VietnamVietnam Tourism is Reopening and How You Can Support

Vietnam Tourism is Reopening and How You Can Support

Even though most of our travel plans have been canceled due to the global pandemic, Vietnam tourism reopening is the gleaming light at the end of the tunnel. It is still possible to explore this beautiful country’s wonders, thanks to the government’s significant effort to contain the outbreak and boost domestic tourism. Along with the promotions and discounts you can get at this particular time, you can take some other options to support Vietnam’s tourism and small local businesses.

Opt for Local Tours as Vietnam Tourism is Reopening

Since international trips are out of the question in Vietnam for the foreseeable future (except for when you plan to not return to Vietnam soon), local tours are all the rage at the moment. No matter how long you’ve stayed in Vietnam, there is always some undiscovered gems that will pique your curiosity. We would recommend booking a local guide, so even though you cannot venture out of the city or take a long-distance trip, you can make an adventure to remember learning about the interesting local stories and lifestyles.

vietnam tourism reopening local spot

Only the locals know the best spots to hang

With a local tour guide, there is a great customization option to tailor your trip to your needs, i.e., skipping some attractions you’ve already been to or having the support you need to try out new things. Ironically, this is a better time than ever to see unseen parts of Vietnam, not only because there are much fewer tourists, but also because you might be able to find some amazing deals.

vietnam tourism reopening local guide

Take this opportunity to try more experiences out of your comfort zones

Some Tourist Attractions Need Major Help

Although Vietnam tourism is reopening, many places of cultural and historical importance come across great difficulties, especially attractions that require high maintenance costs due to the significant drop of visitors. Though most of the key attractions receive significant subsidization from the government, the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden, for instance, has risen to the serious challenge of retaining the staff while securing the best conditions for more than 1300 fauna species and 2500 flora varieties. Each and every visitor ticket is a tremendous help to the organizations that are trying to keep their heads up during the pandemic, so do keep an eye out for the tourist attractions that currently need our help when choosing where to spend your weekend.

Saigon zoo vietnam tourism reopening

Saigon Zoo makes a fantastic weekend’s picnic

Stay at Local Lodges as Vietnam Tourism is Reopening

As tourism is the hardest-hit sector during the pandemic, accommodation services like hotels and resorts are making major efforts to survive. While this is prime time to stay at more luxurious hotels at lower prices thanks to attractive promotions, you can also take this opportunity to support local lodging businesses on your trip around Vietnam. More importantly, a great majority of families in remote areas rely heavily on tourism and their homestay business to earn a living. In case you’re planning to explore off-the-beaten-path in Vietnam, stay at local homestays and accommodations for hospitable services, low prices, and exciting local insights.

khuoi ky vietnam tourism reopening

Staying at a homestay is a triple win: low price, warm service, and a closer look at the local lifestyle

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Look for more accommodations below:


Purchase Locally Made Products

Buying local merchandise is another way you can support small local businesses during this challenging time. It doesn’t have to be just souvenirs, look a little closer, and you can find more intricate handmade products, or go on a food adventure to taste all the local cuisines. Paying more attention to the local industries means offering massive support to the communities when Vietnam tourism is reopening, and thus making your trip much more meaningful.

Give back to the Local Community as Vietnam Tourism is Reopening

Now is a more critical time than ever to look out for each other by donating or joining charitable campaigns. Small actions are immense aids for those most vulnerable and the frontline workers amidst the virus outbreak. Some organizations you can donate to are Vietnam Youth Federation (providing meals, primary care for those in need), Vietnam Young Physicians Association (providing medical supplies for health workers), UNICEF Vietnam, etc.

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General Requirements for Traveling as Vietnam Tourism is Reopening

Traveling has never been and will never be the same since the global pandemic, and there are crucial guidelines you must follow to protect yourself and your loved ones:

Before your trip:

    • Check whether the city/area you’re traveling to is undergoing an outbreak or any travel restrictions.
    • Be mindful whether your and your travel partner’s health is at risk of getting infected (whether you have a severe illness or a mild cold must be taken into account)
    • Get a quality travel insurance plan for your trip:


During your trip:

  • It is required to complete a medical declaration form when taking any public transportation
  • Practice the WHO’s standard guidelines: wear a mask at all time when you’re in public, wash your hands regularly with soap and water or hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face, and stay at least 6 feet apart from other people in public

More Health and Hygiene Travel Essentials You Need to Pack

After your trip:

  • Complete self-quarantine as required if you have health problems after the trip or return from outbreak areas
  • Report to the authority if you return from the outbreak areas
  • Do a health check-up if needed

More Best Practice Health Tips for Traveling Vietnam here

vietnam tourism reopening scenery

This is a once-in-a-lifetime to explore further in Vietnam

Conclusion on Vietnam Tourism is Reopening and How You Can Support

The fun of traveling in Vietnam continues in the face of the global pandemic because, thankfully, Vietnam is among the few countries that are safe enough to do so. By taking careful measures, everyone in Vietnam can still fulfill our explorer’s spirit while simultaneously supporting the local communities. If you still have questions about traveling Vietnam or looking for a tailored tour to your needs, feel free to contact us.

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