VietnamTop Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe in Vietnam

Top Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe in Vietnam

For every traveler, luggage is the most valuable property, especially when you’re traveling to a different country. During the pandemic era, protecting your belongings from missing, as well as the possibility of contracting the virus, is of paramount importance. Check out the actionable tips to keep your luggage safe in Vietnam.

Top Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe in Vietnam: Before Your Trip to Vietnam

Use quality luggage and locks

It is a rule of thumb for everyone traveling abroad that a hard case suitcase usually offers better protection. Though offering a bit more space to squeeze in your belongings, soft cases are easy targets for malicious intents as they can easily be slashed open. For the same reason, it is advisable to bring a suitcase rather than a backpack, especially if you plan to stay in Vietnam for a long time. In addition, Vietnam is a tropical country with frequent unexpected rains, so a waterproof hard case luggage is ideal for keeping your stuff safe and dry. Some quality suitcases worth bing for your trip to Vietnam are:

keep luggage safe vietnam samsonite

The top-of-mind brand for luggage

If you’re traveling with a soft-sided suitcase, be extra careful and use sip ties to secure, or even better, opt for luggage locks:

Understand quarantine requirements in Vietnam

Although international borders in Vietnam are reopening after a long lockdown period, traveling to Vietnam is still a challenge as it should be due to the pandemic’s complications. Once you’ve got the paperwork for traveling into Vietnam down, the next vital step is to get accustomed to the quarantine rules. It shouldn’t be a big problem if you’re staying at a hotel in Vietnam for quarantine, as the hotel services will take care of both your safety and comfort. However, in case you’re staying at a government quarantine facility, here’s what you should know:

  • The amenities at a government quarantine center are very basic. Generally, they are based on a military site or a university’s dormitory, there is no AC or hot water, and you might catch quite a few bugs and mosquitoes.
  • Quarantined travelers will share the same room, similar to a dorm, as well as bathrooms and toilets.
  • International travelers are expected to pay for their own quarantine, testing, and treatment (if any) fees, around VND 200,000/day (USD 5).

keep luggage safe vietnam quarantine

Inside of a quarantine camp in Vietnam

keep luggage safe vietnam health checkup

Health check-up and body temperature monitoring are performed daily

Since you’d be sharing the same space with other travelers when quarantined at a governmental center, make sure to keep an eye on your belongings and beware of petty thefts.

Other things to pack for quarantine in Vietnam:

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Sign up for a quality travel insurance plan for your Vietnam trip

To alleviate your concern for keeping your belongings safe, travel insurance is among the top tips to keep your luggage safe in Vietnam. Check the terms and conditions carefully, and choose the appropriate insurance plan to cover your specific needs.

Get a quote from World Nomads below:



Think ahead!

The best planner always thinks of the worst scenario. Though it is not so pleasant to imagine, do expect that you might lose one thing or another on your long trip to Vietnam during the pandemic. Plan out, what is acceptable to be lost, and what you cannot afford losing, then come up with a backup plan. The best tactic is not to overpack. Know that you can always buy new items in Vietnam quite effortlessly at a cheap price, both online and offline.

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Don’t put all essential items in one place

We all tend to put our valuable and important items in one highly secured place, but this is not always the best solution. Separate high-risk items in different cases – either in a hidden pocket or as your carry-on luggage, always think of a backup plan if they got lost.

Top Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe in Vietnam: During Your Trip to Vietnam

Avoid carrying other people’s luggage and vice versa

If you’re traveling solo, the chances are that there are many friends to make on the road. For the sake of your safety, no matter how much you think you can trust another person, always keep your luggage to yourself, and don’t ask other people to carry for you anything. Otherwise, you’d risk running into unnecessary troubles, losing your luggage, or even contracting viruses if the other person’s having any disease.

Always keep an eye on your belongings

This is by far, one of the top best-practice tips to keep your luggage safe in Vietnam, yet the easiest to forget. There are times when we are too immersed in Vietnam’s splendid scenery, or in our phones! Therefore, make sure to place your luggage where it is not convenient to be snatched off by petty criminals, and check your valuable items every once in a while to prevent pickpocketings.

When taking a taxi or using a ride-hailing service in Vietnam, grab your luggage first before paying for your ride.

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Top Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe in Vietnam: Keep Your Luggage Sanitized

keep luggage safe vietnam safety

COVID-19 protection measures

  • Practice social distancing in crowded areas, such as the airport

keep luggage safe vietnam distancing

The airport is among high-risk areas

  • Clean and disinfect your luggage often with alcohol-based sanitizer wipes
  • Wash your hands regularly with either soap and water, or hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your eyes, noses, mouths with unwashed hands

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Conclusion on Top Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe in Vietnam

Safety and hygiene have become ultimately crucial when traveling to Vietnam during the pandemic. However, these are straightforward and actionable tips, and it only takes a little bit more of your attention to keep both you and your luggage safe. If you have any questions about traveling to Vietnam, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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