VietnamTravel Tips & InfoStaying at Home in Vietnam - Healthy Tips and Fun Ideas

Staying at Home in Vietnam – Healthy Tips and Fun Ideas

Nestled amid the vibrant tapestry of Vietnamese culture and its diverse landscapes, the concept of “staying at home” in Vietnam takes on a unique and enchanting meaning. For whatever reasons hinder you from going outside, read on as we delve into the art of staying at home in Vietnam, uncovering the warmth of familial bonds, the tantalizing flavors of home-cooked meals, and the hidden gems of tranquility.

Fun Ideas for Staying at Home in Vietnam

Support Domestic Tourism

You’re probably wondering why tourism is in this list. Tourism in Vietnam is reopening, starting with domestic travel. Traveling has resumed in attractions throughout Vietnam, so what better way to support Vietnam tourism than by giving yourself a well-deserved getaway?

1. In-city Traveling

If you’re wary, a great start is traveling inside the city where you’re at. Book a tour with a clear, well-researched agenda and practice safe cautions. A guided half-day or full-day tour will be adequate for this type of traveling. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out how many hidden gems the city has to offer.

2. Spend Time with Local Hosts

While indulging yourself in a fancy hotel room might sound tempting, it can get boring pretty quickly. Homestays in Vietnam, especially those with experienced local hosts, can provide you with authentic insights into the local cultures. You can try visiting the wet markets with them, joining people with their farm work, or having a casual chat over coffee. The stories they have to tell will leave you in awe.

3. Admire UNESCO Heritage Sites

The grand view of Hue Citadel

Vietnam doesn’t lack UNESCO Heritage Sites that are both historically educational and breathtaking. Therefore, VNAT and TAB have created a 360-degree virtual tour of some of those sites so that everyone can admire the view of these treasures. The places are Hue, Hoi An, Phong Nha, My Son, Ha Long Bay, and Ninh Binh.

DIY Vietnamese Cuisine

Learning how to make Vietnamese cuisine provides interesting insights into the local’s life

Apart from going on food tours, making your favorite Vietnamese dishes can be quite enjoyable. Besides, home cooking can ensure that you save some coins and stay healthy. The recipes are readily available online, so you only need to grab some easy ingredients at the local market or supermarket (Co.opmart, Vinmart, Bach Hoa Xanh…), or you can even buy groceries online! Try making Pho, Bun Bo Hue, or Banh Canh to surprise your family!

Stack Up Your Knowledge of Vietnamese Culture

To embark on a literary journey that unveils the intricacies of Vietnam’s diverse heritage, consider immersing yourself in novels such as “The Sorrow of War” by Bao Ninh, a poignant reflection on the impact of the Vietnam War. For a deep dive into traditional folklore and customs, “The Book of Salt” by Monique Truong provides a captivating narrative that weaves through Vietnamese history. Pairing novels with non-fiction works and travel guides will create a holistic understanding of this captivating nation. As you turn the pages, be prepared to uncover the essence of Vietnam’s cultural kaleidoscope and gain a profound appreciation for its people and their stories.

  • Keep yourself healthy by cooking more at home and working out regularly. If cooking isn’t your thing, you can use many convenient food delivery apps in Vietnam, like Grab or Shopee Food.
  • Tidy up your workplace and residence to minimize the risk of getting sick and to give yourself a mood boost each day.
  • To soothe your travel bug, reading travel guides, and watching movies or videos about the attractions is recommended.
  • Stack up some medicines for common illnesses such as the common cold, headaches, and stomachaches… so you won’t have to go to the hospital much.
  • In case of health emergencies, remember necessary hotlines, don’t panic, and follow instructions from health workers.

Our Thoughts on Staying at Home in Vietnam

Some may say staying at home isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do; sometimes, we cannot avoid being stuck inside. We hope that this guide on staying at home in Vietnam has helped to make the experience more interesting and filled with exciting cultural and physical experiences.

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