VietnamTravel Tips & InfoVietnam Tourism is Reopening and How You Can Support

Vietnam Tourism is Reopening and How You Can Support

Thanks to the government’s significant effort to contain the outbreak and boost domestic tourism, the opportunities to explore this beautiful country’s wonders have resumed at full force. In addition to the promotions and discounts available at this particular time, you can take some other options to support Vietnam’s tourism and small local businesses.

Opt for Local Tours as Vietnam Tourism is Reopening

No matter how long you’ve stayed in Vietnam, there are always some undiscovered gems that will pique your curiosity. We recommend booking a local guide, so even though you cannot venture out of the city or take a long-distance trip, you can make an adventure to remember learning about the interesting local stories and lifestyles.

With a local tour guide, you have a great customization option to tailor your trip to your needs, such as skipping some attractions you’ve already been to or having the support you need to try out new things.

Some Tourist Attractions Need Major Help

Although Vietnam tourism is reopening, many places of cultural and historical importance face great difficulties, especially attractions that require high maintenance costs due to the significant drop in visitors. Therefore, keep an eye out for tourist attractions that need our help when choosing where to spend your weekend.

Saigon Zoo makes a fantastic weekend’s picnic

Stay at Local Lodges as Vietnam Tourism is Reopening

While this is prime time to stay at more luxurious hotels at lower prices, thanks to attractive promotions, you can also take this opportunity to support local lodging businesses on your trip around Vietnam. More importantly, most families in remote areas rely heavily on tourism and their homestay business to earn a living. If you plan to explore off-the-beaten-path in Vietnam, stay at local homestays and accommodations for hospitable services, low prices, and exciting local insights.

Look for more accommodations below:

Purchase Locally Made Products

Buying local merchandise is another way to support small local businesses during this challenging time. It doesn’t have to be just souvenirs, look a little closer, and you can find more intricate handmade products, or go on a food adventure to taste all the local cuisines. Paying more attention to the local industries means offering massive support to the communities when Vietnam tourism is reopening, and thus making your trip much more meaningful.

Give Back to the Local Community as Vietnam Tourism is Reopening

Not only is traveling an enriching experience for yourself, but is also provides an opportunity to give back to those in need. Some organizations you can donate to are Vietnam Youth Federation (providing meals and primary care for those in need), Vietnam Young Physicians Association (providing medical supplies for health workers), UNICEF Vietnam, etc.

Read more on Volunteering in Vietnam and NGOs in Vietnam

    Conclusion on Vietnam Tourism is Reopening and How You Can Support

    The fun of traveling in Vietnam continues in the face of the global pandemic because, thankfully, Vietnam is among the few countries that are safe enough to do so. By taking careful measures, everyone in Vietnam can still fulfill our explorer’s spirit while simultaneously supporting the local communities. If you still have questions about traveling to Vietnam or want a tour tailored to your needs, feel free to contact us.

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