VietnamHo Chi MinhShould I Have a Tour Guide for Ho Chi Minh City?

Should I Have a Tour Guide for Ho Chi Minh City?

Explore a place on your own is always a fascinating experience. But who knows, without the insights of a local, which interesting things you might miss. Thus, an answer to the question “Should I have a tour guide for Ho Chi Minh City?” is definitely a yes. But why should you?

  • To helps you experience the city like a local
    You will do things like a local with a local for a few days, which will surely enhance your experience in Ho Chi Minh
    • Saigon lifestyle is a combination of cultures from all over the country, so there are things that can only be revealed and explained when you have a tour guide.
    • There are several things to explore and daily routines that only the real Saigon know, like having banh mi and a small cup of coffee for breakfast is an example. The guide will take you to the best banh mi and the best coffee in Ho Chi Minh, a city with countless food stalls.
  • To get to hidden gems only the local knows
    An opportunity to learn something very different from what you learn in tourist attractions

Should I have a tour guide for Ho Chi Minh City banh mi

Saigon banh mi

Should I have a tour guide for Ho Chi Minh City local market

Shopping in a local market

Should I have a tour guide for Ho Chi Minh City coffee

“Ca phe bet” – Coffee in Saigon style

Should I have a tour guide for Ho Chi Minh City floating market

Do you also know there’s a floating market in Ho Chi Minh City?

And there are several other reasons:

  • To help you avoiding annoyances in touristy areas
    The local tour guide will know about tourist scams – like taxi and rickshaw scams – and give you heads-ups and advice on how to avoid them. Going with the local tour guide can also reduce the chance you run into these scams.
  • To save you time and effort on researching
    Best places to visit, best places to eat, where to buy something, when to go and how to get there? A lot of things you will need to figure out before heading on a smooth adventure, but the tour guide can give you instant recommendations.
  • To take you to places on the back of the bikes
    Driving motorbike in Ho Chi Minh can be a challenging task but a fun adventure you should not miss. Why not getting around on the backseat where you can enjoy the view and the thrill experience at the same time?
  • To be your translator/interpreter
    If you want to make conversations with locals, the tour guide can be an interpreter. While second languages in Vietnam like English become more and more popular among the young locals and people in tourism, there are still many locals with little skills in a different language than Vietnamese.

Considering Having a Tour Guide for Ho Chi Minh City?

i Tour Vietnam provides private tours with local guides and drivers who will take you on sightseeing and food adventures on the back of the bikes.

Itching for a trip to Ho Chi Minh City to explore all famous and unseen sights? Why not book a tour and tell us your experience afterward?

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