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Students Guide to Visiting Vietnam

You probably want to visit Vietnam in the future for travel, academics, or even for job experience. You must be informed regardless of your reason for visiting the country as a student.

Traveling to a new place always involves essential things one should consider, and finding help can be a hassle. With this guide, we look at a few helpful Vietnam student travel tips that will ensure you have a good time in the country.

Arrange Your Visa before Getting to Vietnam

Unlike neighboring Asian countries, visiting Vietnam involves several stamping and registration procedures. Any individual visiting Vietnam from the South East has to get a pre-approval or visa. The application might also require your school details if you plan to study abroad in Vietnam.

Luckily, it’s simple for citizens to get the documents, and this doesn’t require pre-approval procedures. However, the Vietnam visa application process is also a hassle. The reason is that many different agencies claim to help with this process.

Best Flights to Vietnam

Vietnam has a unique geographical structure. The distance between the two major cities of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi is over 900 miles, and driving between them can take up to two days. Even if you have up to one month in the country, the most convenient mode of transport is by air.

The only time that road travel makes sense is when you visit attraction sites or your hotel room. Luckily, getting an affordable flight service in Vietnam is easy because many airplane services are in the city. A good example is Vietjet Air, which offers various excellent flight offers you can purchase. Nonetheless, if you can afford more professional services with few flight cancelations, we recommend you opt for Vietnam Airlines, the national carrier.

Be Ready for Unexpected Weather Changes

While Vietnam is a marvelous country blessed with abundant natural resources, not many people know its drastic weather changes. It occurs throughout the country, and it often comes off in the form of lots of heat or humidity.

That is why the country also has a rich and diverse natural ecosystem. Consider investing in tools such as portable fans and thermoregulated water bottles so you always stay hydrated. The rainy months in Vietnam include the summer and autumn seasons. However, temperatures get cold in the north during winter, especially around mountain areas such as Sapa.

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Get a Vietnamese Sim Card

Communication will also be necessary for the quality of your experience in Vietnam. You will notice that various remote areas such as Halong Bay, Sapa, and more have excellent communication signals. Our travel tech advisors say that this is the most cost-effective way to communicate locally.

The Simcard will be beneficial for when you want Vietnam information for students. If you have an unlocked sim card, you can easily buy a Vietnamese sim card which you shall use for convenient communication. However, the service comes in packages for a specific price. You can learn more about these services by contacting the given communication service.

Here’s a bonus tip – when you buy a SIM card, always use local data instead of connecting to public Wi-Fi. Tools like keylogger software can easily reach your device during travels, so you must be cautious.


While Vietnam makes up for one of the best places to visit, you also have to be informed. You have to get your visa from the right place and ensure you learn more about the country. Remember to set aside some funds for flights because some distances involve long stretches of travel.

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