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Vietnam’s MICE Tourism on the Rise

Vietnam has been a well-known destination for travelers for its long history and interesting culture. In recent years, a new model of tourism emerged, and it has become more and more popular than ever, Vietnam’s MICE Tourism. With the increasing development of quality and quantity, Vietnam is expected to be a new tourism hub for business customers in lieu of MICE tourism.

What is MICE Tourism?

MICE tourism is a type of tourism that combines conferences, seminars, exhibitions, events, and corporate incentives for employees and partners of corporations and organizations. MICE tourism is short for Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition.

vietnams mice tourism 2

Meeting, incentive, convention, and exhibition combine with touring activities

The number of delegates in each MICE tour is usually great (hundreds of guests). The companies often spend more money on MICE Tourism than a normal tour visitor, because they require a higher level of service quality such as 4,5-star hotels, specified leisure activities, etc. MICE is a model of tourism that brings a huge revenue for tourism in many countries.

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The Rapid Development of Vietnam’s MICE Tourism

Vietnam has now become a new selection of plenty of business enterprises and companies for its MICE tour. Besides a considerable number of domestic visitors every year, many international delegations from the United States, Germany, Thailand, Japan, and China, etc. often go on trips to Vietnam.

In recent years, Vietnam also had chances for hosting a large number of important international conferences and events such as the 18th Global Women Summit, ASEAN Tourism Forum – ATF 2009, ASEAN Summit 2010, and APEC 2017. This is a new opportunity for Vietnam’s MICE Tourism in order to become the top-of-mind destination of business visitors.

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ASEAN Tourism Forum – ATF 2009 in Vietnam and APEC 2017 in Vietnam

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Discussing the potential for Vietnam’s MICE development, the WTO experts said that, Vietnam has great potential for MICE Tourism development. In terms of MICE Tourism, Vietnam will be a major competitor of Singapore which is the largest MICE attraction in Southeast Asia at present. Natural scenery and wonders, many cultural heritages, beautiful beaches, developing hotel and resort systems, etc. will be the advantages of Vietnam’s MICE Tourism development.

vietnams mice tourism 5

Vietnam has many advantages to develop MICE tourism

The most popular locations of Vietnam’s MICE Tourism are still Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Danang. These are major cities and also centers of culture, politics, and economics in Vietnam. The best convention centers and top hotels of Vietnam are all located in these 3 cities.

vietnams mice tourism 6

Ho Chi Minh City

vietnams mice tourism 7

Hanoi – Capital of Vietnam

When your company wants to take a MICE tour, after taking part in seminars or conferences, you and your colleagues can experience a private tour around town together. With private tours, you will have a chance to visit the best attractions in Vietnam, and able to customize the itineraries to fit your schedule and choose the means of transportation with the highest flexibility. For example:

In Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Saigon Central Post Office
  • Independence Palace
  • War Remnants Museum

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In Hanoi:

  • Ngoc Son Temple
  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
  • One Pillar Pagoda

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Besides, there are several developing cities in Vietnam which are also suitable for MICE Tourism such as Nha Trang, Ha Long, Phu Quoc. These are suitable destinations for team building activities, outdoor parties, and relaxation with plenty of the best beach resorts after attending seminars, conferences or trade fairs.

vietnams mice tourism 8

Nha Trang

vietnams mice tourism 9

Phu Quoc

Summary of Vietnam’s MICE Tourism

The demand for Vietnam’s MICE tourism is increasing dramatically in recent years. To satisfy that huge demand, the Vietnam government is developing marketing strategies and investing more in the infrastructure for MICE clients: visa, airports, hotels, and conference center systems, as well as training the human resource in the tourism sector to build a professional image for Vietnam’s MICE tourism.

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