VietnamTypes of Face Masks You Should Wear in Vietnam

Types of Face Masks You Should Wear in Vietnam

According to a Statista’s survey about the effects of Covid-19 on the behavior of Vietnamese citizens, 89% of respondents stated that they always or often wore face masks while going out. Thus, it is not exaggerating to say that this item is now a powerful shield to help people stay healthy during the pandemic. Let’s scroll down to find out which types of face masks to wear in Vietnam!

Important note: If you are spotted in public without wearing a mask (especially in infected areas, such as Ho Chi Minh city and Bac Giang at the moment), you will have to face a fine of up to VND 3 million.

An Introduction to Types of Face Masks to Wear in Vietnam

In this pandemic, you must have heard a lot of disposable masks or cloth masks. Though both types could help save you from widespread diseases, they have different features to meet each person’s demand.

If you prioritize convenience, disposable ones should be your first choice. This kind of mask includes several versions like surgical masks or 3D masks. Most Vietnamese people also list N95 respirators as disposable masks. These are locally called “3M masks” since 3M is the most popular brand manufacturing them.

However, when there was a shortage of gauze masks in March and April this year, the government encouraged citizens to opt for anti-bacterial cloth masks. These are more environmentally friendly since you don’t have to throw them away immediately after use. You can wash them with soap, dry, and reuse them. Due to their sustainability, anti-bacterial cloth masks have become a wonderful option for those pursuing a green lifestyle and do not want to store a bunch of face masks in their house.

face masks to wear in vietnam original hd

At supermarkets and convenience stores, face masks are frequently displayed near the hand sanitizer shelves

Double-masking is also encouraged in Vietnam, not only to protect yourself from the virus but also to shield your skin from the sun.

Where to Buy Face Masks in Vietnam

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

You can find all sorts of face masks, from anti-bacterial cloth masks, surgical masks to 3D masks, at supermarkets and convenience stores. However, these places usually sell a large set of face masks so in case you only need one to wear immediately, visiting pharmacies is a better choice.

  • Popular supermarkets: AEON, Co.op Mart, Emart, Vinmart, Lotte Mart, Satra, and Big C.
  • Popular convenience stores: Circle K, FamilyMart, Ministop, Co.op Smiles, GS 25, Cheers, and 7 Eleven.

face masks to wear in vietnam original coopmart masks

In Ho Chi Minh City, when you shop at a supermarket and cannot find anti-bacterial cloth masks, you can report this to the Department of Industry and Trade


Apart from selling boxes of face masks, pharmacies also offer single ones. Some reputable pharmacies in Vietnam are Pharmacity, An Khang, and Long Chau.

face masks to wear in vietnam original pm

Face masks sold at Pharmacity

How to Safely Wear Face Masks

Putting on a face mask is not at all difficult but have you worn and removed it safely? Let’s take a look at this guide from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention!

face masks to wear in vietnam how to wear

Putting on facemasks correctly will protect your loved one’s and your own health so don’t sacrifice safety for comfort

Types of Face Masks to Wear in Vietnam

Anti-bacterial Cloth Masks

Unlike the normal cloth masks which are made from excess fabric, this type of mask must be padded, coated, or sprayed with antibacterial agents. Thanks to this process, the cloth can kill 90% of bacterium after 1 hour of exposure and this rate will reduce to 60-70% after several times of washing.

face masks to wear in vietnam original cl

This mask could be used from 10 to 30 times

Buy cloth face masks online

Disposable Medical Masks

A medical mask has two sides, while the outside is usually colored (blue, pink, yellow, purple, etc) and waterproof, the inside is often white and can absorb moisture. In comparison with other kinds of masks, this one is quite loose-fitting and thin. According to the FDA, a surgical mask creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment.

face masks to wear in vietnam original s1

Among all types of face masks to wear in Vietnam, this is the most prevalent

face masks to wear in vietnam original s2

Medical masks for adults

face masks to wear in vietnam original s3

Medical masks for children

Disposable face masks can be found widely in Vietnam at the moment – and that’s including on the streets! We would advise you to buy face masks in authorized pharmacies as mentioned for the standardized products. However, most vendors would have a restriction on the maximum boxes of face masks you can buy to prevent over hoarding. In case, you want to purchase in bulk, shop online for disposable face masks.

3D Masks

A 3D mask perfectly covers from your nose to your ears tightly, making it difficult for polluted air to enter whether the user is in heavy smoke or a car. Though it fits your face, its strap is elastic and soft, which means it does not cause pain and discomfort when wearing.

face masks to wear in vietnam original 3d

Despite being less popular than the aforementioned types of masks, 3D masks are widely sold at supermarkets

Buy 3D masks online

N95 Respirators

A couple of months ago, this so-called “3M mask” was a phenomenon in Vietnam and its price increased rapidly. As this respirator is intended to accomplish an extremely close facial fit and most productive filtration of airborne particles, you may feel uncomfortable when wearing it for a long time.

face masks to wear in vietnam original 3m1

In the meantime, N95 respirators of 3M are mainly used by medical practitioners

face masks to wear in vietnam original 3m

Apart from 3M, other Vietnamese companies also produce N95 respirators

Buy N-96 masks online

Summary of Types of Face Masks to Wear in Vietnam

Have you got your favorite types of masks to wear in Vietnam or you will try each type then make a decision? Don’t hesitate to tell us your experience with these so-called “shields” by giving comments down below!

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