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The Best of Vietnam: Where to Watch The Sunset

How often do you take the time to watch the sunset?

The muse to artists, the subject of poetry, this daily phenomenon is all too often taken for granted, easily forgotten, and dismissed.

Vietnam is well known for its natural beauty, incredible food, and great people. It’s also home to some of the most beautiful locations to view the sunset.

Although a perfect destination any time of the year, October and November are the best times of the year to watch the sunset in Vietnam for the day. The sun is less intense than in the summer months but the evenings still provide enough warmth.

Let’s take a look at the five places that show the best of Vietnam to watch the sunset.

Ha Long Bay

Easily recognizable for the thousands of treed limestone outcroppings that dot the bay, this North-Eastern UNESCO heritage site offers a variety of activities for the daytime, from cave spelunking to kayaking to rock climbing.

A popular form of accommodation is to spend the nights sleeping in the bay aboard a boat. It provides the perfect place to watch the sun reach down to the horizon.

We’ve mentioned Ha Long Bay before as the best of Vietnam to enjoy water activities, and that was before we even mentioned the best place to watch the sunset in Vietnam!

watch sunsets in vietnam ha long 1

Hoi An

Another UNESCO Heritage site, Hoi An is located centrally along the coast, an ancient town flowing with canals.

A former port town, Hoi An bears the influence of the different countries that trade here. It features Japanese-covered bridges, Chinese temples, and French colonial buildings.

watch sunsets in vietnam hoi an 1

As well, Hoi An is known for its fashion and clothing with an incredible array of styles custom fit for you.

Have a drink on a rooftop patio as darkness sets in and the night comes alive with the lighting of thousands of traditional paper lanterns. Or drift down a stream and watch the sunset in Vietnam beautifully reflected on calm water.

Nha Trang

This coastal city is a visit not to be missed when you visit Vietnam, let alone missing the sunset view. Treat yourself to a drink in the evening right on the sandy beach of Nha Trang. A recommended place is The Sailing Club located on Tran Phu Street.


Is there a place to watch the sunset in Vietnam but not at the beaches? The capital city of Vietnam has no shortage of offerings on display. Whether it’s the merchants on Silk Street, the city’s various street food vendors, or whether you just need a massage to unwind (especially if you have a sore neck from all the sunset watching!), Hanoi has you covered.

watch sunsets in vietnam ha noi 1

As the evening sets in, make your way down to Ho Tay, the widest lake in the area, and settle down to enjoy the perfect end to the day meeting the promise of another night in one of the world’s greatest cities.

The Best of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh

Another city boasting eclectic cultural influences owing to a history of trade, the former Saigon is certainly the most active city in the country.

Full of breathtaking architecture such as the Opera House and Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral. There are a world-class zoo and the irresistible Ben Thanh Market. Ho Chi Minh can easily fill an itinerary quickly.

You may think that the city full of tall buildings wouldn’t be an ideal place to watch the sunset in Vietnam, but make sure to hit the Thu Thiem Bridge just before dusk. Get lost in the lengthening shadows of the skyscrapers as the sun sets down behind them. Another great option is to get yourself on Level 50 of the Bitexco Financial Tower around 5 PM for a city sunset view.

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Despite all the activity Vietnam promises during the day, these five spots offer the best of Vietnam. Prepare your travels for a view of the sunset so beautiful you’ll be eager for nighttime. 

Don’t forget to bring a quality travel camera for your Vietnam trip

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