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Typical Cost of Traveling in Hanoi – How to Spend Your Budget Wisely

To prepare for a trip, making a financial plan that suits your budget is extremely important. A reasonable financial plan will help you get the best travel experience without worrying about money after the trip. Here are some suggestions for the typical cost of traveling in Hanoi.

Typical Cost of Traveling in Hanoi: Accommodation

In Hanoi, there are many hotel options for you, whether you are a backpacker with a small budget or a visitor searching for a high-end leisure travel experience.

Budget traveler

If the accommodation budget of your trip to Hanoi is limited and the primary purpose of the getaway is to experience the busy scene of this city, hotels in Hoan Kiem district, especially the Old Quarter Area, are worth considering.

dorms in hanoi

Cocoon Inn is a well-known budget hostel.

There are many types of accommodation, from dormitory to backpacker hostels and cheap hotels. The dorm – the most affordable type ranges from US$ 5 – US$ 12/bed/night. Backpacker hostels or studio rooms usually cost between US$ 20 – US$ 40/night. Although the price is not high, these accommodations are still fully equipped with air conditioning, hot water, and free wifi.

Mid-range traveler

For tourists with an average budget, a 3-star hotel in Hoan Kiem district or Ba Dinh district is the right choice. Hotels here come at US$ 35 – US$ 80/night, not cheap nor too expensive for the pretty on-point services here. Some hotels will also offer other facilities such as a swimming pool, a rooftop bar, or a spa service for you to get absolute relaxation.

Luxury traveler

accommodation in hanoi

Hotel de l’Opera.

For travelers looking to enjoy high-end services, a luxury hotel in the French Quarter to the south of the Old Quarter or a hotel in the West Lake area are undoubtedly an outstanding selection. These hotels are famous for its impressive architecture, which is a feast for the eyes. Because of its remarkable decor and professional service, hotels here are often priced at around US$ 100 – US$ 300/night.

Search for your favorite hotels in Hanoi below:


Get to know more about Top Hotels in Hanoi.

Typical Cost of Traveling in Hanoi: Transportation

Transportation in Hanoi is very diverse in type but overall not too expensive. Depending on their own needs, visitors can choose the suitable way to travel.

For travelers who want to explore every corner of the Old Quarter area, it’s highly recommended that they should walk. The streets in the Old Quarter are not wide, and because of the heavy traffic here, traveling by other means of transport will be a bit difficult. Walking will make it easier to explore, and it’s free!

riding motorbike

Riding motorbikes is a fun and fast way of exploring Hanoi.

Besides, visitors can also rent a bicycle or motorbike. Bicycle rental is mainly around big lakes like Hoan Kiem Lake or West Lake, and the price is about US$ 1.5 – US$ 2/bike. Motorbike rental is about US$3 – US $5 /motorbike/day.

Another type of transport visitors can try is the bus. Buses in Hanoi are very cheap, only around US$ 0.3/ticket. A bus tour around Hanoi would also be a fascinating choice.

bus hanoi

The bus is an economical choice though it can be time-consuming if you’re traveling for a long distance.

For taxis, visitors can choose either traditional taxis or hi-tech taxis. Taxi prices are usually around US$ 0.5/km; however, in Vietnam nowadays, people tend to use hi-tech taxis more to avoid scams.

Book bus/private transfer tickets online for your day trips from Hanoi:

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Typical Cost of Traveling in Hanoi: Eating

Hanoi is definitely a culinary paradise. The cuisine here is vibrant with a variety of dishes, from traditional Vietnamese food to Asian dishes (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Laotian) and European creations as well.

cha ca 2

When you’re eating out, especially in the Old Quarter area, visitors should remember to ask about prices carefully before ordering food.

Prices here also vary, but generally not too expensive. For traditional Vietnamese dishes found in small vendors, the price ranges from US$ 1 – US$ 3/serving. Upon coming to Vietnam, these are the dishes that tourists should try most.
For eating in a mid-range restaurant, expect to pay around US$ 5 – US$ 10/person and about US$ 20 – US$ 50/person for extremely posh ones.

Typical Cost of Traveling in Hanoi: Things to Do


For tourists, sightseeing is one of the main activities to try. In Hanoi, entrance to most temples, pagodas, and historical sites will usually be free of charge, while cultural tourism sites such as museums, theaters require an entrance fee. However, this fee is not too high, usually only about US$ 1/person.

hanoi cathedral 5

St. Joseph Cathedral in Hanoi.


When coming to Hanoi, don’t miss the chance to get immersed in the extremely bustling nightlife here. Old Quarter area, especially on streets like Ta Hien, Ma May, Hang Buom, will be a great place to gather with friends. On average, a “gathering” with beer and signature Vietnamese dishes will cost from US$ 5 – US$ 10/person.

And don’t forget that you have many things to do in Hanoi, which are absolutely free!

gathering 1

The gathering is one of the locals’ favorite activities in Hanoi.

Typical Cost of Traveling in Hanoi: Communication

The good news is, in Hanoi, almost all public places like restaurants and cafes have free wifi. Even the Hoan Kiem Lake area has free wifi, so visitors do not need to worry too much about this issue.

sim card

SIM card in Vietnam.

However, to maintain a 24/24 internet connection, it’s highly recommended that visitors register for a Vietnamese SIM Card. In Vietnam, major carriers, including Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobiphone with 3G / 4G service, charge about US$ 3 for a SIM card without credit loaded. Though for a one-week trip, a VND 100,000 is enough.

Check out Places to Buy a SIM Card in Hanoi

To Wrap Up Typical Cost of Traveling in Hanoi

Traveling in Hanoi is versatile as visitors can arrange the experience depending on their own needs, as there is a wide selection in service to choose from. Nevertheless, if you don’t have time to think about the cost and itinerary, a local tour might be more convenient for you!

Let’s take a look at the estimated cost for a day in Hanoi:

 Budget (US$)  Mid-range (US$)  Luxury (US$) 
 Accommodation  15 50 200
 Transportation 5 7 10
 Eating 10 30 50
 Things to do 10 30 50
 TOTAL 40 117 310


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