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Traveling in the New Normal: What Should You Pack for Your Trip to Vietnam?

Traveling during this global pandemic may prove to be challenging because, aside from ensuring your health and safety, you also need to be aware of the protocols that both your origin and destination are implementing. In Vietnam, there are new policies in place as an effort made by the government to stop the spread of the virus. The country currently restricts tourist entry, but foreigners on diplomatic or official business are allowed to enter. In case you need to head to Vietnam for business reasons, below are some of the things you should bring along.

Health and Safety for Traveling to Vietnam 

To comply with the country’s health protocols, make sure that you bring face masks and hand sanitizers with you at all times. The suppliers behind suggest that you get high-quality and durable N95 masks to ensure that you are not only complying with policies but also doing your share in stopping contagion. Alongside this, make it a habit to sanitize your hand frequently using a gel sanitizer or alcohol, whichever suits your needs. This is important, particularly if you cannot wash your hands immediately after touching public surfaces such as handrails. Bringing your toiletries rather than relying on your chosen accommodation supplies is also a good idea.

Clothes for Traveling to Vietnam

Besides your health and safety essentials, you must pack clothes for your Vietnam trip. If you travel anywhere from November to April, make sure you have clothes suitable for relatively cool weather. On the other hand, if your trip is scheduled anywhere from July to September, then you should pack clothes that are perfect for the wet season because it is during these months that you can expect heavy rainfall. Thus, make sure to bring in some extra pairs of socks, as well as a poncho.

Miscellaneous Travel Items for Traveling to Vietnam

Another miscellaneous travel item that can prove beneficial for your trip to Vietnam in this new normal is a water bottle with a built-in filtration system. This will ensure that the water you drink to keep hydrated is potable and safe to drink; plus, you don’t have to drink from a glass that is not personally yours, which further protects you from contracting the virus. Also, have an electronics adapter to ensure you can plug in your devices even if the sockets don’t conform to what you are using back home.

To wrap things up, ensure you have the essentials you need when traveling to Vietnam in this trying time. Prioritize your health and safety, maintain a safe distance from other people, and practice good hand hygiene habits. When a vaccine is already made available, or when there is a specific drug that can treat this virus, everything will eventually be back to what everybody has been used to.

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