VietnamVietnam Travel Trends during Covid-19

Vietnam Travel Trends during Covid-19

It is not exaggerating to say that coronavirus is what makes 2020 becomes an imprint on everyone’s mind as it has shifted the world’s economy, especially the tourism industry, in an unprecedented way. Scroll down to see Vietnam travel trends during Covid-19 and find out which one will suit you.

An Overview of Vietnam Travel Trends during Covid-19

The widespread coronavirus has urged people to be more careful in selecting their destination, and prominent spots or crowded attractions are no longer of top priority. According to a recent survey on Vietnam travel trends during Covid-19, conducted by the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB), more tourists seek destinations that are safe from the pandemic (36%) and meet the security conditions (32%) than those offering good deals (almost 20%). Also, coastal tourism demand has increased (67%), followed by the demand for natural tourism (56%), which includes resorts and eco-tourism. In addition, nearly 50% of surveyed people would opt for short vacations, and 89% choose to travel with family or a small group of friends.

Vietnam Travel Trends during Covid-19

Get off the Beaten Track in Vietnam

In this pandemic era, bustling places and crowded spots are no longer on top of any traveler’s checklist. Instead, people would rather go for tranquil and off the beaten path places where they can keep a safe distance from others and approach a smaller number of strangers. This is a better time than ever to hit the road due to less traffic and much fewer visitors. Here we have listed some options that you can consider.

Vietnam Travel Trends during Covid 19 original cb

Cao Bang is yet to be a prominent name on the tourist map but its Ban Gioc Waterfall has earned a strong reputation as the most splendid waterfall in Southeast Asia

Vietnam Travel Trends during Covid 19 original mc

Visit Mai Chau to admire miraculous flower fields and enjoy the serene ambiance

Vietnam Travel Trends during Covid 19 original hagiang

As home to various ethnic minorities, Ha Giang brings you an exotic sense that you rarely find in other parts of Vietnam

Commune with Vietnam’s Splendid Nature

Bars and clubs were once attractive spots for youthful souls, but these services are now limited due to the pandemic, and thus, people shift their attention from modern places to natural sceneries. Visiting coastal areas or participating in an ecotourism tour is highly recommended for those seeking a retreat after stressful days dealing with the abrupt changes of Covid-19 and its consequences.

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Go on Short Vacations

Fewer days – lower risk, that might be what most people think at this time. Voyaging is fantastic, but we still have to deliberate on starting a journey. Therefore, the best way to fulfill our demand for traveling while still ensuring their health is to go on short vacations. Even though the most crucial issue is adopting protective methods, reducing the number of days traveling is another effective way to minimize the risk of being affected by Covid-19.

travel vietnam trends covid

An escape to a beach resort can rejuvenate your body and soul greatly

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Opt for Domestic Tours in Vietnam

As entering foreign countries is becoming more complicated and time-consuming, this is now the most significant trend of all Vietnam travel trends during Covid-19. Thus, travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants make full use of this opportunity by launching numerous promotional activities. Among them, free and easy tours, which include only flight/bus tickets and accommodation, interests the public most as they are quite convenient and affordable.

Private tours are also an attractive option for expats who have settled in big cities for a while yet haven’t had the time to truly explore what Vietnam has to offer. Private tours with tailored services and personalized experience can guide you to the unseen side of the familiar urban scene.

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family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle


Do be mindful that some cities and provinces are still under lockdown and social distancing due to the outbreak such as Da Nang and other nearby areas. Travelers taking public transportations must commit to medical declarations. More details on Traveling Vietnam during COVID-19 here.

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Treat Yourself with Luxurious Relaxation

spa hotel

Have some quality me-time at a top-rated hotel

If the urban scene tires you out, treat yourself with a staycation in Vietnam’s top deluxe hotels. Many hotels, resorts, and spas offer attractive discounts so domestic customers can feel more welcomed to pamper themselves with fancy self-care and relaxation. Discover the top-rated hotels in Vietnam below:


Final Thoughts on Vietnam Travel Trends during Covid-19

Thanks to the success against the pandemic, Vietnam currently provides travelers with many opportunities to explore its stunning natural beauty. However, please keep in mind that protecting yourself should always be your priority no matter where you go. If you have heard of any other Vietnam travel trends during Covid-19, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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