VietnamVietnam Customs

Vietnam Customs

Items must be declared on entry and exit at customs in Vietnam:

  • Luggage exceeding the duty-free allowance
  • Imports and exports under the regulation of the State
  • Addictive medication
  • Jewelry (gold) exceeding 300g, metals or precious stones valuing more than VND 300 million
  • Foreign currencies or its equivalent exceeding USD 5,000
  • Local currency exceeding more than VND 15 million

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Duty-free allowance for arriving passengers:

  • Cigarettes (200 pieces), Cigars (100 pieces), Tobacco (500g)
  • Liquor 1.5 liters if above 22 percent alcohol; 2 liters if below 22 percent alcohol, 3 liters max allowance
  • Articles/Items with a total value not exceeding VND 10 million

Imports prohibition:

  • Weapons & ammunition
  • Explosives & firecrackers of all kinds
  • Military equipment
  • Drugs & toxic chemicals
  • Ingot gold & raw gold
  • Immoral products
  • Toys with a negative impact on society and its culture
  • Some consumer goods

Exports prohibition:

  • Documents related to national security
  • Weapons & ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Military equipment
  • Antiques
  • Drugs & toxic chemicals
  • Wild animals, endangered animals & plants
  • Ingot gold & raw gold

Other information on public services, documents, news, and events: General Department of Vietnam Customs

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