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Should You Delay Your Trip to Vietnam

As Vietnam is opening without any restrictions, visitors are eager to come to the country. Though it is rather safe and easy to travel at the moment, there are some insights to consider whether it is the right for your trip to Vietnam. See below for our updates and make plans for your next trip.

You Might Want to Delay Your Trip to Vietnam IF

  • You haven’t applied for a valid Vietnam visa.
  • It is peak tourism season and all major airports will be packed. This might fall into public holidays in Vietnam or the approaching days of the Tet holiday.
  • If you’re traveling to Central Vietnam around August – December and there are serious warnings about an upcoming storm.

Rescheduling Your Trip to Vietnam

According to certain airlines’ policy, there is a timeframe during which you can make changes to your tickets, either to delay your trip to Vietnam to a future date, or to cancel it for good. Some waiving change fees can be applied, and the refund policy can vary, but it is always worth asking the airlines for a suitable solution.

In General, Is It Safe to Travel to Vietnam from Abroad?

Vietnam is a safe country to travel to, with very low health risks. Therefore, to protect travelers and the public’s health, the country encourages everyone to practice take care of their health and report to the authority should any abnormaliy occur.

Final Thoughts on Should You Delay Your Trip to Vietnam

Vietnam has reemerged to be a hotspot for traveling post-COVID. Hopefully, this blog answered some of your questions and concerns. If you need more information, feel free to contact us with your questions.

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