VietnamThe One Trip You Must Do in Saigon

The One Trip You Must Do in Saigon

Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City, is a bustling metropolitan center that has quickly become one of the hottest travel destinations in Vietnam. Read on to find out more about the one trip you must do in Saigon to experience the city to the fullest.

What is The One Trip You Must Do in Saigon

newcomer saigon original one trip you must do in saigon

A local guide will help navigate your way to the city

For a newcomer to Saigon, the infinite choices for what you should do can be daunting. As a city with a rich historical background, diverse cultural values, and a fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle, planning out a perfect itinerary can be a real hassle. Booking a Private Motorbike City Tour is the exact way to experience the city, from the tourist-centric sites to the authentic local life, in just one trip.

Why a Motorbike Tour is The One Trip You Must Do in Saigon

A motorbike tour is the one trip on the back of the bike that gives full coverage of the city. The best part is, it is especially customizable for both adventurous travelers and family vacations.

One-of-a-kind experience

motorbike tour original one trip you must do in saigon

Zipping through Saigon on the back of a bike is a fascinating experience for every visitors

As the main mode of transportation in Vietnam and with over 8 million motorbikes flooding the streets of Saigon every day, it is no wonder that many tourists have said: “you have never been to Saigon if you haven’t been on a motorbike”. While it is possible for visitors to rent a personal vehicle, many choose a motorbike tour to have one less concern about the unfamiliar traffic while gaining insightful knowledge about the local’s life.

Go further and explore more

motorbike tour original 2 one trip you must do in saigon

Motorbike is the most economical way to travel in Saigon

As opposed to the package tours, a private city adventure led by locals focuses on showing the best bits of the city that no guide books can offer. Forget about elbowing the masses of tourists just to have a quick glimpse at the city attractions as your private guide can take you through the crowds to take in the authentic beauty of Saigon.

Tailor-made experience just for you

motorbike tour original 3 one trip you must do in saigon

Travel with ease with local guides

While most other tours require you to stay on a fixed timeline, a motorbike tour is flexible and is often custom-made just for you. Feel free to make requests for your adventure and gain the most of your visit in just one trip of exploring Saigon.

Things To Do on The One Trip You Must Do in Saigon

Try delicious local cuisine

street food original 1 one trip you must do in saigon

street food original 2 one trip you must do in saigon

Some of the most amazing dishes are found at local street foods stalls

It may come as a great surprise, but the best meal you can get in Saigon may from a local food stall by the side of the street instead of the fancy restaurants. Join a Private Motorbike Food Tour, and you can easily enjoy all the best of Vietnamese culinary creations in just one trip. 

Learn about the history of the city

learn history original one trip you must do in saigon

Find out more about the history of the city with a local perspective

Saigon attracts many history buffs thanks to its vast historical background. From the grand Independence Palace to the zigzagging alleyways of Cho Lon, there are marks of history everywhere waiting to be explored in your one trip in Saigon.

Go shopping at local markets

shopping original 1 one trip you must do in saigon

shopping original 2 one trip you must do in saigon

The variety of goods at local markets is able to meet almost every need

Saigon is already a hotspot for shopping, but the thrill of winning a bargain is what makes shopping at local markets an extraordinary experience. Your local tour guide can lead you from fresh produce to handmade goods, souvenirs, and antiques.

Any Other Ideas for The One Trip You Must Do in Saigon? 

With fantastic convenience and comfort, great customization options as well as time flexibility, a motorbike tour is definitely the one trip you must do in Saigon to enjoy the best that the city has to offer.

Unsure whether you should book with us? Read our reviews to see what our guests have to say about our Saigon motorbike tours.

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