VietnamThe Most Beautiful Bridges in Da Nang

The Most Beautiful Bridges in Da Nang

In recent years, Da Nang City in Central Vietnam has become one of the country’s top destinations. There’s a myriad of exciting activities to do in this amazing stop. Though if you look through the list, there’s one that sticks out like a sore thumb: visiting bridges. So, what’s so special about bridges? See our list of the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang below to find out!

List of The Most Beautiful Bridges in Da Nang

Golden Bridge

Google Maps location

beautiful bridges in Da Nang golden bridge

The Golden Bridge resembles “the colossal hands of God pulling a ribbon of gold from Earth”

Voted by TIMES as one of the world’s greatest places in 2018, the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills took every social media platform by storm. At 3,280 feet above sea level, the surreal surroundings of floating clouds and rolling hills and mountains make Golden Bridge a favorable location for out of this world pictures.

The most outstanding feature of this bridge is the hands “holding” the rail. They are made from steel grids and fiberglass, decorated to look like ancient ruins, which are very fitting with the theme.

Dragon Bridge

Google Maps location

beautiful bridges in Da Nang dragon bridge original

beautiful bridges in Da Nang dragon bridge 1

The Dragon Bridge has become the new symbol of Da Nang

Talking about the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang without Dragon Bridge would be a crime. The 666-meter long bridge resembles a majestic dragon crossing the Han River. This eccentric design represents the city’s growth power and also creates a great photo opportunity.

Though what attracts people is the fire and water show every weekend at 9 PM. For 30 minutes, onlookers can observe an exciting performance from the “dragon’s mouth”. Afterward, you can head down to one end of the bridge for Son Tra Night Market, where you can try delicious Central Vietnam dishes.

Han River Bridge

Google Maps location

beautiful bridges in Da Nang Han river bridge original

beautiful bridges in Da Nang Han river bridge 1 original

Han River Bridge symbolizes Da Nang’s emergence

Built in 1997, Han River Bridge was the first swing bridge in Vietnam. Initially, the middle part of the bridge turns sideways so that ships could pass by. Though this function is no longer necessary, witnessing the bridge “swing” has become an exciting activity to do at night for both locals and visitors. You can join in the fun from 11 PM – 12 PM each weekend.

Love Bridge

Google Maps location (DHC Marina is next to Love Bridge)

beautiful bridges in Da Nang love bridge original

Love Bridge is the Vietnamese counterpart of the Pont des Arts Bridge in France

After visiting the above two most beautiful bridges in Da Nang, don’t miss out on Love Bridge nearby! Just a 5-minute walk from Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge is a popular destination for lovebirds. The bridge has hundreds of heart-shaped lanterns that’ll lit up at night and locks that couples hung up as a symbol of their love.

Love Bridge makes for a nice evening walk along the waterfront. Then after you can come to a nice bar or restaurant nearby. It’s also ideal for taking pictures anytime during the day.

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

Google Maps location

beautiful bridges in Da Nang tran thi ly bridge

Tran Thi Ly Bridge’s shape takes after a sail

Tran Thi Ly Bridge has a modern and elegant design inspired by both the East and the West. At night, the pylon and the deck of the bridge change their colors, creating a vibrant scene for Han River. Photographers love coming here for pictures of the sunset or of the bridge itself. It is also ideal for viewing the fireworks for free during the International Fireworks Festival in Vietnam.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Google Maps location

beautiful bridges in Da Nang thuan phuoc bridge

To get to Linh Ung Pagoda, everyone has to pass by Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Before Dragon Bridge becomes the symbol of Da Nang, Thuan Phuoc Bridge held that title. Besides its function of connecting important parts of the city for transportation, Thuan Phuoc Bridge is the “silk ribbon” lying across the Han River, beautifying Da Nang with its graceful yet modern aesthetics.

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Tips for Visiting The Most Beautiful Bridges in Da Nang

  • Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge, and Han River Bridge lie close to one another so it’s convenient to visit these three in one go. During the weekend, you can start with the show at Dragon Bridge at 9 PM, then enjoy the nightlife around Love Bridge till 11 PM, and lastly walk to Han River Bridge. Remember that it can get extremely crowded so be careful with your belongings.
  • Tran Thi Ly Bridge and Thuan Phuoc Bridge are parts of the route to many attractions so you can take a look at them while driving by.

Takeaways on The Most Beautiful Bridges in Da Nang

The fact that Da Nang’s other name is the “city of bridges” says something about this city’s love for the structure. Here, bridges flourish; each carries their unique beauty and eccentricity so visitors will never get bored while exploring them.

We hope that our guide has given you a comprehensive look at the stories and remarks of the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang. For more information on Da Nang Travel and Vietnam Travel, check out our other articles! Don’t forget to help us rate this blog if you’ve found it useful!

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