VietnamTravel Tips & InfoTraveling with a Disability in Vietnam - Tips and Info

Traveling with a Disability in Vietnam – Tips and Info

Vietnam’s infrastructure isn’t as disabled-friendly as in developed countries, so traveling with a disability in Vietnam may not be the most comfortable trip you’ll have. However, a true traveler won’t let this prevent them from exploring this exotic, culturally rich land. In this article, we’ll introduce the landscape of Vietnam for disabled travelers and some essential tips. Please note that the disabilities implied here are mainly physical hindrances, such as lack of mobility, hard of hearing, etc.

General Tips to Traveling with a Disability in Vietnam

  • Most Vietnamese international airlines provide special assistance if you contact them at least 24 hours before the flight. We recommend Vietnam Airlines as one of the most trustworthy services.
  • Be clear and specific when describing your conditions, such as the wheelchair’s measurements or the severity of the disability.
  • Consult with your doctor before going, and bring along your medications and doctor’s statement because healthcare in Vietnam isn’t universal.
  • Look at travel insurance if you travel with expensive equipment like a wheelchair.
  • Consider working with a specialist travel agent.
  • Bring a travel buddy.
  • Buses, taxis, and private cars are the best options for traveling with a disability in Vietnam. A great alternative would be private tours in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Note these emergency contacts and international hospitals in Vietnam!
  • Refer to the table below for Vietnamese sentences stating for conditions.
I can’t walkTôi không đi được/Toi khong di duoc
I can’t seeTôi không nhìn được/ Toi khong nhin duoc
I can’t hearTôi không nghe được/Toi khong nghe duoc
I can’t speakTôi không nói được/Toi khong noi duoc
Can you please help me?Ban giup toi duoc khong? / Bạn giúp tôi được không?
  • D.Map is a map that marks attractions and public facilities that are accessible by the disabled in Vietnam. You can easily download this app on App Store.

Traveling in Vietnam with Physical Disabilities

Let’s be honest: Vietnam is not wheelchair-friendly. There aren’t any accessible paths or transport. The streets are always busy with crazy traffic, and pavements are not entirely exclusive to pedestrians.

With that being said, it’s not impossible to have a pleasant experience traveling with a disability in Vietnam. You will have to travel on the streets, so it’s best to have a manual wheelchair to help you up on the curbs. Also, you will get stared at out of curiosity, but the people here are very kind and friendly. They will be more than pleased to help you get on a bus, taxi, or boat (by carrying you sometimes).

Look for private transportation in Vietnam below:

Traveling Vietnam with Hearing and Speaking Impairment

It would not be difficult for the hearing handicapped to travel in Vietnam as long as they stay alert. Pack extra batteries and hearing aids (if you use them). You can’t rely on announcements at the airport, so arrive early and pay attention to the information boards to avoid missing any updates.

Vietnam is a relatively laid-back culture, so no popular hand gestures would be considered inappropriate here. However, sign language differs between countries, so the best way to communicate with people is to write in English or Vietnamese.

Traveling Vietnam with Visual Impairment

Sight loss poses unique challenges for travelers. Crossing our busy streets will be even more frightening, and the sidewalks can be so small and messy that your cane will stop being useful.

However, Ho Chi Minh City is changing to accommodate the visually impaired. At Nguyen Hue Walking Street, traffic lights have sound signals to notify drivers when to cross the street. Also, use Google Maps for better navigation.

Traveling Vietnam with Dietary Restrictions

If you have special dietary restrictions, look up the food that you might have and their ingredients since it’s difficult to ask that at the eateries. 

Check out:

Vegetarian Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

Gluten-free Food in Ho Chi Minh City

Halal Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

Disabled-friendly Hotels In Ho Chi Minh City And Hanoi

Most big hotel chains, such as Pullman, InterContinental, Lotte, and Sheraton… and here are some other good alternatives you can consider.

travel with disability vietnam 3

InterContinental Saigon (Check price and availability)

Ho Chi Minh City

Saigoneer Hotel

Laying near Ben Thanh Street Food Market and the Fine Arts Museum, the hotel offers currency exchange and a paid airport shuttle service, which will be useful for first-timers in the city.

Booking link: Saigoneer Hotel

7S Hotel Home Central Saigon

This hotel is well situated in the heart of District 1 with nearby attractions such as the Saigon Opera House and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Booking link: 7S Hotel Home Central Saigon

Avanti Boutique Hotel

The hotel is within walking distance of the Reunification Palace and the Opera House and has an in-house fitness center.

Booking link: Avanti Boutique Hotel

The MOKA Hotel

Guests will be pleased to find that there’s a bar with a fantastic view of the city and a buffet or American breakfast.

Booking link: The MOKA Hotel


Hanoi 3B Premier Hotel

Situated at the Hanoi Old Quarter, the hotel is within walking distance of Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, and Thang Long Water Puppet Theater.

Booking link: Hanoi 3B Premier Hotel

Hanoi Avatar Hotel

The hotel offers airport transfers and transportation rentals, and the staff can help you with currency exchange.

Booking link: Hanoi Avatar Hotel

Hanoi Pho Hotel

The bar in the hotel offers a great city view, and the ticket service and currency exchange service are set out to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Booking link: Hanoi Pho Hotel

Future of Traveling with a Disability in Vietnam

Currently, most tourist areas are not equipped to aid disabled individuals. However, a law passed in 2010 requires that public buildings be constructed with accessible facilities. As our city modernizes, the future of accessible traveling won’t be so far ahead.

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