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Statistics about Expats in Vietnam

Vietnam has fallen out of its position as Top Destinations for Expats in 2023, from

After a couple of years “working from home” due to the effect of COVID-19,  

Find out the best places for living in Vietnam.

General Information about Expats in Vietnam

There are roughly 100,00 expats are living and working in Vietnam in 2023. Though the country has sustained its position in the top 10 favorite countries for expats in the previous years, Vietnam is no longer the top of mind for expats in 2023. Though the country’s benefits remain captivating, including the low living costs and beautiful nature, there is room for improvements to attract more foreigners. Most expats hope Vietnam to have a more accessible public transportation system, as well as a convenient visa process.

The expats in Vietnam mostly reside in the major cities of the country such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, etc. And in every city, there are designated areas that specifically cater to international residents’ lifestyles while retaining the authentic Vietnamese culture. 

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District 2 (Thu Duc City) and Districtc 7 are the living areas of many expats in Ho Chi Minh

Foreigners come from all over the world to reside in Vietnam, the majority of which are Chinese. Koreans are also a close second, who mostly live in the Korean hub in District 7. Lots of Westerners can be seen in District 2 (or Thu Duc City nowadays). Many Indian, African, and Southeast Asian internationals choose Vietnam to be their second home.

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The Life of Expats in Vietnam

Answers from participants in the survey revealed what made Vietnam such a popular expat destination. Not only were there ample opportunities for expats in Vietnam to gain financial success, but the low living cost also helped people have more enjoyable experiences. Despite some claims that the living environment in Vietnam was not ideal (such as overpopulation, pollution, and traffic jams), the heart-warming hospitality of Vietnamese locals made it easy for expats to settle down.  

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Vietnam is considered to have a stable political situation without any major political conflicts. Besides, it is happy news to report that there is little to no terrorism in Vietnam.

However, pickpocketing and petty theft can be an issue. Therefore, expats in Vietnam should be aware of this and protect their assets carefully. Regarding women expats in Vietnam, it is advisable to prepare means of protection when you’re out and about alone at night. Pepper spray and tasers are considered illegal weapons in Vietnam, but mosquito spray or personal security alarm can help you feel more secure.

Cost of Living

Vietnam is dubbed as a “financial paradise” for expats because of the low cost of living. The average cost of living range in Vietnam is from US$ 700 to US$ 1,400 per month. Almost all of the costs in Vietnam are much cheaper than in many other countries. The cost of living for expats in Vietnam includes some expenditures such as house rental, food and drink, transportation, and shopping.

Job Opportunities for Foreigners

It is good to know that Vietnam continuously ranked 1st in the Working Abroad Index, according to the InterNations report in 2019. Multiple career options and favorable working conditions are notable factors that fascinate global employees. The most common job for expats in Vietnam is a foreign language teacher. The demand for foreign teachers is very high, ranging from kindergarten to university level.

In addition, thanks to the fast growth rate of the economy, the demand for foreign experts and managers in many fields is increasing significantly. And according to the Expat Explorer survey of HSBC, the average salary of expats per year is approximately US$ 88,000.

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Healthcare System

The national healthcare system in Vietnam has been improving under great effort from the Government. It will be much easier for expats to find healthcare providers in major cities such as Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi.

The cost of healthcare in Vietnam is remarkably reasonable compared to its quality. However, in case you’re looking for English-speaking staff, it is better to take out private health insurance and seek private and international health services.


Among the developing countries, the Internet and digital technology are quite astounding for their low cost. Although the Internet connection in Vietnam can get interrupted from time to time, there have been major efforts put into developing the bandwidth. Monthly fees for the Internet are also cheap, and you can get wifi pretty much everywhere you go, from shopping malls to street-side coffee shops. 3G/4G connections in Vietnam are also quite affordable, and the country is working on developing 5G network as well. As a result, you might not need an office job in Vietnam to settle down in the country. The reliable Internet connection and advanced communication means make it easy to work virtually.

In addition, the wide variety of mobile apps can be an incredible aid when you first come to Vietnam. Surpassing the language barrier, these apps can help you book rides and taxis, move houses, deliver food and so much more. See the Useful Apps When Coming to Vietnam. 

Education System

About the education for your kids, there are 5 basic levels in the national education system:

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • High School
  • University

You can choose private/international schools for your kids. The public schools often require academic excellence from their students while the international schools offer an open environment for kids. Over the past years, many international schools have been established to meet the high demand from the growing expat population. Except for primary school, there are school fees for all other education levels, with a fixed and lower range in the public section compared to private education.


Summary of Statistics about Expats in Vietnam

It is no doubt that Vietnam is an attractive destination for the expat community. Considering all the pros and cons, many expats choose Vietnam to live and work. How about you? Share with us about being expats in Vietnam by commenting below!

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