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Top 5 Places to Visit in Northwest Vietnam

Northwest Vietnam is a more humble name on Vietnam’s tourist map. However, this place is on top of the bucket list for adventures that crave challenging motorbike trails. It has panoramic natural beauty, mesmerizing hill scenery, and an eye-popping embodiment of the Creator’s glory. Below are five of these places to visit in Northwest Vietnam to make your trip unforgettable.

How about Taking a Trip to Y Ty

Y Ty is an exciting and naturally green place with multiple inlets to Vietnam’s rural, ethnic culture and beauty. Y Ty is named as a mystery in simplicity and peace because this village is veiled deeply in steep mountains. Unlike the tropical weather throughout the year in Southern Vietnam, Y Ty has various seasons, inviting tourists with different purposes. For example, the best time is from June to September when rainfall is frequent, and the breeze always blows. But, if you are interested in photographing the misty and cloudy mountains presenting a dreamy view of the land, winter is the best time.

The village leans against the sheer mountain Nhiu Co San, which makes it quiet, serene, and perfect for the people in quest of natural fascination and ethnic groups in the country who are a cultural magnet for visitors.

Travel Tips #1 When Visiting Northwest Vietnam

It would help to equip yourself with enough cash before going to this deep valley. Besides, prepare yourself for a different cultural experience that may be amazing for you but incompatible. Also, exploring this mesmerizing part of the earth can take many days, so if you have anything pending, like assignments as a student, get them done beforehand. If you cannot, hire online writing companies to write essays for you. Thus, you will truly enjoy the peace offered by this little patch of land in Vietnam.

You may Fall in Love With Ban Gioc Falls

Ban Gioc Falls, eight hours away from Hanoi, is one of the most appealing attractions during North Vietnam travel. This destination is famous for being one of the four waterfalls that share the world’s borders because they cross the border of China from Vietnam. The falls present a fairy-tale scenery of charm and natural calm. They are also packed with various beautiful scenes from a distance of a few miles like caves, lakes, passes, and mountains. You can enjoy fresh, cool weather, and delicious food like grilled fish, ant’s cake, and different types of rice.

Travel Tips #2 When Visiting Northwest Vietnam

  • Get a motorbike on rent to discover the toxic beauty of Ban Gioc waterfalls and the surrounding miracles.
  • Don’t forget to bring your identity documents and ATM or credit cards.
  • Also, bring insect killers, particularly mosquito repellents, and anti-allergic medical solutions if you catch minor ailments.
  • Get ready with a destination with the least possibilities of food and local drinks.
  • Be careful while driving as it has twisting routes all around.
  • Respect the local culture.
  • Hire a tour guide for a better experience.

Let’s See What Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark Has On Offer

Situated in Ha Giang, Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark is one of Vietnam’s top destinations. It has vistas to incredibly serene, natural beauty and soothing air. Enjoy the fantastic experience of incredible, vertical mountains with around 800m deep canyons, river scenery, and plenty of passes with iconic charm. Tourists mostly head to this geopark for its geological significance and fresh climate during autumn. However, you can select winter, the second-best time of year, to explore the beauty of this beautiful valley. Also, if you are interested in tribal life, Dong Van gives you a big chance to enter the lifestyle of 17 ethnic groups.

Travel Tips #3 When Visiting Northwest Vietnam

  • Shopping at the local ethnic market is at the top of the list, but you need to plan the time of visit as this market does not operate daily.
  • The Ha Giang’s Motorbike Loop is a must-do experience, and it is essential to map out your traveling route beforehand.
  • If you’re not used to riding on a motorbike yourself, going with a local guide who can drive you while sharing the local stories is the optimal choice

Mu Cang Chai Must be on Your Bucket List

Mu Cang Chai is one of the best places to go if you look for nature in all its majesty and culture in the depths of tranquility. This sphere of earth manifests gloriously, breathtaking scenes of a highland wrapped in rich green and bordered by lush rice crops from all around, with never-ending opportunities to enjoy the rusty Hmong culture of tribal people with sacks on their backs and calm faces. The best time to visit this eye-catching Vietnam attraction is from September to October. You can also enjoy a different taste of food attributed to the local life of Mu Cang Chai.

ravel Tips #4 When Visting Northwest Vietnam

  • Show respectful behavior to tribes to get closer to their culture.
  • Keep insect repellent sprays in your travel bag if you have never been in lands rich in greenery.
  • Avoid visiting during the rainy season if you don’t feel like making friends with snakes and other reptiles.

Let’s Go to Sa Pa

Sa Pa is the most popular name on the list. If you are a nature lover and hunt land with nature displaying its splendor in all senses, this is the place of your dream. The magnificent rice fields, the tribal hospitability, the lifestyle, and the eternal touch of the soft breeze are a few of the marvels of this part of Vietnam. Sa Pa town is one of the country’s most-visited and worldwide known destinations. Although off-the-beaten-path, it offers all necessary tourism services like transportation, resorts, and entertainment.

Travel Tips #5 When Visiting Northwest Vietnam

  • Visit either in the rainy season or in winter to seek a truly wonderful experience and unravel the town’s beautiful mysteries.
  • Go to the shopping places with cultural objects on display for sale.
  • Enjoy local food to feel the true peace of this area.

These five fabulous places are not the entire of Vietnam. Instead, the country has many more tourist attractions with larger scenic beauty and cultural phenomena options. But, if you want a break from the commercialized tourist areas, these five places will offer the best opportunity to achieve a memorable experience in the country.

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