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Tours by Locals in Saigon

Learn about various options for tours operated by locals in Saigon and why you should choose them.

All Kinds of Tours by Locals in Saigon

Explore Saigon’s culture

The most important aspect of any good tours by locals in Saigon is the culture. Saigon used to be a busy port for international trade of the Indochina area and still is a developing commercial center of Vietnam. People from different countries and different regions of Vietnam come here to look for opportunities in this prosperous land and bring along their unique culture, making Saigon a cultural hub.

Religious Sites. Vietnamese are spiritual and religious people. There are many beautiful religious architects like temples, pagodas, churches, and mosques in Saigon. The most special thing about these sites is the adaptation and combination of many cultures in each masterpiece reflecting the spirit of its people and community.

tours by locals in saigon temple

Peaceful smoke of incense

Local Markets. No better place to see and engage with the everyday hustles than the local markets in Saigon. From fresh produce, street foods, and refreshments to clothing and even expensive products like cosmetics and jewelry can be found in these lively and busy markets.

tours by locals in saigon market

Weaving in a small pathway of a local market

Alleyways and Backstreets. Another place to best experience and get closer to Saigon’s culture is the alleyways and backstreets. These roads hide behind tall buildings and tube houses, the typical house design in Saigon, and the life of people here would also be hidden from your view unless a local takes you there.

tours by locals in saigon alley

Morning in an alleyway

Try Saigon’s foods

You should be excited to explore what local delicacies you can try in Saigon. With the diverse culture, the menu of food and drink in Saigon never ends, and it changes every day. Be it day or night, in the downtown area or off-the-beaten-track location, you can encounter food stalls and vendors of different kinds anywhere, anytime.

  • Banh mi, Com tam, and Banh Cuon are delicious and nutritious breakfasts to start your day. And you must not forget to have a cup of Vietnamese coffee to keep you awake for the day.

tours by locals in saigon com tam tours by locals in saigon coffee

Start your day with savory Com tam and Vietnamese coffee

  • Lunch with Bun thit nuong or Banh xeo. These dishes will not only keep your stomach full, recharging your energy but also satisfy your taste buds. Complete the meal with the refreshing “tra da” (iced tea) or a bottle of cool beer.

tours by locals in saigon bun thit nuong tours by locals in saigon beer

The hearty Bun thit nuong and Saigon Beer

  • How about Pho and BBQ for dinner? Take in the delightful smoke and sound. But the food is not the only thing you can experience at dinner time. The vivid nightlife of people of all ages hanging out after the sun goes down and the weather gets cooler is a wonderful sight to see.

tours by locals in saigon grill dishes

The flavorful grilled foods on the streets at night

  • Between meals like Summer rolls, Vietnamese pizza, and sweet soups. You can always find something to fill the empty space in your mouth and stomach with Vietnamese street foods in Saigon. A little coconut juice or sugarcane juice to finish them up is also a great choice.

tours by locals in saigon summer roll tours by locals in saigon sugarcane juice

Fresh spring rolls and sweet sugarcane juice

“Eat and drink like a local” is common (and good) advice, after all, so make sure you check out these dishes when having tours by locals in Saigon.

Visit Saigon’s famous sights

These must-visit destinations are included in any other tours. However, tours by locals in Saigon are not just great for taking photos (letting people know that you have been to Saigon) but also great places to listen to stories about the people and learn more about the history of the city and the country.

tours by locals in saigon notre dame cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral – Saigon’s famous sight

  • Saigon Opera House – The theatre for classical music and traditional Vietnamese art performance
  • Saigon Central Post Office – The first post office in Saigon that is still open for service
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – The central church of Saigon welcomes a large number of international and local visitors
  • Independence Palace – The residence of the French Governor-General and later, of the Republic of Vietnam’s president
  • War Remnants Museum – The museum, exhibitions dedicated to the notorious Vietnam War

Why You Should Book Tours by Locals in Saigon

Gain better local insights

A Saigon local tour guide to tell you stories, history, and the culture of the place they are living in is the optimal choice. Ask any questions, and they will answer it. But more than that, when talking with them and watching how they interact with other locals, you can understand better the customs and traditions of Saigon that can’t be described by words.

tours by locals in saigon coffee break

A chat over coffee with the local guide in Saigon

Have off-the-tourist-trails experience

You will be taken out of the developed and fancy services in central districts to the simple and rustic on the other side of Saigon. But that’s not the only local experience you get; a motorbike tour in Saigon is another thing you should not miss out on. Even though as tourists you will have a difficult time driving a bike around the city, a ride on the back of the bike will be just as exciting.

tours by locals in saigon other side

A view of Saigon’s other side

Help the local economy

As a part of responsible travel, spending your money in the local business is a direct way you give support. That is also what the Vietnamese and Saigon authorities are aiming to do; develop the whole tourism industry and enhance the traveler’s experience to improve the local economy.

tours by locals in saigon spending local

Help the locals make ends meet by supporting their businesses

Ready to Book Tours by Locals in Saigon?

If you are worried about the language barriers with the locals, you shouldn’t be. Most young Vietnamese can speak English, and maybe a little foreign language other than English as well.

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