VietnamUnexplored Places in Vietnam to Escape the Tourist Crowds

Unexplored Places in Vietnam to Escape the Tourist Crowds

Vietnam has made a name for itself by the stunning nature retreats as well as the distinct lifestyle, revealed by well-known destinations like Hanoi, Da Lat, or Saigon. But believe us, Vietnamese tourism is more than that! The suggested unexplored places in Vietnam below are surely able to unveil the hidden beauty of the country and offer out-of-the-box experiences for you!

Best Travel Tips to Visit Unexplored Places in Vietnam

Make Sure to Stay Connected: Be well-prepared for your internet connection by having 3G/4G on the phone since there’s hardly public wifi in the mentioned destinations.

Prepare Enough Cash: The lack of ATMs and card payment at local vendors are the reasons why you need to ensure you bring along enough cash for your trip at unexplored places in Vietnam.

Don’t Forget to Have Travel Insurance: Traveling to unexplored places in Vietnam maybe a little bit risky since travelers are not used to the developing infrastructure and wild nature in some rural areas. Therefore, get reliable travel insurance like World Nomads for your safety.


Unexplored Places in Vietnam

Cao Bang Province – The Representation of Vietnam Natural Beauty

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban areas, Cao Bang province should be on top of your list of unexplored places in Vietnam. With much of the province protected as a UNESCO Global Geopark, it is the best chance for adventurous travelers to explore one of the most beautiful geo-cultural sites in the country.

How to Visit Cao Bang Province:

Get in Cao Bang: Being one of the unexplored places in Vietnam, Cao Bang has no rail connections. Therefore, taking buses from neighboring provinces and cities like Hanoi to Cao Bang is considered most convenient, costing around VND 50,000. Also, traversing yourself by motorbikes here is a preferable option.

Get around Cao Bang: You can choose among provincial buses and mini-buses, motorbike taxis (xe om), or riding motorbikes by yourself.

Best Time to Visit Cao Bang ProvinceAll year round

What to Do in Cao Bang Province:

unexplored places in vietnam cao bang 1 original

Visiting the superb Ban Gioc Waterfall – an impressive natural sight with the fall of 30-meter high

unexplored places in vietnam cao bang 2

Contemplating one of the most extraordinary religious sites in northern Vietnam – Phat Tich Truc Lam Ban Gioc Pagoda and praying for luck

unexplored places in vietnam cao bang 3 orginal

Hardly could travelers find natural caves as staggering as the ones in Cao Bang, from the unspoiled Nguom Ngao Cave…

unexplored places in vietnam cao bang 4 the historical Pac Bo Cave.

Read more on Cao Bang Travel Guide.

Bai Tu Long Bay – The “Second Halong Bay”

For those longing to discover the gorgeous Halong Bay yet preferring a less touristy destination, Bai Tu Long Bay is must-visit when it comes to unexplored places in Vietnam. Although many refer to Bai Tu Long as a less-crowded version of Halong Bay, this off-the-beaten-track destination has its uniqueness and has recently become a “rising star” in Vietnam’s tourism.

How to Visit Bai Tu Long Bay:

Bai Tu Long Bay is next to Halong Bay so you can refer to transportation to Halong Bay to see how to get here. Most conveniently, you can travel by bus, car, or motorbike to Cai Rong Port in Van Dong District, Quang Ninh Province first. Then take the high-speed boat at the harbor to get to Bai Tu Long.

Along with that, in case you opt for a peaceful trip at Bai Tu Long, nothing can hold a candle to luxury cruise services, which will take you around the bay and offer relaxation at the same time.

Best Time to Visit Bai Tu Long Bay:

November to April since the weather is cool, dry, and stable enough for you to make the most of your trip. July to September is not recommendable due to the effects of southern monsoons, leading to unstable weather and even storms.

What to Do in Bai Tu Long Bay:

unexplored places in vietnam bai tu long bay 2 original

Lying on the smooth white sand, soaking up the sun, and enjoying swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Ban Chan Beach

unexplored places in vietnam bai tu long bay 4

Visiting Bai Tu Long National Park – the best-known national park in Vietnam for its diverse marine biodiversity

Kon Tum – The Great Charm of Vietnam Central Highlands

Seeking for unique local experiences? Don’t forget to mark Kon Tum in Vietnam’s Central Highlands on your bucket list of unexplored places in Vietnam. You may find the land a surprisingly interesting and charming destination for stopping by for one or two nights. Its remoteness tends to keep travelers away and deliver the genuinely rural scenes and local lifestyle, especially of the ethnic minority communities.

How to Visit Kon Tum:

Get in Kon Tum: Taking a car or taxi from Pleiku airport (~30 minutes)

Get around Kon Tum: Taxi, traditional motorbike taxis, or riding rented motorbikes by yourself.

Best Time to Visit Kon Tum: All year round (there are many traditional festivals of the locals during November and January)

What to Do in Kon Tum:

unexplored places in vietnam kon tum 1

Strolling around and admiring the Catholic architecture of The Paris Missions Seminary built from 1935

unexplored places in vietnam kon tum 2

Blending into the festive vibe of the locals right on the street of Kon Tum

Con Dao Island – The Hidden Gem of Beliefs and History

Con Dao island always knows how to amaze visitors by its hidden covers, tropical jungle, and charming colonial towns. The island is also the locals’ most-liked remote historical area and many of them visit Con Dao to offer prayers. Although quite unfamiliar to travelers, it is one of the unexplored places in Vietnam you should never miss.

How to Visit Con Dao Island:

    • A direct flight from Saigon (VND 1,500,000 – VND 2,000,000)
    • High-speed boat from Vung Tau (~VND 350,000/person)
    • Book tickets to travel to Con Dao:

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Best Time to Visit Con Dao Island: December to April to avoid the rainy season from May to November

What to Do in Con Dao Island:

unexplored places in vietnam con dao 1

Paying a visit to the infamous and historic Con Dao Prison System…

unexplored places in vietnam con dao 2

… to learn about the brutal truth of the Vietnam war

unexplored places in vietnam con dao 3

Don’t forget to spend some time visiting and praying at the Vo Thi Sau’s Grave and Hang Duong Cemetery

unexplored places in vietnam con dao 4 original

Blessed with the most picturesque beaches in Vietnam, Con Dao’s beaches (Dam Trau Beach, Nhat Beach, etc.) are ideal to take a dip without getting bothered by the crowds

Read more on Con Dao Island Travel Guide.

Concluding Thoughts on Unexplored Places in Vietnam

Let’s escape from the well-worn backpacker circuit of famous cities through Vietnam and look for something new! We believe that the unexplored places in Vietnam would bring such mesmerizing experiences of nature and the cultural identity of the country. Lift your spirits and get to these hidden gems now before the hordes arrive.

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