VietnamMiscellaneousStaycation in Vietnam - The Leading Travel Trend during Covid-19

Staycation in Vietnam – The Leading Travel Trend during Covid-19

When looking back on the year 2020, we may think of face masks, social distancing, and a challenging year for travel lovers. However, to salvage the situation, people have found “staycation” – a way to go on vacation right in their hometown or nearby areas.

An Introduction to Staycation in Vietnam

Regarding the case of Vietnam, staycations are ample, and it is pretty effortless to plan a quick day of relaxation and taking a break from the city. When you’ve been spending your days amidst the concrete jungles of the city center, a “vacation” in a fancy hotel room in the suburban area can recharge both your mind and body immensely.

Planning Your Staycation in Vietnam

Set aside Your Work and Deadlines

Nobody wants to begin a trip while having a great deal of unfinished work, so before your staycation, make sure you have completed your tasks, assignments, and housework, or set them aside to finish when you’re back from your break. Once your staycation starts, turn off notifications of social media, news, and email accounts to minimize possible distractions.

Plan Ahead!

Are you seeking a spa day, a picnic, or 24 hours of adventure? Don’t forget to answer this question before choosing the destination and lodgement. Also, you should have a to-do list or have a general idea of your favorite activities. A strictly detailed itinerary is not necessary in this case, but having some ideas in your head will help you make the most of your time.

Pick Hotels that Adopt Strict Safety and Hygiene Measures

Though a short stay at a hotel is not considered a high-risk activity during the pandemic, it is always better to be safe. During Covid-19, it is essential to stay at places that taking protective methods. Make sure that the hotel offers hand sanitizer, body temperature measurement, hygienic personal kit, and staff wearing face masks. Some major hotels can facilitate your booking management completely contactless by using their apps and websites. Many people would also street away from breakfast buffets, so if you’re feeling the same, ask the hotel if they also provide breakfast in your room or outdoor buffets as a way to reduce contacting possible diseases.

Activities to Do on Your Staycation in Vietnam

Lounging in a Hotel/Resort

This trend is experiencing a rise in popularity thanks to the special promotion of luxury hotels and resorts. While some service providers introduce staycation packages (usually lasts for half a day) at a reasonable price, more local hotels offer attractive discounts for residents in the city. Given that 2020 has been a stressful time, take some time to treat yourself a nice relaxing day with luxurious hospitality services at the hotel

Places to Spend Your Staycation in Saigon

Fusion Suites

Address: 3-5 Suong Nguyet Anh, District 1

Embellished with simple and warm wooden furniture, Fusion Suites gives you both the coziness like your home and the extravagance thanks to its modernity. What’s unique about this hotel is that each room has a romantic ‘floating ‘bathtub located near the window where you can relax while watching the green floating scenery.

staycation in Vietnam fusion

Wide-open windows capturing a panoramic view of Saigon

Check price and availability

Hotel Des Arts – MGallery

Address: 76-78 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 3

Placed in the French Quarter vicinity, MGallery offers you a sophisticated staycation with classic Indochinese design and professional service. The nostalgic scenery will temporarily take your mind away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to enjoy a magnificent and elegant Saigon casually.

staycation in Vietnam mgallery

From MGallery, you can have a closer look at the city’s icons like the Turtle Lake and Notre Dame Cathedral

Check price and availability

An Lam Retreats Saigon River

Address: 21/4 Trung Street, Binh Duong Province

An Lam has a refreshing concept close to nature surrounded by lush green nature, thanks to the prime location near the Saigon River banks. The room also has an open design and uses various environmentally friendly materials such as wood and bamboo.

staycation in Vietnam anlam

If you have just missed a getaway to Hoi An or coastal cities, come to An Lam and you will sense a similar vibe

Check price and availability

Find hotels for your staycation in Vietnam below:


Joining a Local Tour

Coronavirus may prevent you from joining several activities, but there are various Vietnam tours you can take in the pandemic. You can think of a city tour or a food tour which does not demand you to travel far away from where you live. In case you genuinely aspire to go out of the city, you can think of nearby attractions. Take Saigon as an example, where you can kick off a short trip to Mui Ne or the Mekong Delta.

staycation in Vietnam original private tour

A private tour is an ideal choice for personalized service and great customization options

Chill at a Coffee Shop

Drinking coffee is an integral part of Vietnamese culture, so you will have no problem finding a coffee shop in any part of the country. In metropolises like Hanoi or Saigon, there is a diverse range of coffee experiences for you to try. You can start a small venture to the mysterious cafe apartments, the adorable pet cafes, or the book cafes.

staycation in Vietnam original cafe

Sipping coffee while reading your favorite is an amazing way to wind down

Summary of Staycation in Vietnam

A staycation in Vietnam may not bring you to a new land with new cultures but it surely helps you view a familiar place from a completely different lens. If you seek a wonderful way to rejuvenate after hectic hours of working, a staycation is nothing but an incredible experience that you ought to try.

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