VietnamTravel Tips & InfoVietnam Travel Information: Responsible Travel in Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Information: Responsible Travel in Vietnam

Substantial development has been a mutual goal every country strives for, and Vietnam is no exception. Therefore, responsible tourism is particularly important in such an economic world. Please have a look at our tips for traveling responsibly in Vietnam.

Tourism Impacts on Vietnam

Tourism has become one of Vietnam’s most rapidly developing factors in recent years as it plays an essential role in its economic and cultural aspects. Many visitors from all over the world come to Vietnam, complimenting the government’s promotion efforts.

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Economic Impacts

Tourism promotion often encourages tourism-related services, including hotels, tour guides, and travel agents. Those services are, in some cases, profitable, making it possible for locals to receive extra income on a daily basis. Therefore, seeking locally owned businesses might direct a certain amount of money to local economies. Also, tourists can indirectly enhance service quality, substantially contributing to tourism development.

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Cultural Impacts

Vietnam embraces diverse cultures with over 50 ethnic minority groups. Those groups often live in isolated mountainous regions, preserving their distinct cultures for generations. The act of visiting such areas of tourists, especially foreigners, may aid in generating income for ethnic communities as well as spreading their cultures. Purchasing items produced and sold locally and participating in local services may directly support their communities, contributing to the conservation of cultural heritage and maintaining the world’s diversity.

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Wildlife and Nature

While nature-based tourism seems to bring substantial profits, it can pressure the environment, especially when an increasing number of tourists come to Vietnam every year. Less awareness, littering, and other types of pollution can cause environmental degradation and loss of natural biodiversity. That leads to a requirement to raise awareness of conservation among travelers. Despite having stunning natural scenery, Vietnam faces many issues, including maintaining environmental health standards. The pollution issue in Vietnam has been growing in main tourist cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

People and Culture

Contacting the outside world may cause the loss of cultural practices in some cases. The number of tourists traveling to Vietnam may overwhelm locals in the host community, making it challenging for them to preserve their daily lifestyles. Besides, the growth of tourist accommodation can lead to the displacement of many heritage sites.

Tips for Responsible Travel in Vietnam

An excellent understanding of local cultural, social, and environmental issues may help you have a good experience and feel more comfortable during your Vietnam travel. It would be best to research the Vietnamese economy, environment, culture, and traditions before your arrival. It would make you get used to Vietnamese culture more comfortably. Have a look at some Vietnam travel tips below.

There are no harsh restrictions on clothes in Vietnam. However, Vietnamese people, especially older generations, often prefer clothes that do not over-reveal your body. Besides, unrevealing garments, including long skirts and trousers, would be ideal if you plan to visit religious sites such as temples and pagodas.

Consider dressing appropriately

Avoid public displays of affection.

Like other Asian cultures, Vietnamese people prefer to keep a certain distance from their opposite-gender friends. Though holding hands or a small kiss is acceptable, you might receive unfriendly stares if you show too much affection. Vietnamese is also not accustomed to hugging or kissing strangers on the cheeks when you first meet them.

Ask permission before taking photos of the locals

This is a helpful tip for your travels in Vietnam, showing your respect for them in such cases. It is also a fantastic chance for you to converse with locals. Most Vietnamese people are friendly and hospitable; you will find many exciting stories when chatting with them.

Avoid purchasing items made from endangered species

Sea turtle shells, rhino horns, wild animal skins, and many other products coming from endangered species are commonly found in Vietnam. However, purchasing such items is illegal in Vietnam because it threatens the local wildlife.

Travel overland

Traveling by public transport, including trains and buses, can significantly help to reduce a considerable amount of carbon monoxide. Besides, this is an ideal way of responsible travel in Vietnam to thoroughly enjoy the gorgeous sightseeing along the road during your trip, primarily through the Vietnamese countryside.

Say no to plastics

Although plastics are known to harm the environment and people’s health, they have been a part of Vietnamese daily lives for decades. To lead to responsible travel in Vietnam, you can try to reduce their toxic footprint by avoiding using plastic straws and refusing plastic bags when going shopping.

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Avoid littering

Littering is a problem in Vietnam that the government has been trying to solve by putting signs and more trash cans in public places. However, it may be difficult to find one in other places, especially in rural areas. In such cases, you should keep it in your bag until you can find a place to dispose of it.

Hire a local guide

It is an ideal travel tip to explore a beautiful Vietnam thoroughly and help locals raise their income. Check out our private tours for a fulfilling experience in your Vietnam travel.

Go off the beaten tracks

Besides several well-known attractions, including Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, and Nha Trang, you can visit many infamous destinations. Traveling to such places is another way to contribute to responsible travel in Vietnam, thus helping more locals benefit from their travels. Read more on Off-the-Beaten-Path in Saigon.

Stay at local accommodation

Staying a night in a local home instead of a fancy hotel can bring you great memorable experiences when traveling to Vietnam. Homestay and other types of accommodation with a local family have become increasingly preferable among tourists since they can experience the local lifestyles and enjoy tasty home-cooked foods. It is also an excellent way to help locals raise daily income and build local pride and confidence.

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Volunteer while traveling

It is an excellent way to contribute, learn more about the locals, and raise your social awareness. There are many ways you can volunteer while traveling in Vietnam. Many temples, pagodas, and churches raise orphans or disabled kids. You can play with them and donate such as milk, toys, and rice. When you book your Vietnam adventure with I Tour Vietnam, part of our proceeds goes back to the community through our GIVEBACK Program to help children or the environment. Our team doesn’t donate money, and we only buy items to donate to ensure that the donations will directly benefit the needed.

Summary of Responsible Travel in Vietnam

Vietnam is a wonderful country to explore, with breathtaking landscapes and beautiful natural ecosystems. Responsible travel is a common tendency of today’s tourism with the aim of environmental and cultural conservation. Check out our tips to have your best travel in Vietnam.

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