VietnamTravel Tips & InfoVietnam Travel Tips: Useful Phrases in Vietnamese

Vietnam Travel Tips: Useful Phrases in Vietnamese

Although English has been increasingly spoken in Vietnam, many Vietnamese are unaccustomed to using this foreign language on a daily basis. Getting to know some simple phrases in Vietnamese, therefore, could become fairly useful to you when traveling to this beautiful country, especially when you want to have local experience in off-the-beaten-path places. Have a look at some Vietnamese phrases for travelers to Vietnam.

Overview of the Vietnamese Language

Unlike many other Asian languages including Chinese and Japanese which are generally based on symbols, Vietnamese is an interesting combination of Latin alphabet and additional diacritics for certain letters. There are 29 characters, 6 tones, and 5 tone marks in total. Vietnamese vocabulary today has been partially developed from Chinese, which is a result of several centuries being under the Chinese occupation. Vietnamese speakers could be found in several parts of the world ranging from Southeast Asia to North America and Western Europe due to the Vietnamese emigration during the Vietnam War, making Vietnamese become one of the most spoken languages in the world.

Simple Phrases in Vietnamese

Knowing some Vietnamese phrases could greatly give you a decent chance to have an insight view of Vietnamese culture as well as avoid unwanted misunderstandings and frustrations during your trip to Vietnam. Some simple phrases could also make it possible for you to have more effective interaction with locals, helping you avoid being overcharged when coming to tourist attractions. Here are some simple phrases in Vietnamese that you might need in your Vietnam travel.

Vietnamese words for addressing people

 Vietnamese English
 Tôi / Toi I
 Bạn / Ban You
 Anh Male (senior) or older brother
 Em Male (junior) or Female (junior) or younger brother/sister
 Chị / Chi Female (senior) or older sister
Chú / ChuMale (senior) or uncle
Cô / CoFemale (senior) or aunt
Ông / OngMale (senior in very formal case) or grandfather
Bà / BaFemale (senior in very formal case) or grandmother


Greetings in Vietnamese

 Vietnamese English
 Xin chào / Xin chao Hello
 Tạm biệt / Tam biet Goodbye
 Chào buổi sáng / Chao buoi sang Good morning
 Chúc ngủ ngon / Chuc ngu ngon Good night
 Bạn tên gì / Ban ten gi? What’s your name?
 Tên tôi là / Ten toi la … My name is …


How to Ask for Directions in Vietnamese

 Vietnamese English
 Tôi muốn đến / Toi muon den … I want to go to …
 … ở đâu / o dau? Where is …?
 Đi thẳng / Di thang Go straight
 Rẽ phải / Re phai Turn right
 Rẽ trái / Re trai Turn left
 Quay lại / Quay lai Turn around
 Dừng ở đây / Dung o day Stop here
 Đi thôi / Di thoi Let’s go
 Ngã tư / Nga tu Crossroad
 Bùng binh (vòng xoay) / Bung binh (vong xoay) Roundabout
 Tôi bị lạc / Toi bi lac I’m lost


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Number System in Vietnamese

 Vietnamese English
 Không / Khong 0
 Một / Mot 1
 Hai 2
 Ba 3
 Bốn / Bon 4
 Năm / Nam 5
 Sáu / Sau 6
 Bảy / Bay 7
 Tám / Tam 8
 Chín / Chin 9
 Mười / Muoi 10
 Mười một / Muoi mot 11
 Hai mươi / Hai muoi 20
 Hai mươi mốt / Hai muoi mot 21
 Một trăm / Mot tram 100
 Một ngàn / Mot ngan 1,000
 Một trăm ngàn / Mot tram ngan 100,000
 Một triệu / Mot trieu 1,000,000


Useful Vietnamese Phrases when Dining and Ordering

 Vietnamese English
 Không đường / Khong duong No sugar, please
 Không đá / Khong da No ice, please
 Có quán ăn nào gần đây không? / Co quan an nao gan day khong? Is there a restaurant nearby?
 Cho tôi xem thực đơn / Cho toi xem thuc don May I have the menu, please?
 Tôi ăn chay / Toi an chay I’m vegetarian
 Cho tôi cái này / Cho toi cai nay I would like to have this
 Tính tiền / Tinh tien Bill, please
 Chín / Chin Well-done
 Tái / Tai Rare
 Vừa / Vua  Medium
  Anh ơi / Anh oi (to waiter)
 Chị ơi / Chi oi (to waitress)
 Excuse me
 Một đĩa One dish
 Một tô One bowl
 Một ly One glass
 Cà phê Coffee
 Trà đá Iced tea
 Một chai nước suối One bottle of water


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Useful Vietnamese Phrases for Shopping

 Vietnamese English
 Cái này bao nhiêu / Cai nay bao nhieu? How much is this?
 Tôi muốn cái khác / Toi muon cai khac I would like something else
 Mắc quá / Mac qua That’s too expensive
 Giảm giá đi / Giam gia di Can you give me a discount?
 Tôi không đủ tiền / Toi khong du tien I can’t afford it
 Tôi mua cái này / Toi mua cai nay I’ll take it
 Tôi không mua cái này / Toi khong mua cai nay I don’t want to buy this


For more information on what to buy, check out our What to Buy in Hanoi and What to Buy in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Compliments and Expression in Vietnamese

 Vietnamese English
 Đẹp quá / Dep qua Nice/Beautiful/Pretty
 Ngon quá / Ngon qua Tasty/Delicious
 Bạn nấu ăn rất ngon / Ban nau an rat ngon You’re a fantastic cook
 Vui quá / Vui qua Exciting/Fun
 Tôi yêu bạn / Toi yeu ban I love you
 Cảm ơn / Cam on Thank you
 Không có chi / Khong co chi You’re welcome
 Xin lỗi / Xin loi Sorry 


Wishes and Blessings

 Vietnamese English
 Chúc mừng năm mới / Chuc mung nam moi Happy new year
 Vạn sự như ý / Van su nhu y Wish that everything would go well for you
 An khang thịnh vượng / An khanh thinh vuong Wish you health and prosperity
 Sống lâu trăm tuổi / Song lau tram tuoi Wish you long life (live to a hundred years old)
 Chúc mừng sinh nhật / Chuc mung sinh nhat Happy birthday
 Sống đến đầu bạc răng long / Song den dau bac rang long Wish you a life time of love and hapiness (Wedding occasion)
Chia buồn cùng gia quyến / Chia buon cung gia quyen Sorry for your loss (Funeral occasion)



Summary of Simple Phrases in Vietnam

Vietnamese is not particularly difficult for foreigners to learn some simple phrases as its alphabet is based on Latin alphabet which is used in English and many Western languages. Getting to know some Vietnamese phrases seems to be the most efficient way to gain a fulfilling experience in your Vietnam trip.

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