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Top Nature Attractions in Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, can be quite hectic with the crowds and traffic. With plenty of historical sites and architectural attractions within proximity to each other, sometimes it can be hard to notice the spaces of greenery hidden throughout the city. Luckily though, the natural attractions are not too difficult to find, as there are a handful of parks within the city’s boundaries that can offer. Read on for some of our favorite nature attractions in Hanoi to escape from the hustle and bustle.

Thong Nhat Park

354A Duong Le Duan, Phuong Lien, Dong Da District, Hanoi
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

top nature attractions in hanoi thong nhat original

One of the main pathway through Thong Nhat Park in Hanoi

Thong Nhat Park is one of Hanoi’s largest parks, offering plenty of space for various outdoor activities. The park is enjoyed by locals of all ages and foreign visitors looking to escape from the city’s traffic scenery. The park includes trails for jogging, cycling, and skateboarding that run along the area’s perimeter. You will often find group yoga and tai chi scenes among the elderly and team sports among teenagers or children playing tag with one another. Besides having great functional spaces for activities, the park also draws plenty of people looking to relax throughout the day.

The park surrounds Bay Mau Lake with the small Hao Binh Island at the center, similar to the well-known area of Hoan Kiem Lake in the heart of Hanoi.

Indira Gandhi Park

16 Lang Ha, Thanh Cong, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
4:00 AM – 12:00 AM

top nature attractions in hanoi indira gandhi

Locals enjoying Indira Gandhi Park

Named after the first female prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi, who has garnered the Vietnamese people’s respect for her outspoken support of Vietnam in the past. Indira Gandhi Park is a beautiful park known for its stone-paved path surrounding Thanh Cong Lake. There is a fountain display in the middle of the lake that draws a crowd during nighttime. Like any park in Hanoi, many gather here to exercise and to relax. The park is wildly popular in the morning among joggers and those looking to get a work out at the start of their day.

Indira Gandhi Park is also a prime location for film crews as the backdrop of the shady trees, vibrant flower beds, and water features.

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Thu Le Park

Buoi Street, Thu Le, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

top nature attractions in hanoi thu le

An aerial view of Thu Le Park and the bridge connecting to the Thu Le Zoo Hanoi

Thu Le Park comprises an area of greenery featuring the oval-shaped Thu Le Lake in the middle. The park doubles as a historical site due to its origin as the ancient Thu Le village and its legends during the Ly Dynasty (1009 – 1225). In the present day, the park is now home to the Thu Le Zoo Hanoi, housing over 800 animals of 80 different species varieties, including monkeys, reptiles, and big cats. It is one of the largest zoos in Vietnam, so substantial resources are invested in ensuring the animals’ quality of life and conserving the local wildlife. Visitors to the park can also get on a pedal boat and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere on the lake.

Hanoi Botanical Garden

3 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ngoc Ho, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
5:30 AM – 10:00 PM

top nature attractions in hanoi botanical garden1

One of the biggest trees in the Hanoi Botanical Garden

top nature attractions in hanoi botanical garden2

Birdhouses are situated on a small island in the middle of a pond in the Hanoi Botanical Garden to encourage birds to the garden

Also known as the Bach Thao Botanical Garden, the garden is an area dedicated to preserving the native species of trees and flora of north and south Vietnam. The Hanoi Botanical Garden has been dubbed as one of Hanoi’s green lungs because of the concentration of trees and plants, including many rare and interesting flora species from all over the world. The dense vegetation here also attracts many native bird species from around the area, creating a true oasis of nature right in the city. The Hanoi Botanical Garden is a must-visit destination on our list of top nature attractions in Hanoi as it is the closest you can get to an actual forest while still be in the city.

Like most other parks in Hanoi, the botanical garden is opened for recreational purposes. With separate areas for picnics and group exercises, locals will often take advantage of this and come to enjoy the park to its fullest. Tourists to the city can stop at the garden for a break after visiting nearby attractions like the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Ho Chi Minh Museum.

Yen So Park

QL1A, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi
5:00 AM – 7:00 PM

top nature attractions in hanoi yen so1

An aerial view of one part of Yen So Park and three of its lakes

top nature attractions in hanoi yen so2

A picturesque walkway through Yen So Park

Yen So Park boasts the most open space out of Hanoi’s parks, making it the city’s largest greenery area. The park’s grounds are spread out between five natural lakes with six individually themed gardens. Containing many water bodies and a broad range of trees and flowers, Yen So Park is often referred to as one of Hanoi’s green lungs. A popular way to navigate the park is by cycling and rental bicycles are available at a reasonable price of about VND 40,000 per hour. Boat rentals are also available at about VND 60,000 per hour.

The park’s well-kept maintenance and its size truly make it stands out as a green space in a densely populated city like Hanoi. The park is currently still under development with plans of adding a maze garden, an outdoor theater, an area dedicated to a cultural village display, and much more in the future. With all that mentioned, it is easy to see why Yen So Park is one of the top nature attractions in Hanoi and will most certainly remain so going forward.

Conclusion on The Top Nature Attractions in Hanoi

Even within Hanoi’s city limit, green spaces with a sense of tranquility are easily found, given the options of parks and gardens. With these recommended nature attractions in Hanoi, we hope that you can enjoy a small piece of nature in the heart of Vietnam’s capital.

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