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Vietnam Universities for Exchange Students

Vietnam is likely the least expected destination for overseas exchange programs for students. Having said that, with its unique culture, splendid energy, and fantastic food, Vietnam is undeniably the best option. How do I apply for college abroad in Vietnam? What universities should I choose? Let’s answer these questions and learn more about the top 5 Vietnam universities for exchange students.

Is Vietnam Good for International Students?

Some people choose the Western part when seeking new studying opportunities due to the broad spectrum of possibilities and high-quality universities. Others prefer the eastern countries for the exciting options you can benefit from. Why do learners choose Vietnam?

First of all, the country offers a huge number of universities for international students with a wide range of majors – from STEM to social sciences. When you start looking for colleges to enter, you will be amazed by the choice of study options.

The second reason is the prices. The cost of living and studying in Vietnam is quite cheap compared to the US or European countries, which is excellent for students on a budget. If you visit the country for studying, you should not worry about the high tariffs. Living expenses, transport, and street food costs are pretty manageable. If the government or the university funds you, you won’t find it problematic to live in Vietnam.

Another aspect of why students want to travel to Vietnam and study there is the culture. There are new people, traditions, and a whole style of living that differs from their regular one. Mouth-watering food and a new daily routine can turn your studying experience into a new journey.

How Much Does It Cost to Study Abroad in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a well-known country for its hospitality to foreigners. In addition, the low education fees are also a winning factor for international students to opt for Vietnam. If you go to a public university, you may spend 600 to 1000 US dollars per year. As for private universities, the cost can vary; students might need to spend about $2,000 per year minimum. One way or another, the price is still manageable for those students highly interested in the education practice in Vietnam.

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How to Apply to Vietnamese Universities?

Looking for a top-quality university abroad might be a real challenge. International universities in Vietnam offer a high level of education and can be interesting for students majoring in different disciplines. You can look at the school’s public information on their website to learn about the required qualifications. This is a critical part of the search process because a foreigner can hardly manage the whole application procedure offline.

Unfortunately, not all sites are reachable for students outside of Vietnam. Some web platforms may have their sites blocked outside of the country. What should you do in this case? You should try and unblock blocked websites online using a simple method. You can consider using the VeePN tool as an easily installed website unblocker on your computer or mobile phone.

Recommended Vietnam Universities for Foreigners

We recommend international students look into these universities in Vietnam and find out the most suitable available option for you:

  • Vietnam National University Hanoi is on top of the list. It’s a prestigious school for local students and foreigners alike due to its competitive choice of professors, interesting disciplines, and interdisciplinary activities. You can study various subjects in Vietnamese and English.
  • Ton Duc Thang University in Ho Chi Minh City is a young university that has already managed to set the leading position in the country. The school has 17 sub-sections offering high-quality education practice in law, social studies, humanities, and science.
  • You will also enjoy studying at the Vietnam International University of Ho Chi Minh City. This is a perfect place for international students who seek interesting and culture-related college experiences in Vietnam.
  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology will fit those interested in STEM education. Being one of the oldest universities in the country, it offers a competitive education system and interesting practical experiences.

Being a foreign student doesn’t mean you have fewer opportunities than others. You can apply for the desired discipline, study with other students and enjoy the best part of your youth in a foreign country. Vietnam is perfect for learners seeking interesting experiences and wishing to meet a new culture. You won’t regret applying to one of these universities.

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