VietnamShoppingVietnam Shopping Destinations and Tips You Need To Know

Vietnam Shopping Destinations and Tips You Need To Know

If you consider yourself a shopping guru, then there is a hidden gem you need to know about Vietnam.

Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the hottest new places to visit on holidays. Here you will find beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, fresh markets, and Vietnam shopping.

What makes the clothing of Vietnam so unique, is its craftsmanship and its story. Many of Vietnam’s garments are handcrafted by locals using traditional techniques. They produce organic dyes, incorporate ancient royal embroidery into their work and even use family mills and looms.

After all, the definition of couture is custom, hand-stitched garments. And that is exactly what you will find in many Vietnamese cities including HanoiHo Chi MinhHoi An, and Nha Trang.

Let’s discuss what you need to know before embarking on a Vietnam shopping adventure.

Research and Prepare for Shopping in Vietnam

Unless you fluently speak Vietnamese, you should be armed with ways to communicate when choosing to do Vietnam shopping. Especially in a city like Hoi An, where many of their garments are made to order. Vendors custom tailor shoes, dresses, and even designer suits.

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At these Hoi An shops, you can either purchase from an existing style or receive a custom-made piece in just days – tailored to your exact size and shape. Bringing photographs of styles you have in mind is also a great way to help you communicate.

Though many places that offer Vietnam shopping do have at least one English-speaking vendor on hand, having a few local Vietnamese phrases in your back pocket never hurts.

Take Your Time While Shopping in Vietnam

With so many cities offering an array of beautiful garments for you to choose from, Vietnam shopping can become overwhelming. To help avoid this, try not to impulse buy.

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Take some time to wander around the area. Visit a few cities that might offer the same types of garments you are interested in. Knowing what you want in advance is an excellent way to avoid overspending.

The Bambou Company in Nha Trang is a popular French-run fashion company that uses natural fibers such as bamboo, beach tree, eucalyptus, and soybean. 

If silk items are what you desire, then you should make time to visit Silk Street in Hanoi. The 300-meter-long street is lined with boutiques, tailors, and stores showcasing ready-to-wear fashions.

Silk Street has both high-end boutiques, including Tan My Design and Khai Silk, as well as vendors offering some lower-quality materials.

Vietnam Shopping is a Steal  

Another big draw to Vietnam shopping is the great bargains. Often vendors are willing to barter over the price of an item. Low-budget travelers can sometimes bargain an item down to less than half the original price.

Keep in mind; it is cheaper if you pay in Dong vs. American dollars or Euros. Another insider tip for bargain hunters is to shop in either the early morning or late evening.

Consider geography as well. Cities in the south of Vietnam, like Ho Chi Minh, are often cheaper than those in the north such as Hanoi.

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For those “in the know,” Vietnam shopping offers high-quality, handcrafted items at reasonable prices. And for most, purchasing a beautiful garment that is paired with a story and rich history, is priceless.

Experience the beauty and culture of Vietnam by booking your trip today!

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