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Vietnam Vacation Checklist

You have searched tons of websites but still, struggle to plan for your Vietnam trip? No worries, here is your ultimate Vietnam vacation checklist.

Things to Do on Your Vietnam Vacation Checklist

  • Make your itinerary

There are numerous tourist spots in Vietnam, so it’ll be less confusing if you research beforehand. Once you know where to go, you will easily find appropriate transport and accommodation.


Nowadays, booking accommodations can easily be made at on-the-go

  • Memorize useful phrases

English is not used regularly in Vietnam. Therefore, memorizing some useful Vietnamese phrases will do wonders for you. Besides, locals are often impressed by foreigners speaking their language!

shopping at market

Bargaining will help you save money when you’re shopping in markets

  • Learn how to bargain

Bargaining is an essential skill to shop in local markets. That’s why you should practice it before starting your journey. In case you have difficulty bargaining, pick a store with a listed price, or choose shopping malls.

  • Find your travel insurance


Items to Put on Your Vietnam Vacation Checklist

Packing is an inevitable yet stressful part of the trip. To be well-prepared for your Vietnam adventure, some of the must-have items are:

      • Identification papers
      • Appropriate clothes and footwear
      • Health items (e.g., sunscreen, insect repellent, etc.)
      • Money (both cash and credit cards)
      • Power adapter
      • Toiletries

Do you want a more detailed packing checklist? Check out our comprehensive To-pack list before coming to this Southeast Asian land.

Must-visit Places for Your Vietnam Vacation Checklist

Ho Chi Minh City

The city is where modern meets culture since there are historical sites as well as contemporary constructions around. If you have limited time, Ho Chi Minh City is your ultimate choice for a glimpse of Vietnam.

vietnam vacation checklist hcm

Notre Dame Church is in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City

Cu Chi Tunnels

This network of underground tunnels used to protect Viet Cong soldiers and provided basic facilities for them. Coming here, you will understand how North Vietnam defeated its opponent and survived through the war.

vietnam vacation checklist cu chi

These underground tunnels used to be the haven of many Viet Cong soldiers

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta has endless paddy fields and numerous tropical gardens. When you visit this fertile land, you should enjoy local super fruits like rambutan, and don’t forget to go to a floating market.

mekong delta

Mekong Delta has a great network of rivers and channels

Mui Ne

With serene beaches and picturesque sandbank, Mui Ne brings you a wonderful getaway from chaotic cities. As a tourist spot, it provides you professional services and countless activities from parachuting in the sea to climbing on the Sand Dunes.

vietnam vacation checklist muine

The clear blue sea of Mui Ne can mesmerize any travelers


Having been the imperial land for centuries, Hanoi is home to numerous significant historical and cultural sites. In case you are more into French architecture, you are recommended to visit Hoa Lo Prison Museum, The Big Church, and Hanoi Opera House.

vietnam vacation checklist hn

A corner of Hanoi Old Quarter

Activities to Include in Your Vietnam Vacation Checklist

      • Enjoy Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnam has a diverse food culture spanning from the North to the South. You can either try Pho, Hu Tieu Mi, Bun Rieu, or rice paper rolls, etc. No matter which food you try, always be careful of the food hygiene, especially at street food stalls.

vietnam vacation checklist9

Bun Rieu is a must-try dish on your Vietnam vacation checklist

      • Try Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee export. Thus, no matter where you go in Vietnam, you must try this signature drink. Besides, don’t miss a chance to enjoy a specialty called “weasel coffee.”

      • Purchase local products

Vietnam provides various handmade products that you can bring home as souvenirs such as conical hats, embroidery, Bat Trang pottery, and so on. Check out our list of What to Buy in Vietnam to choose your favorite items.

non la souvenir

A conical hat can be a unique souvenir to bring home

An Exclusive Way to Do Everything on Your Vietnam Vacation Checklist

A motorbike tour is a cheap and easy way to discover the local culture, yet still ensures a comprehensive experience for your journey. If you don’t like to drive, our motorbike tour is an ideal alternative. At i Tour, we offer various choices from half-day adventure to overnight trips. As our tours are all private, you never need to worry about waiting or cookie-cutter experiences.

vietnam vacation checklist10

A motorbike tour is an ideal choice for your experience in Vietnam

Summary of Vietnam Vacation Checklist

Once you have decided to travel to Vietnam, you are about to have a memorable experience. If you are still unsure about your plan to the S-shaped country, see these traveling guides to make the best itinerary.

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