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The Most Romantic Places in Vietnam

Thinking about having an awesome wedding photoshoot or planning the perfect honeymoon abroad? Check out the most romantic places in Vietnam, which will make you instantly fall in love!

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc boasts some of the best beaches in Vietnam. The landscape is unbelievably amazing with endless milky sandbanks, seas with azure water like a turquoise pearl you used to only see in edited photos of magazines, which creates a romantic beauty from sunrise till gloaming.

This island and the islets around are full of unspoiled scenery. If you have always thought of walking along a magnificent beach while holding hands with your beloved one or having an intimate dinner with the serene splashing waves as your background music, look no further than this destination to make your dream come true. 

the most romantic places in vietnam phu quoc 1

Phu Quoc offers romantic views

the most romantic places in vietnam phu quoc 3

Sunset in Phu Quoc

There are also numerous activities for you to explore and create an unforgettable memory together at the sea. Diving to look for colorful coral reefs and ocean creatures can be interesting. Alternatively, if you are both food lovers, try to catch some seafood yourself while learning about the lifestyle of local fishermen, and then enjoy your freshly-caught rewards?

For When and How to Get to Phu Quoc, refer to our Phu Quoc Travel Guide for more in-depth details.

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Da Lat

Da Lat has always been endearingly referred to as the “City of Love” in Vietnam. Though the name reminds people of Paris, the dreamy charm of Da Lat undoubtedly makes the city one of the most romantic places in Vietnam.

the most romantic places in vietnam dalat 1 1

Charming scenery in Dalat

This land is naturally blessed with a pleasant climate with a unique feeling of four distinctive seasons from day till night. From the soothing warmth of spring in the morning to the cooling breeze of autumn when the night starts to fall, every time is a great time to explore Da Lat. Don’t forget to bring your camera when visiting romantic attractions such as lush pine forests, beautiful lakes (Tuyen Lam Lake, Than Tho Lake), and antique buildings. Whenever your legs get tired, look for the lovely cafes to wind down with a cup of coffee while admiring the fascinating scenery.

the most romantic places in vietnam dalat 3 1

Dalat is a favorite destination of many Vietnamese couples

When the sun goes down, walk to the local markets where you are welcomed with friendly smiles of the local. You can try out some newly-grilled skewers and a glass of hot soy milk to enjoy the chilly nights.

Check out our blog for more information on Da Lat Travel Guide

Hoi An

Hoi An is not only one of the most romantic places in Vietnam but also the world. Its appealing vibe sparkles from day till night, calling people to return to this idyllic city.

The most famous place to immerse with the alluring atmosphere is Hoi An Ancient Town. Here you can come across houses and constructions with antique architecture and vintage bridges hanging over the peaceful Thu Bon River. When night falls and lights lit up, you can go back to this river to float away a colorful flower lantern to wish endless happiness for your forever love.

the most romantic places in vietnam hoi an 1

the most romantic places in vietnam hoi an 2 1

Hoi An is romantic from day till night

Hoi An’s cuisine is also captivating with a plethora of eye-catching restaurants around the Ancient Town proudly serving local specialties. Bicycling along the verdant rice fields is another good option for a delightful afternoon.

How to get to Hoi An and What time to go: Check out our Hoi An Travel Guide for the most detailed instructions.


Hue has been praised as one of the most romantic places in Vietnam by countless poets, writers, and artists from different generations. Every corner of the city is imbued with passionate love and carries such a signature nostalgic vibe thanks to the picturesque scenery and ancient relics from Vietnam’s bygone eras.

the most romantic places in vietnam hue 1

the most romantic places in vietnam hue 2

Hue has a nostalgic beauty

Perfume River running through the city gives you the best view for a loving walk under the canopy. During summer, enticing flamboyant flowers are at the peak of their blossom. During autumn, falling leaves are all over the sky. Even the rain here is especially romantic and peaceful.

If you would love to learn about the cultural aspect of the ancient capital of Vietnam, make sure to visit historical sites such as Imperial City, Thien Mu Pagoda, and the royal tombs.

How to get to Hue: Traveling by plane would be the fastest and most convenient, which takes only 30 minutes from Ho Chi Minh City and 1 hour from Hanoi.

When to visit Hue: from October to April would be preferred since you do not have to worry too much about rains and storms.

Halong Bay

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage, Halong Bay is like an ink wash painting with so many masterpieces of nature.

A splendid activity for couples here is kayaking, which will offer a blissful time for the lovebirds to wander across numerous scenic islets and mysterious caves. You might also want to check out Koi Bridge, which is recently called Bridge of Love among young Vietnamese. 

the most romantic places in vietnam halong bay 2

This is what you can expect when visiting Halong Bay

Check out the best three options to get to Halong Bay, as well as our informative Halong Bay Travel Guide.

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Sapa frequently appears in the checklist of people who want to “chase the clouds” at the most romantic places in Vietnam. 

Coming to this special highland of Vietnam means that you would have chances to wake up seeing fluffy clouds embracing the marvelous mountains. It is where you can admire the stunning landscape and have memorable moments with your partner at the same time.

the most romantic places in vietnam sapa 1

the most romantic places in vietnam sapa 2

Sapa – an idyllic place for couples

Sapa is the ideal stop for couples who love wandering together. The paths here for you to explore is never-ending, and each one is always different from another. High peaks of mountains are waiting for you to conquer, and the glorious terraced rice fields spreading till the horizon is a scene that you can hardly find anywhere else. 

How to get to Sapa and When to go: Comprehensive instructions on our Sapa Travel Guide.

Moc Chau

Not so far away from Sapa is Moc Chau, a highland in Northwest Vietnam and also a great place to spend the sweetest time with your loved one here while having the fresh wind caress your skin.

The natural beauty of the flower fields in Moc Chau is the main attraction. Untouched meadows of snowy canola and forests of lovely cherry blossoms blooming in profusion are ideal backgrounds for couple photos.

IMG 20190816 124201IMG 20190816 124211

Endless fields in Moc Chau

Like other upland areas, Moc Chau is full of spectacular mountain ranges with anfractuous roads. Following these paths, a whole pristine land of luxuriant old trees, modest houses of some Vietnamese minorities, and wonderful waterfalls would open in front of your eyes. To escape from the hustling and bustling daily life, coming to Moc Chau is a decision you will not regret.

How to get to Moc Chau: The best way to travel to Moc Chau is by taking a coach from Hanoi, which will take around 5 hours.

When to go to Moc Chau: From January to March and November are some good times to see the beautiful hills and forests of blossoming flowers.

Conclusions of The Most Romantic Places in Vietnam

There is a wide range of choices for the most romantic places in Vietnam. Whether you prefer to staying not so far away from urban areas or to getting fully away with nature, whether you would love to conquer mighty highlands or soak yourself in clear seawater, Vietnam has them all to offer.

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