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Traveling with WiFi in Vietnam

Except in the mountains and remote islands, traveling with WiFi in Vietnam is super easy. In addition to generous free WiFi spots nationwide, 3G/4G signals are widespread, too. You’ll be surprised at how cheap and incredibly fast the Internet connection is!

Completely Free WiFi with Decent Speed

This type of WiFi is available at airports or walking streets (like Nguyen Hue Walking Street) to cater for the enormous demand of tourists and locals. For this type, the connection will be unsteady. But it’s still enough for checking-in on social media.

traveling with wifi in vietnam airport 2

Tan Son Nhat Airport has free WiFi upon your landing or takeoff

Another source of entirely free WiFi is in shopping malls, especially Vincom Centers. You will have to click through some ads to access the WiFi and will have to log in again after 30-60 minutes. The speed is moderate, and the connection is stable.

Buses in Vietnam (both tour and public ones) now offer free Wifi as well, and the speed of which depends on whether the bus is running.

If you are lucky enough, you can also catch WiFi from office buildings. You may check with the receptionists if they offer wifi to visitors.

However, beware whenever you’re logging into public WiFis as malicious people can use it to steal your personal data on the phone. Make sure to check your surroundings when you’re surfing the Internet in public as well. You don’t want your phone to get snatched!

Pay for the Service and Enjoy the WiFi

Most hotels offer WiFi to the guests, but not all of them provide decent connections. Still, better slow than nothing, isn’t it?

Wifi in Vietnam is so common that quite a few F&B businesses have WiFis. From fancy coffee shops to modest food stalls, it’s most likely you will get good WiFi connections if you ask the staff for passwords. Fast food franchises like McDonald’s, Lotteria, and KFC are all right, but WiFis in coffee shops are always more reliable. Places like The Coffee House, Monkey in Black, and Highlands Coffee are affordable (from US$ 1.5 to US$ 3 a drink only), spacious, air-conditioned, and you can sit for as long as you want.

traveling with wifi in vietnam coffee

Sit back and enjoy a tasty drink with a strong Internet connection at a cafe

Alternatives to Traveling with Wifi in Vietnam

4G and 5G SIM Cards in Vietnam

Popular as WiFi in Vietnam, there will be times when you are desperate for a Grab ride but can’t find the connection anywhere. Then, you should buy a 4G SIM card at the airports or convenience stores for cellular Internet. At about VND 70,000/7GB/month, you can go almost anywhere in the country without losing contact with the world. See more details on Mobile Data Plan in Vietnam.

traveling with wifi in vietnam sim 2

4G Sim card is available right at Tan Son Nhat Airport

Portable Wifi

Pocket WiFi is also a convenient choice if you are traveling with WiFi in Vietnam in large groups. Prices range from US$ 5 to US$ 7 a day. Some providers will let you pick up and drop off your rental at your hotel. You will have to return the device intact, and you’ll be charged additional fees if you keep the device longer than you signed up for.

traveling with wifi in vietnam portable wifi

A portable wifi can accommodate up to 8-10 devices

Buy Portable Wifi Router online

Summary of Traveling with WiFi in Vietnam

Us modern people now cannot live without WiFi, especially when we are traveling to another country with so many things to capture and share. We hope the tips recommended above help you have a memorable trip to our country.

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