VietnamHanoiThe Best 5 Beaches near Hanoi

The Best 5 Beaches near Hanoi

Hanoi is full of miracles and wonders of marvelous ancient architecture and time-transcending culture and history. However, in case the tropical weather in Hanoi is a little bit unbearable for you, make your way to these best beaches near Hanoi to cool off the extreme heat.

1. Best Beaches Near Hanoi: Tra Co Beach, Quang Ninh

Tra Co Beach has long been known as “the most aesthetic beach in Vietnam” with its vast and flat seaside, smooth white sandbank beside the crystal blue sea, which paints a picturesque scenery throughout four seasons.

Since the location is on the outer edge of a natural alluvial island, there are sand dunes in the area reaching from 3 to 4 meters high from the water surface. Close to the coast are casuarina forests, and an entire mangrove ecosystem nearby.

Con Mang, about 6km from Tra Co, is a dreamy spot for couples to watch the sunrise or sunset. You can buy freshly-caught seafood right from a fisherman’s boat has just returned from fishing.

tra co 1

Tra Co beach – the most aesthetically pleasing scenery in Vietnam

Sa Vi Cape in Tra Co Beach is the top point of the Northeastern part of Vietnam. Standing at the top of the Sa Vi cape and looking into the distance, the crescent-shaped beauty of Tra Co beach 17 km long will be captured in every aspect.

The beach is over 300km from Hanoi, and the journey would typically take a 6-hour drive. Fortunately, the road to Tra Co has beautiful scenery and is accessible for any vehicles, so there isn’t anything to worry.

2. Best Beaches Near Hanoi: Hai Tien Beach, Thanh Hoa

In recent years, Hai Tien beach is the ideal destination for family travels. Hai Tien beach is ideal for a short trip to an entirely peaceful sanctuary without being jammed in massive crowds.

Hai Tien Beach is 160 km to the south of Hanoi and 20 km to the northeast of Thanh Hoa city.

hai tien 1

Hai Tien Beach has captivating scenery.

The blue sea, white sandbank, green coconut palms, and casuarina forest give Hai Tien a wild vibe. Previously, and surprisingly, the place used to be quiet and deserted, but under the talented hands and minds, many luxurious and modern tourism infrastructures have appeared, making this place more poetic and romantic and creating more services for visitors to enjoy. Have your hotels or homestay hosts to hold a seafood feast on the seaside is a fantastic way to enjoy all the refreshing taste, sights, and sounds of the sea.

3. Best Beaches Near Hanoi: Cai Chien Island, Quang Ninh

The Beach in Cai Chien Island is a rather far-off destination compared to other popular islands in Quang Ninh such as Co To or Quan Lan. However, while the famous spots often get packed with tourists all year round, Cai Chien Island is more favorable to get some beach tan and enjoy complete serenity.

cai chien island

Cai Chien Island is perfect for those preferring more privacy.

About 330km from Hanoi, Cai Chien Island possesses a scenic landscape of forested hills and azure sea with 2km long white sand coastline. Many believe that Cai Chien Island does not have “magical scenery” like well-known beaches like Co To, but it is the smaller reputation that helps Cai Chien Island preserves its natural seascape.

There are three main beaches on the island: Van Ca beach, Cai Chien beach, and Dau Rong beach. Cai Chien and Dau Rong beaches are the most popular places since there are homestays, tents, and food services near the seaside, which are incredible for group hangouts or teambuilding activities.

4. Best Beaches Near Hanoi: Cat Ba Beach, Hai Phong

Known as the pearl of the Northern Gulf with pristine and majestic beauty, Cat Ba Beach is one of the best places for a quick escape from the hectic urban scene of Hanoi.

In Cat Ba, there are three beaches with the most tourists connected by a small path along the mountainside, which are Cat Co 1, 2, and 3 respectively. In particular, Cat Co 1 beach is the largest, with three sides surrounded by rocky mountains. Cat Co 2 and 3 beaches are smaller but quite peaceful.

cat ba 1

Cat Co beach has a majestic beauty.

Resort services in Cat Ba are quite good, containing various types of hotels, motels ranging from affordable to luxury and a variety of seafood.

Look for five-star accommodations in Cat Ba:


You can rent a cruise ship around Lan Ha Bay to visit the beautiful beaches like Cat Co beach, Ben Beo beach, Co Tien beach or explore impressive caves like Trung Trang, Hoa Cuong, Thien Long. It’s also an enjoyable experience to have seafood meals with the blue sea surrounding.

5. Best Beaches Near Hanoi: Dong Chau Beach, Thai Binh

Dong Chau Beach Resort is located in Tien Hai District, which is 35km from Thai Binh city along the main road to Kien Xuong – Tien Hai. Coming to Dong Chau beach resort, visitors can enjoy the fresh air of the sea and also the windy beach.

Dong Chau attracts visitors with its peaceful atmosphere and untouched beauty. Without concrete buildings, gleaming electric lights, here in Dong Chau, you can experience the rustic life of the fishers and enjoy the fresh breeze from the sea.

dong chau 1

Dong Chau Beach attracts visitors with its peaceful atmosphere and wild scenery.

Located 110km away from Hanoi, there are many ways to get to Dong Chau beach – either driving cars or motorbikes by yourself or going by coach buses. As it doesn’t take too much time and the main road is not too dangerous, Dong Chau beach is just perfect for a weekend getaway from Hanoi.

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Summary on Best Beaches Near Hanoi

It’s never a bad idea to have a getaway weekend, and a trip to the beach is even more exciting. There are many beautiful beaches near Hanoi, both famous and unfamiliar, for you to enjoy all kinds of travel away from the bustling city life.

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