are markets at Binh Dong Port (District 8), Tran Xuan Soan Port (District 7), and Binh Dien (District 8 and Binh Chanh District).

These Tet flower markets are primarily busy at night when people come here after work to shop for flowers or simply look around and enjoy the feelings of Tet. Because they are Tet flower markets, they mainly sell flowers for this occasion, like apricot blossoms (hoa mai), lilies, and daisies, most of which are transported from the Mekong Delta.

Other Non-traditional Flower Services in Ho Chi Minh City

Admittedly, buying and smelling fresh flowers while mingling in the local market atmosphere can be an inviting experience. However, there are also non-traditional flower shops that cater to fast and convenient delivery, as well as unique flower breeds and creative bouquets. Flowers are often sold out quickly during special occasions such as Women’s Day or Valentine’s Day, so it is advisable to check with the shop online beforehand to secure a bouquet and guarantee fast delivery. Some online shops you can consider:

Hoa yeu thuong


Flower box

How to Get to Flower Markets in Ho Chi Minh City

Usually, a taxi is the best means of transportation for tourists in most big cities, but motorbikes are another excellent choice if you don’t mind sitting too long to travel a few kilometers from the city center. You should go with a local who can take you to these places, help you communicate, and bargain with the shop owners because most traders here are rarely fluent in English.

Summary of Flower Markets in Ho Chi Minh City

Flower markets in Ho Chi Minh City are where the locals often visit to get some pretty flowers at a low price. If you are interested in local experiences in flower markets, add these places to your wish list when traveling to the city.

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