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Underrated Places in Vietnam

If tourist magnets are so familiar to you, underrated places in Vietnam might trigger your adventurous self. Catch a few glimpses of less popular spots from North to South in this blog!

Underrated Places in Vietnam – The North

Ha Giang

Compared with another mountainous town, Sa Pa, Ha Giang captures little attention of international visitors. However, that doesn’t mean Ha Giang is less interesting. Its mesmerizing buckwheat flower fields and karst terrains are what urge people to visit it from time to time. As the road to Ha Giang is quite challenging, it is advisable to do research carefully before choosing a transport to reach Ha Giang.

Best time to visit Ha Giang:

  • January – March: admire the beauty of plum, peach, and mustard flowers.
  • May: take pictures of impressive terraced rice fields.
  • November: join the Buckwheat Flower Festival and try buckwheat cake – a Ha Giang’s specialty.

Attractions: Dong Van Plateau, buckwheat flower fields, Lung Cu Flag Pole, terraced rice fields.

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Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is usually mentioned as the stunning film set of the blockbuster Kong – Skull Island, but this remote place has more than that! The province is home to Tam Coc – a nature reserve that is referred to as Ha Long Bay on the land and the amazing Cuc Phuong National Park. Moreover, regarding cultural heritage, Ninh Binh has Bai Dinh Temple – the largest complex of Buddhist temples in Vietnam and Phat Diem Cathedral – a masterpiece of Vietnamese and European architectural styles.

Best time to visit Ninh Binh:

  • January – March (lunar calendar): participate in Bai Dinh Temple Festival.
  • May – June: enjoy the scenic view of golden rice fields.

Attractions: Trang An Landscape Complex, Tam Coc, Cuc Phuong National Park, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Phat Diem Cathedral, Bai Dinh Temple.

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Moc Chau (Son La)

Despite being one of the most underrated places in Vietnam, the Moc Chau plateau has long been famous for its milk industry. When you come here, you will be introduced to many distinctive traditions of ethnic minorities. Get ready to see another side of Vietnam, which is colorful yet mysterious.

Best time to visit Moc Chau:

  • January – March: see endless fields of plum flowers, peach flowers, and purchase fresh strawberries.
  • October – December: immerse yourself in the vibrancy of H’Mong Independent Festival (Tet Doc Lap) and snap some shots with Mexican flowers or mustard flowers.

Attractions: Dai Yem Waterfall, Happy Land, Moc Chau Plateau, Ban Ang Pine Forest, and tea plantations.

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Underrated Places in Vietnam – The South

Tan Lap Floating Village (Long An Province)

As Tan Lap Floating Village is only 40 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, it could be an ideal place for your weekend getaway. With over 130ha of melaleuca trees surrounding a tranquil lake, this unique floating village will introduce you to diverse flora and fauna. To make the most of your journey, you should book a boat tour to have a closer look at the exotic nature here.

Best time to visit Tan Lap: August – November, when you can see luxuriant plants and blooming lotuses.

Attractions: melaleuca forest, Bird Conservation Island, Phuoc Loc Tho Ancient Village (nearby attraction).

Chau Doc (An Giang Province)

Chau Doc lies within the Vietnam-Cambodia border and has a strong reputation for the Temple of Lady Chua Xu. Most Vietnamese visit the town to pray for their businesses or personal aspirations as they believe in the sacredness of this temple. However, the unspoiled nature and cultural diversity are two things that you should expect about Chau Doc. Since this is where Vietnamese, Khmer, and Cham live in harmony, try exploring the local life by visiting a Cham Village or shopping at the bustling markets in town.

Best time to visit Chau Doc: August – November, when it is not raining much.

Attractions: Tinh Bien Market, Sam Mountain, Temple of Lady Chua Xu, Chau Giang Cham Village, Tra Su melaleuca forest

Tay Ninh

As the holy land of Caodaism – a monotheistic syncretic religion established in 1926, Tay Ninh is an ideal destination for those seeking a getaway from Saigon. Since the road to Tay Ninh is not so challenging, you can think of riding a motorbike to admire the amazing landscapes along the way.

Best time to visit Tay Ninh: December – April of next year; this is the dry season in Tay Ninh, so you won’t have to worry about wearing raincoats or bringing umbrellas.

Attractions: Black Virgin Mountain, Cao Dai Temple, Dau Tieng Lake.

Summary of Underrated Places in Vietnam

For those who are not fond of lively cities or bustling tourist spots, these underrated places in Vietnam will be an excellent alternative for your next vacation. If you have come up with other underrated places in the S-shaped country, why not let us know by commenting down below

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