VietnamTravel Tips & InfoShould I Try Fish Massage in Vietnam?

Should I Try Fish Massage in Vietnam?

If you book a usual massage service, you will expect the staff to either move their hands up and down your body with the skill to release the stresses and strains on your mind and body or use specialized equipment to exfoliate the skin. “Fish massage”, however, is a more unconventional and exciting method of Vietnamese massage techniques, and the experience from this service in Vietnam seems to be similar to the novelty of its name.

What Is Fish Massage?

Fish massage, sometimes understood as a fish pedicure, is a seemingly weird massage trend that stirs the curiosity of many tourists, both domestically and internationally. The massage is carried out by Garra Rufa fish, which originates from Turkey and is used exclusively for scrubbing dead skin. During the practice, they will nibble away the dead and hardened skin on your feet for around 30 minutes without drawing any blood or injuring any intact skin. All you have to do is immerse your feet in the warm water tank and enjoy the ticklish feeling from its bites. 

Even though fish massage in Vietnam has not remained in the heat as it used to be several years ago, the peculiar sensation it brings to clients has not been sworn away yet. As soon as you submerge the whole of your feet into the water, their vibration will attract the “doctor fish.” They will gather towards your feet and nibble the dead skin with naturally talented techniques. Since these fish are toothless, they hardly cause any pain for their clients. Many tourists describe the feeling as weird and lovely at the same time. It feels like jacuzzi bubbles tickling your toes. So it is a pretty pleasurable experience. After a long day walking around Ho Chi Minh City, imagine when you put your feet under warm water and watch the tiny swarms of hundred fish rippling and nibbling your feet. What a freaky way to get a good laugh!

Health Benefits of Fish Massage

Fish massage has many benefits because of its role in dry skin problems and relaxation. The fish will help activate your blood circulation, and comfort settles in your body. Here are the three main benefits that fish massage brings to you:

  • Stimulating blood flow and improving circulation
  • Making your skin clear, smooth, and beautiful by removing bacteria and dead skin.
  • Releasing stress and promoting relaxation.

It is very effective for both mental and physical relaxation, as the thousands of kisses on your skin will alleviate the signs of stress from everyday problems.

How do you have the right experience with fish massage in Vietnam?

Bear in mind these three notes before deciding to give fish massage in Vietnam a try

First of all, in case you have any open wounds or infectious skin issues, trying fish massage in Vietnam might not be a good idea as it can aggravate your wound.

Secondly, the exclusive Garra Rufa must serve you instead of other kinds of fish. Garra Rufa, or Doctor Fish, is the expert in removing dead skin without causing any injuries, as they are toothless. Other types of fish, though seemingly harmless, can cause you irritation because of their tiny teeth.

Garra Rufa
This is how a Garra Rufa looks like

Thirdly, choose a reliable spa where you can feel trusted and authentic to avoid scams and unqualified services.

Our Summary on Fish Massage in Vietnam

Nowadays, fish massage in Vietnam is not as popular as it was several years ago, but the feeling of relaxation and well-being it brings to you will never fade away. So it is time to have a rest, let your feet congregated with the dead-skin-scrubbing fish and enjoy the feeling brought by hundreds of aquatic kisses. A good laugh from this experience will take your stress away!

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