VietnamTop Best Job Opportunities for Expats in Vietnam

Top Best Job Opportunities for Expats in Vietnam

Vietnam experiences economic development that attracts a lot of expatriates here. It is a beautiful country with rich culture and many prospects for various specialists. So if you were thinking about moving here, this article is for you.

In terms of careers, there are many jobs for Vietnamese teacher with knowledge of English and software developers. But these are not the only two options. In collaboration with Jooble experts, we collected promising opportunities for those who move to Vietnam.

Top Jobs for Your Next Move to Vietnam

Real Estate Agent

Real estate is booming in Vietnam. The prices have been steadily growing, so there is a constant demand for specialists. For example, lands in the center of Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam) are now higher than those in Tokyo.

Expat professionals are especially valued in the regions with a high percentage of foreign investment. There is a multitude of new building projects and people interested in them. International organizations and individuals can purchase objects and houses here. So they need someone to help them out with that. 

ESL Teacher

Teachers of English as a second language are valued all over the world. If you know at least one foreign language, you can also pursue this career in Vietnam. Education is highly respected here, and many young professionals are interested in learning English.

And further integration of Vietnam to the global economy and worldwide markets contributes to that. A lot of families invest in English tutors for their children as well. See other Popular Second Languages in Vietnam.

Tour Manager

Another rapidly growing industry in Vietnam is tourism. In 2017, about 13 million foreign tourists visited the country. There is a huge demand for customized experiences, tours, and services.

Tourism and hospitality perfectly fit people with strong communication and organizational skills. One can work as a tour guide, translator, or accommodation manager.

Digital Marketer or SMM

Regarding digital marketing is social media, Vietnam follows the global trends. There is a necessity for experienced specialists in this sphere due to the growing connection to the worldwide market.

Also, the Vietnamese software development industry has gained traction as an outsourcing destination among Western countries. So, many companies and brands are looking for digital marketing professionals.

Financial/ Investment Consultant

As we mentioned above, foreign investment is rapidly growing here. It sky-rocketed by 42% in only one year (in 2017 compared to 2016). Therefore, there is a demand for financial and investment experts to help foreigners in this matter.

Such professionals will help investors pass legal procedures and understand the local market and its opportunities. Competent specialists help with registration and administrative issues.

IT Specialist

The Information Technology industry is on the rise worldwide. Vietnam is no exception to that. There are many job postings for all types of IT professionals, from software developers to engineers and graphic designers. The salary rates for them are also among the highest in the country.

It’s a great opportunity to relocate and comfortably work here. The specific focus is no web/mobile software development, AI, Blockchain, and Machine Learning specialists.

Content Writer

Today about 67% of the population in Vietnam has access to the internet. It is relatively cheap and provides many opportunities for content writers. They work for brands and companies as well as news outlets.

Of course, it is a comparatively new industry for the country. So, there are many procedures to set, but this new market is open to almost anyone.

In Summary of Top Best Job Opportunities for Expats in Vietnam

Over the recent years, Vietnam has been experiencing steady economic growth and development in many sectors. There is a constant demand for foreign experts in various fields. If you are planning to move there, keep in mind these jobs.

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