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Top Local Markets in Hanoi

Along with the development of the capital of Vietnam, shopping malls have been continuously popping up here and there and become more and more popular. However, traditional markets in Hanoi have never lost their vital position. Head to these top local markets in Hanoi to purchase locally made products and explore the cultural custom in Vietnam.

Top Local Markets in Hanoi – Dong Xuan Market

Address: Dong Xuan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Opening hours: 8 AM – 6 PM

Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi has been established since the Nguyen Dynasty and is one of the most long-living markets in Vietnam. Since its construction, the market has gone through many ups and downs, along with some renovations to be one of the biggest wholesale markets in Northern Vietnam.

The approximately 9,600-square-meter market consists of 3 stories and more than a hundred small shops covering a wide variety of products, from clothes, souvenirs, dried food to suitcases and household appliances, etc. Thanks to this diversity of merchandise, there will be some cool Hanoi souvenirs for everyone, so do not hesitate to pay a visit to the Dong Xuan market and enjoy a particular aspect that is imbued with Hanoian’s culture and history.

From Friday to Sunday, Dong Xuan Night Market is held right on the same street, and it is an air-opened walking market. Definitely leave your stomach a little empty when visiting the night market to taste some great local street food in Dong Xuan Alley.

dong xuan market top local markets in hanoi

Dong Xuan market is the most famous name regarding top local markets in Hanoi

dong xuan market top local markets in hanoi 2

The market has been renovated quite a lot to be as modern as it is

Top Local Markets in Hanoi – Long Bien Wholesale Market

Address: 189 Hong Ha Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
Opening hours: 10 PM – 6 AM

Long Bien wholesale market must be one of the most bustling markets in Vietnam. The busy trading spot has been nominated from time to time as top most interesting markets in South East Asia.

Long Bien wholesale market is a gathering spot of all products from many different places such as Northern provinces, suburban areas, and even from China. The products that are sold and traded here include mostly raw food: vegetables, fruits, meat, egg, and so on. Therefore, if you want to understand the wet-market culture in Asian countries, the Long Bien wholesale market is an excellent choice.

long bien market top local markets in hanoi

Long Bien market is extremely bustling at night

From 2 AM to 4 AM are the peak hours, when the store owners from other smaller markets, restaurants, or wholesalers visit stock up their products for the day with many transporting vehicles being loaded with a great variety of goods.

Even though the Long Bien wholesale market is not a famous attraction in Hanoi, it does worth getting up early to explore a signature cultural trait before sunrise.

long bien market top local markets in hanoi 2

It is situated right below the historic Long Bien bridge

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Top Local Markets in Hanoi – Quang Ba Night Flower Market

Address: 236 Au Co Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
Opening hours: The market is open daily, and it has two main sessions:
–   From 2 AM to 4 AM: for wholesalers
–   From 4 AM until Midday: for retailers

quang ba night flower market top local markets in hanoi original

Quang Ba night flower market is known for the busy trading activities

Quang Ba Night Flower Market is the largest wholesale market that sells freshly harvested flowers in Hanoi. The flowers come from numerous places, some from close by areas such as Tay Tuu, Dong Anh, Gia Lam, or Me Linh, but some expensive and signature ones come of further regions like Sapa, Da Lat, or even overseas.

The market is not a place to purchase a small number of flowers, but for flower vendors’ owners come to buy in bulk instead. As a result, the blooming flowers will have been transferred to every corner of Hanoi from the Quang Ba market as soon as the day starts.

There is a wide variety of flowers being sold here, and they are usually three times cheaper than those at street vendors. However, getting close to special occasions such as Women’s Day or Tet Holiday, the price will definitely rise a little bit.

Quang Ba night flower market is best if you want to embrace the beauty and vibrancy of all the colorful, fresh-cut flowers and experience an artistic and cultural aspect at the same time.

quang ba night flower market top local markets in hanoi 2 original

It is common to see trucks fully loaded with fresh-cut flowers coming from everywhere

Top Local Markets in Hanoi – Hom Market

Address: 79 Hue Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
Opening hours: 6 AM – 6 PM

Hom market is one of the most long-living markets in Hanoi and is always very crowded with both consumers and retailers. Despite the modest scale, it covers plenty of different items, from household materials, clothes to dried food, seafood. Everything is guaranteed to be in its best quality and new conditions.

Clothing must be the most outstanding product here since different types of fabric materials are everywhere: wools, satins, chiffons, cotton, embroidered, and sequined cloths.

Outside the main gate, there are numerous food and drink street vendors sell food and drink for you to try delightful Hanoi street food.

hom market top local markets in hanoi

Hom market from the outside

hom market top local markets in hanoi 2

The most popular item here is clothing materials

Top Local Markets in Hanoi – Hang Be Market

Address: 4 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Situated right beside Hoan Kiem Lake, Hang Be market is a familiar place with the locals in the Hanoi Old Quarter since it is a distinctive cultural space of the locals. Hang Be market is widely popular for its delicious food, fresh produce, and plentiful spices. Some people even say that the taste and quality of goods at this market are far better than in other places.

Over centuries, Hang Be market remains as one of the most disciplined and organized markets. In the early morning, shop owners would come and hold their stalls up in the spot that has been set up beforehand; but when the sun disappears, they will collect their stuff and come back home. Consequently, the market is also a gathering spot for people to socialize, and probably the least hectic trading place where you can calmly enjoy the local culture.

 hang be market top local markets in hanoi

Hang Be market is considered a Hanoi’s culture and history evident

hang be market top local markets in hanoi 2

A street vendor in Hom market has various food, from wet to dry ones

Top Local Markets in Hanoi – Banana Market

Address: Ham Tu Quan Street, at the South part of Chuong Duong bridge, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Talking about floating markets in Vietnam, most people must think of the famous Mekong Delta. However, Banana Market is a floating market right beside the Red River that has existed for a very long time and is the biggest banana supplier in Hanoi. Hardly does anyone know exactly how long the market has appeared, but back in the days, the market is much more crowded with a ton of boats full of bananas arriving in the very early morning. These days, since the level of the river has gone down, all the boats are only able to moor far from the bank. 

Even though this is not a light work at all, you can scarcely spot the appearance of any male. The women are in charge of every single task, from paddling, selling bananas to carrying heavy baskets. If you want to explore a floating market but do not have the chance to go too far into the South, the Banana market must be ideal for you.

banana market top local markets in hanoi

The sellers at Banana market are super hospitable

banana market top local markets in hanoi 2

The whole spacious area on the bank of Red River is covered with the color of tasty bananas

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Tips to Visit Top Local Markets in Hanoi

  • Since most local markets are for wholesalers, it is recommended to buy in large quantities. Therefore, if you plan to purchase anything, you should ask your friends and family to buy with you.
  • It is always suggestible to go around and look for the best deals.
  • Visiting the local markets is the golden opportunity for you to use the best of your bargaining skill in Vietnam.
  • Check the quality of the products thoroughly before paying.
  • Pay close attention to your belongings since the security is not always good at these markets; don’t bring valuable personal items.
  • Wear suitable clothes (t-shirts, shorts, hat,…) and bring an umbrella if possible since the weather in Hanoi is quite unpredictable.

Our Take on Top Local Markets in Hanoi

Despite the growing number of modern and innovative shopping malls, traditional markets still have their irreplaceable position. They have existed for centuries and witnessed the development of Hanoi from years to years and are the places that embrace Hanoi’s vibrant community heritage. 

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