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Vespa Tour in Ho Chi Minh

In 2017, Ho Chi Minh City had 7.6 million motorbikes. By now, this number must have risen substantially. The “organized chaos” view of motorbikes flowing on Ho Chi Minh City streets can be peculiarly frightening for many but strangely fascinating for some. What we believe is that one of the most indigenous and fun ways to explore Ho Chi Minh City is to join in that traffic on a motorbike. To that end, you can have fun with a Vespa tour in Ho Chi Minh City.

Introduction to a Vespa Tour in Ho Chi Minh City

There are several ways for you to explore Ho Chi Minh City on a bike. You can rent one yourself. If you have an International Driving Permit, then cruising along the road is no problem. More about getting a motorcycle license in Vietnam here.

Or you can just enlist the help of a Vespa tour in Ho Chi Minh City. You would be on the back of the bike, not riding. In one way, that might take away the proactive fun for some. But in exchange for that little setback, you can gain some noteworthy perks.

Safety would be provided, for the riders should be experienced, and highly familiar with the crazy traffic in Ho Chi Minh City. You will also be insured. Not being able to control your motion might feel unsafe and uneasy but if you can place your trust in a reliable rider, then being in the care of that person in a way feels very safe.

vespa tour in ho chi minh 1

i Tour Vietnam tour guides and tour drivers

Furthermore, by joining a Vespa tour in Ho Chi Minh City, you will be led under the light of knowledge. That knowledge is the local knowledge of where can you find delicious foods, where you can find fun and exciting places, and where the amazing hidden sceneries in Ho Chi Minh City are tucked away. Traveling alone, sure you can enlist the help of Google, but the Internet cannot provide you with all of the information.

vespa tour in ho chi minh local market

A rare local market in Ho Chi Minh City

And on a Vespa, you are closest to the environment outside. You can gawk at the streets; and see the life of Vietnamese through an unfiltered lens. There is a certain closeness that you can only get by riding on a Vespa. What’s more? Your driver can act as your guide. They can chat with you, and tell you about the details of what you are seeing while cruising down the roads.

vespa tour in ho chi minh 2

See the locals’ daily life on a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City

One more thing, Vespa is originally the name of a scooter brand. But because of its popularity, many people nowadays refer to scooters as ‘’Vespa’’, the same situation as ‘’Kleenex’’ or ‘’Taser’’. So from now on, when you see us use ‘’Vespa’’, we are referring to the type of motorcycle known as a motor scooter. The Vespa is characterized by its automatic transmission, a spacious platform for the rider’s feet. With its size, the Vespa can zip through traffic like any motorbike. That allows for swift travel. The wide and comfortable seats are in no fashion losing to bus or car seats.

A typical Vespa Tour in Ho Chi Minh City


There are many places to go while you are on a Vespa tour in Ho Chi Minh City. It could be tailored to your liking or based on recommendations from the tour guide. In Ho Chi Minh City, District 1 is a downtown area, where most culturally important architectures are situated. Most notable are the Notre Dame, the Post Office, and the Reunification Palace. All of these attractions are special for their French-inspired architecture. They stand proudly and uniquely with their distinctive aesthetic in the middle of an ever-developing modern city. For a Vespa tour in Ho Chi Minh City, the entire District 1 is a must-visit location. While you are there, you can also drop by Ben Thanh Market – arguably the most famous market in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Within Ben Thanh Market itself, there are various things to do, ranging from shopping to eating to just strolling around looking at the pretty stalls. The world is your oyster.

See our full guide to Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

vespa tour in ho chi minh notre dame vespa tour in ho chi minh reunification palace

The famous Notre Dame Cathedral and Reunification Palace

Aside from the bustling District 1, the Vespa tour can lead you to many old pagodas and temples of Vietnamese indigenous spirituality. You can escape from the noise of the city for a bit to immerse yourself in the peaceful spiritual life of Vietnamese people. In addition, museums of historical and cultural value are available as well. One particular museum to have in mind is the War Remnants Museum, which is as the name suggests a museum that is dedicated to recording stories, artifacts, and lessons from wartime.

vespa tour in ho chi minh temple vespa tour in ho chi minh museum

A Temple and War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

One thing you should be aware of is this. Ho Chi Minh City at day and Ho Chi Minh City at night are different. The difference is well, like day and night. At day, the scenery of old architecture basks in the glorious sun. They breathe history and vibrate an air of antiquity. A harmonious mix of former colonial influences and native oriental beauty. At night, when the street lights shine on the busy roads, Ho Chi Minh City turns itself. The city becomes young again. All thanks to the bustling nightlife. The delicious, mouth-watering charcoal grill on the sidewalks is among the highlights of Ho Chi Minh City’s nightlife. Eating while looking right out to the open street is quite a fun experience for anyone. Alongside all the food at night, you can find no short of night-life entertainment. Ho Chi Minh City, with its modern outlook, does not fall behind in terms of worldwide trends.


As we said before, with the guides’ genuine local knowledge, you are ensured to be taken to the best places to eat. The foods chosen would be affordable, delicious (which is very important), represent Vietnamese cuisine, and sanitary conditions.

Tired after a day of exploring and zipping around on a Vespa? What’s more refreshing than a hot dish of Vietnamese cuisine? Food tastes better with a company. So your trusty tour guides who drive you around all day long can be an awesome companion to have. Aside from telling you information, and stories about the food, they can have a lively conversation with you about your earlier activities while on the Vespa tour.

vespa tour in ho chi minh food

Try tasty food on a Vespa tour in Ho Chi Minh City

The foods that you might get introduced to are various as Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse. You can have foods like Banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) to Bun Cha (Rice vermicelli with grilled pork) to Pho to Bun Rieu Cua (Rice vermicelli with crab) to Spring rolls to meats and seafood on a charcoal grill. Furthermore, there are many other street foods like banh mi readily available for you to taste.

In Conclusion of Vespa Tour in Ho Chi Minh City

There are many ways to enjoy Ho Chi Minh City. The Vespa tour is one of them. Again, with the Vespa tour, you can relieve yourself from the headache of finding places to visit and find places to eat. Your safety, insurance, and convenience are also ensured by the operating tour. 

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