VietnamMiscellaneousHow to Get the Most out of Traveling Vietnam during a Pandemic?

How to Get the Most out of Traveling Vietnam during a Pandemic?

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the Vietnamese believed they could survive the disaster if they banded together. Vietnam has been actively monitoring the situation since the commencement of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in 2020. It has put a series of proactive, comprehensive steps to counteract the virus’s spread within the country and prepare its public health institutions. Due to its previous experience with various epidemics, Vietnam is well-positioned to protect its citizens and visitors traveling through.

However, suppose you’re dying to get out and want to experience Vietnam. In that case, you should first evaluate how COVID-19’s expansion may affect your trip plans, especially now that all varieties have spread across the country. Traveling safely in Vietnam during this pandemic necessitates a more cautious approach than usual, but it is possible if you plan route ahead of time.

Travelers to Vietnam, on the other hand, may have questions and concerns regarding the virus’s spread and the laws in place in the country. It is best to follow the steps outlined below to ensure that you have a pleasant travel experience in Vietnam during this outbreak.

Be Informed about the COVID Situation in Vietnam

Before traveling to Vietnam during a pandemic, the most important thing you should do is to know their rules and regulations. You most certainly would not want to ruin your vacation because you missed one protocol, don’t you? There are many things to remember, such as the Visa policies for travelers in Vietnam, health and safety guidelines for car travelers, protocols for resorts, and many more. Vietnam also has health and safety precautions for travelers. Visitors to Vietnam are advised to take reasonable precautions against COVID-19 while in the country. Basic procedures to keep yourself and your loved ones safe are outlined by the World Health Organization, including avoiding travel if you have a fever or cough, maintaining social distance, and regularly cleaning your hands with soap and running water.

Vietnam is preparing to welcome vaccinated international tourists from November 2021. Visitors also need to have negative COVID test results to be able to enter Vietnam. See Can I Travel to Vietnam Now?

Prepare Your Route Planning Apps Before Hitting the Roads

Before you leave home, download your maps so that you can use them offline. If you’re going to use route applications, it’s usually easier to schedule your road trips using them, much more so if they contain a wealth of route data from previous journeys. You should also review closed roads due to COVID-19 checkpoints and borders, so you know where to go and what to do if you come across checkpoints in Vietnam.

Read more about Useful Apps for Your Vietnam Trip

Bring Only a Few Companions Along for the Voyage

The CDC recommends that you keep the number of passengers in your automobile to a minimum. Wearing masks in the car is a good idea because you cannot all be six feet apart, even more so if you are traveling with someone at high risk for COVID-19. It is recommended that you wear a mask when driving, especially if you are sharing the vehicle with someone who is not a member of your circle.

Before making a stop for gas or lunch, assign a runner to handle travel-related responsibilities. If you don’t want to pay at the pump, send one or two persons who are not at high risk to acquire food or gas. Ensure that your assigned runners put on their masks and thoroughly wash their hands before returning to the car. Additionally, avoid glancing at your phone when pumping gas to prevent contamination.

Keep the windows open as much as possible while traveling to your destination to allow for fresh air and circulation. If you’re heading to a hotter place and require air conditioning, switch to non-recirculation mode on the air ventilation or air conditioning.

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