VietnamThe First Fish Sauce Museum in Vietnam

The First Fish Sauce Museum in Vietnam

Phan Thiet has just opened the first fish sauce museum in Vietnam which reanimates 300 years of the province’s fishing village. The exhibitions and role-playing activities provide visitors with a thorough understanding of the traditional Vietnamese fish sauce, and Phan Thiet’s fish sauce production in particular.

Where is The First Fish Sauce Museum in Vietnam

The fish sauce museum in Vietnam is in Phan Thiet – the city of stunning beaches in Vietnam and pristine white dunes.

Address: 360 Nguyen Thong Street, Phu Hai, Phan Thiet – Mui Ne

Opening Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM

Entrance Fee: VND 100,000 per adult, free for children under 1-meter tall

Why Visiting The Fish Sauce Museum in Vietnam

Due to the burgeoning development of the food industry, factory-made fish sauce bottles seem to be a more viable option for consumers. However, with the love and appreciation for the traditional craft and flavor of Vietnamese fish sauce, the fish sauce museum in Vietnam was born to introduce the most beloved dipping sauce in the country to international interest.

What to do in The First Fish Sauce Museum in Vietnam

Mui Ne Old Fishing Village Gallery in Phan Thiet is the first fish sauce museum in Vietnam, which is specifically designed for role-playing activities. Fourteen separate sections in the museum depict Phan Thiet fishing village throughout the 300 years of development.

phan thiet history

History of the renowned fishing village illustrated through lively paintings

On the entrance path of the fish sauce museum in Vietnam, you’ll see the HISTORY instruction board to guide you to the history of Phan Thiet fishing village.

fish sauce video

The processing of fish sauce through many stages

To avoid the pungent fragrance, the museum films the process of making fish sauce and plays it on a LED screen.

phan thiet history

Bring you closer to Phan Thiet fishing village in the old days

role playing in fish sauce museum

Experience the process of making fish sauce

Visitors can choose any scene in the fish sauce museum in Vietnam they like to take part in the role-playing activities. Chances are you’ll capture some awesome photos while experiencing the life of a fishing villager.

fishing village in fish sauce museum

A fishing boat of Phan Thiet villager in the museum space

Villagers in Phan Thiet fishing village regard the sea as their livelihoods. The people sail out even before daybreak and don’t come back till dawn to sell seafood in the market.

phan thiet fish sauce museum in vietnam

Sand is considered a great natural gift of Phan Thiet

fish sauce barrels

Fish sauce barrels are set up realistically

You’ll learn how to recognize high-quality fish sauce based on the color, the fragrance, and the taste in the fish sauce museum in Vietnam.

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fish sauce museum vietnam

Fish sauce with sophisticated design and packaging

Last but not least, you can buy some of the highest-quality fish sauce in the museum. The fish sauce here holds the spiritual and historical values of Phan Thiet villagers with centuries of formula development.

A Brief History of Traditional Vietnamese Fish Sauce

The first type of fish sauce ever recorded in Asia was the sauces made from fermented fish parts and soybeans from China more than 2000 years ago. When fish sauce gained immense popularity in Southeast Asia by 50 – 100 BC, Vietnam was one of the nations that developed a distinctive recipe and even a food culture for fish sauce. Nowadays, Vietnamese fish sauce is a staple condiment in almost every Vietnamese dish, and the traditional production and taste of which is still proudly preserved by the people. 

Conclusion of The First Fish Sauce Museum in Vietnam

The first fish sauce museum in Vietnam successfully sets up and delivers the cultural and historical values of fish sauce. The museum offers both international and domestic visitors with a thorough understanding of the traditional fish sauce production as well as the lives of fishing villagers.

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