VietnamTop Apps to Touch up Photos from Your Vietnam Trip

Top Apps to Touch up Photos from Your Vietnam Trip

Photo editing is important for many reasons. It can instantly make a picture more appealing, correct flaws, or align the style of different visuals, helping them look like an image series. On your Vietnam trip, it can be quite challenging to find an attractive yet clear angle for your photo as the location might be filled with tourists or there’s a random motorbike passing by.

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Nowadays, you don’t have to hire a professional to make your pictures look professional. Good photo editing apps can do the job, even if you aren’t an experienced designer. An image can become sharper and more appealing in a couple of clicks if you work with the right tools. Read on to learn the basics of using top editing programs.

What Apps Are Good for Photo Editing?

Whether you use simple online editing tools or specific apps depends on what you plan to achieve and the resources you are willing to invest in content creation. Usually, you don’t need to use numerous applications if your business or brand doesn’t require complex visuals. Nevertheless, it’s always useful to know the details of each option to choose the most suitable one for your case. Read on!

Types of Photo Editing Apps

Different apps provide different services depending on the user’s needs. The most common types are:

  • Image resizing, cropping, and color correction, both manual or with the help of automatic filters;
  • Adding texts and other visuals to the photos, e.g., frames, stickers, and watermarks;
  • Improving photo quality or preparing it for further usage in a branding strategy, e.g., upscaling and background removal.

If you’re using social media for personal purposes, apps that apply filters and add certain visuals could be enough.

Depositphotos Image Upscaler is a high-quality tool you can access directly from mobile devices. You only need to visit the official web page at It helps enlarge images and enhance photo quality in a couple of clicks without manual input. It is an excellent option to choose when you find a perfect visual that is not big enough for a particular format, like a website background or an advertising banner.

Before looking for the best photo editing apps, it’s always good to ensure that the pictures you’ll be working with are of high quality. A social media pic doesn’t need to be top-quality, nonetheless, the better quality of pictures, the more seamless filters can be applied.

There are plenty of different websites that offer image upscaling. Some provide many additional editing options and are free, while others require purchasing a subscription. Depositphotos Image Upscaler is an excellent match if you need a free, quick, and simple solution. The tool works with JPG and JPEG files with a size that doesn’t exceed 15 MB. It doesn’t limit the number of photos you want to process and has a straightforward user interface. The AI-powered tool enlarges your visual to twice its original size, removes blur, sharpens details, reduces noise, and enhances the overall image quality in one click. The only requirement to download resized HD photos is to create a free account.

To upscale your images using this tool, follow these simple steps:

  • Upload a picture you want to upscale.
  • Wait a couple of seconds for the system to process your visual.
  • Preview the result and save it to your device.

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Top 5 Free Popular Photo Enhancing Apps in Vietnam


Snapseed is one of the most famous apps for editing photos online. It is completely free, but might not the most beginner-friendly. Snapseed offers its users a variety of tools, starting with simple options for adjusting brightness and contrast, ending with selective editing brushes, reshaping features, and masking tools. It also comes with an extensive collection of filters, some of which are film-related, e.g., the Double Exposure.


Sometimes, a picture is as good as it is, and sometimes, even color correction or filters cannot make it perfect because it contains unnecessary objects, e.g., a hand in the background or a book on a couch. Picsart is an app created to help you precisely with that, in addition to multiple general editing features. You can use it to remove unwanted objects from visuals and create new, appealing backgrounds. Moreover, you can design social media covers and choose from 100+ million stickers, templates, and other content. The app has straightforward functionality. All you have to do is add your photo to the program, click on the needed editing option, and proceed with the alteration.

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Prisma’s filters are stylistic and inspired by real artists. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for those who want to experiment and work with original visuals and creative ideas. However, it is not the perfect solution for those working with minimalist visuals.

You can apply a filter and adjust it with the help of different settings like exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrance, and others. You can also add a custom background to a filtered image.


AppForType is an app for adding texts to photos and customizing images for social media, blogs, and originally styled websites. For instance, you can insert pictures into ready-made templates to use them for Instagram or Facebook stories. You can also add stickers to images to make them more unique, especially if you use widespread stock photos, or to direct viewer attention to certain image parts.


VistaCreate is a high-quality online editor used to work with images, focused mostly on creating visuals for all types of digital content—social media posts, Facebook and Twitter covers, banners, posters, and other material. You can download a mobile app to use VistaCreate or try the web version that works well in all browsers. You can also remove photo backgrounds in the editor, animate a specific element, create videos, and share your designs.

To Sum up on Top Apps to Touch up Photos from Your Vietnam Trip

These photo-enhancing apps have intuitive interfaces and can help you with various tasks, from adjusting the colors of a photo to enhancing its quality and delivering HD results quickly. Check out several apps and see which one fits your editing needs the most.

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