VietnamMiscellaneousExpat's Ultimate Guide to Shipment of Overseas Household Goods to Vietnam

Expat’s Ultimate Guide to Shipment of Overseas Household Goods to Vietnam

If you are relocating to Vietnam, you already have a lot on your mind: packing up your belongings, organizing transportation, possibly finalizing the specifics of a job, deciding where you will live, and so on. You will also need to figure out how to transport your belongings. Shipping household goods to Vietnam, or overseas in general, in a shipping container is far harder than sending them.

You will need to become familiar with the items that may and cannot be shipped in an ocean container. Then, assemble the necessary documentation, prepare to clear Customs, load everything into the container, and secure it to remain safe throughout the journey. So, here is an ultimate guide to the shipment of household goods from overseas to Vietnam.

Shipment of Overseas Household Goods to Vietnam Using Sea Freight

Sea freight is the most cost-effective method of transporting household items across international borders to Vietnam. When you select this option, the mover will deliver a container to your residence to fill with your belongings. They will transport the container to a port to be put onto a ship to a foreign destination.

A full-service international moving company will handle everything from organizing the container’s unloading to securing the necessary paperwork for its delivery.

In the case of maritime freight, your mover will give you two options, which can vary based on the number of belongings you have to transport:

Full Container Load (FCL)

This service allows you to transport your belongings in bulk by filling a whole container. Since you are leasing a private cargo container exclusively for your needs, this option is the most expensive. With this option, your personal belongings are loaded inside a shipping container used solely for personal and household belongings. According to the final destination’s rules, the container will be delivered immediately to your residence if access is permitted. Otherwise, the container will be directly loaded at your home and transported instantly to your place.

Groupage (Shared Container Shipping)

By using groupage, you can group your cargo with other deliveries of personal effects and send them all together in a container to the same destination. This option is popular because it is more cost-effective for smaller shipments. After all, you pay for the area your shipment takes up in the container.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

It is a good alternative for people with limited items to send to less popular places. LCL is frequently more expensive than groupage because your consignment must be created, and the destination terminal handling charges can be pretty high.

Transporting Overseas Goods to Vietnam by Air Freight

Airfreight is a speedier but more expensive method of transporting personal belongings across international borders. If you are on a tight deadline, the additional cost of air freight is worth it; however, you will need to consider how much your items weigh as most air freight firms have a weight limit by which you must abide to avoid penalties.

What Happens to My Car?

Before exporting your car overseas, be sure that it is legal to drive on public roads in the country where it will be arriving. Different countries have varying norms and regulations regarding vehicle licensing and registration. If everything checks out, you should look for an international transport business that exports automobiles and trucks overseas. Cars can be shipped via sea freight or air freight, just like your personal belongings.

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What Should I Do with My Pets?

Moving a pet overseas is far more complex than bringing a pet with you when moving locally. Every organization has its own set of pet import restrictions and immunization criteria, which differ. In some countries, pets may even be required to be quarantined for a long time before they may return to their owners.

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Conclusion on Transporting Overseas Items to Vietnam

If you are shipping anything overseas, no matter how small or large your shipment is, you must engage the right moving agency at least three months in advance to assist you with all of the necessary papers and logistics for your relocation.

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