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Vietnam’s Population

Vietnam is the 15th populous country in the world

Vietnam’s Population in 2018

Following the estimations of the United Nation as of Wednesday, November 7, 2018, Vietnam’s population is up to 96,820,684. Vietnam’s population accounts for 1.26% of the total world population.

vietnam s population 2

Vietnam’s population in many years (unit: people)

Vietnam is the 15th populous country in the world while in terms of area ranking it’s the 65th position. That means the density of Vietnam’s population is considerably high and much higher than the average number of the world (57 people per square kilometer). Vietnam density population is around 311 people per square kilometer of land area.

vietnam s population 3Vietnam population density is considerably high

Also following these estimates, in 2018, the urban population is increasing and accounts for 35.2% of Vietnam’s population because of the rapid urbanization. The annual population growth rate is quite stable at about 1% per year.

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Annual population growth rate in many years in Vietnam (unit: percent)

One major problem in Vietnam’s population is the unevenness in gender. The sex ratio of Vietnam’s population is 0.979 (979 males / 1,000 females) higher than the global sex ratio. The global sex ratio in the world in 2017 is about 1,017 males per 1,000 females.

Other notable figures

Largest age group is 25-54, accounting for up to half the population.

Fertility rate: 1.81 children per woman.

Around 10% of population is under poverty line.

Life expectancy: 73.7 years

Minorities: 54 ethnic groups

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Major cities in Vietnam with a large population

Ho Chi Minh City

As of July 1st, 2017, the population of Ho Chi Minh city is approximately 8.287 million people. Every year, a huge number of people emigrate to Ho Chi Minh city, which is the center of economics and culture, to study and begin their career.

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family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle


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Ho Chi Minh city


In 2017, the total population of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is estimated at 7.65 million people. This is an amazing number but what is more impressive is the density of this city. It is approximately 2,279 people living in a square kilometer.
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Da Nang

Being a beautiful city of Vietnam, Da Nang is also known as one of the top 10 worth-living cities in the world (by Live and Invest Overseas magazine). The population of Da Nang is about 1.06 million people as calculated in 2017.

vietnam s population 7

Da Nang

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Summary of Vietnam’s population

There was a period in the past when Vietnam’s population was growing too rapidly, the annual population growth rate was up to 3-4% in 1926-1928. Thanks to the Government’s policy, this number has been decreased and kept stable in recent years.

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References: General Statistics Office of Vietnam , Worldometers

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