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Saigon Motorcycle Tours: A Must-try Experience in Vietnam

If the ideal tour in Halong is on a cruise ship and walking is the perfect way to explore Hoi An Ancient Town, Saigon motorcycle tours should be an experience that you can’t miss out on when in this dynamic city.

See the Unseen with Saigon Motorcycle Tours

What’s new when traveling from place to place on motorcycles? You may think nothing much except for the change of transportation. But check again because, with Saigon motorcycle tours, every other “old” kind of experience will also be new.

Explore the Local Culture in Saigon

There’s a saying “When in Rome, do as the Rome do”. So when you are in Vietnam, and especially in Saigon, the must-try experience here is to get on a motorcycle like everyone else. Why the local loves to ride this vehicle so much? Because of its convenience. The streets in Saigon, whose layout hasn’t changed much since French colonization, are rather narrow and the facilities structure like the parking area does not give the advantage to bigger transportation like cars or buses.

saigon motorcycle tours bikelihood 1 saigon motorcycle tours bikelihood 2

These should give you the awe – the local riders can load pretty much anything on their motorcycles

You can see how the streets work, how the locals get to work, school, or even work and eat on the streets. This is the daily life that you may not often see in your home country. Take all in, from the sounds of car horns, sellers inviting people, to the views of bustling streets, skillful (and sometimes unlawful) riders weaving through the lanes with a stack of goods on their back seats.

Learn about Saigon’s History

As a city that has existed for more than 300 hundred years, Saigon will be an interesting place for history enthusiasts. It was a small tax station and grew larger as more people came to settle. It was not until the civil war between Nguyen Anh and Tay Son Dynasty that Saigon became a defensive citadel. The French and US governments also saw Saigon as one of the most potential and crucial places to establish their authority, and thus built facilities and gave much support for administrative and economic development.

saigon motorcycle tours war remnants 1 saigon motorcycle tours war remnants 2

The War Remnants Museum with visual evidence of the Vietnam War

Several architectures are still well-maintained as evidence of these historical events:

  • Independence Palace, the luxury villa of the General-Governors and South Vietnam’s president, is also the mark of Vietnam’s North and South reunification.
  • Xa Loi Pagoda and Monument of Thich Quang Duc, a pagoda and a park located in quiet areas in District 3, were where many monks gathered to fight in the Buddhist Crisis 1963.
  • War Remnants Museum. A walk-through in this museum is a must-try experience in Vietnam, but it might not be for everyone. The place where the cruelty of the Vietnam War is displayed to the most intense. Photos, articles, and several other remnants show you the reality of war and what the people back then and now have suffered.

And there are still many historical sights in Saigon that you must see on Saigon motorcycle tours.

Get the Feast with Saigon Street Foods

Just as many cultures in Saigon, the street foods in this city are widely varied, from the rustic dishes of southwestern Vietnam’s rivers (Mekong Delta) like snakehead noodle soup and Bun Mam (fermented fish noodle soup) to the royal cuisine from Hue Citadel like Banh beo. The taste has been changed to suit the local taste, which includes more herbs, vegetables, and sweetness, but you can still find many vendors that stick true to their origins.

Start your day with Pho, Com Tam, Banh mi, and a cup of coffee. Recharge your energy with several noodle dishes like Banh canh, Bun rieu, and Bun bo Hue for lunch. Refresh with some fresh coconut juice or sugarcane juice along the way. Head off to dinner with Banh xeo, grilled seafood, and Bun thit nuong. Finally, satisfy your craving with several snacks like Banh trang nuong, stir-fried corn, or coconut ice cream.

saigon motorcycle tours food 1 saigon motorcycle tours food 2

The local food stalls with many treats for your empty stomach

You can find these kinds of foods almost any time of the day, and anywhere, from mobile vendors carrying basins of foods and baskets on their shoulders or pushing their food-loaded trolley carts to small stalls set in the houses but tables and chairs laid out on the pavements. Hopping from food stalls to food stalls on Saigon’s streets is a must-try experience in Vietnam.

Travel off-the-beaten-path in Saigon

Besides the famous attractions around the city’s center, many other places across Saigon will tell you the stories of immigrants, of cultures that are not mainstream like the Vietnamese-Chinese and those from the Mekong Delta. Only when you get off-the-beaten-path in Saigon on motorcycle tours can you find these wonderful places.

saigon motorcycle tours floating market 1 saigon motorcycle tours floating market 2

The floating market in Saigon

Most of the special features of Saigon’s culture also stay hidden in small alleys and local markets. Finding your way to new places to learn about new cultures on Saigon motorcycle tours will be a whole new experience for you. See the damp and mossy back walls of buildings or listen to the noise of chatter and bargaining in the marketplaces.

What You Should Prepare Before Going on Saigon Motorcycle Tours

If you are a first-time rider, the journey with Saigon Motorcycle Tours can be quite a thrill (with excitement and a little scare). You should find a reliable agency with good reviews from previous guests to feel safer when traveling in the crazy traffic of Saigon.

A few other tips for you are:

  • Put on helmet properly
  • Wear comfortable clothes like running shoes, shorts, and trousers. Dresses, long gowns, or bell-bottoms are not advisable
  • Sit tight on the back seat. Keep your foot on the pedals and arms on the back handles
  • Do not wear jewelry, especially bracelets and necklaces
  • Let a local ride the bike

Read the detailed motorbike riding tips for first-time passengers 

Ready to book Saigon Motorcycle Tours – the must-try experience in Vietnam?

If you have found that Saigon motorcycle tours are for you, check these offers from i Tour Vietnam for a day adventure, night adventure, culture, history, and food adventure.

Saigon Day Tour

3.5 hours. Daily from 8 AM and 1:30 PM. Get around the top historical attractions of Saigon in District 1 and try the local drinks. Click on the link for more details.

saigon motorcycle tours day tour

Travel to the most iconic and must-visit destinations of Saigon like the Independence Palace

Saigon Night Tour

4 hours. Daily from 6 PM. See Saigon’s attractions and streets after dawn, ride by the red-light district, and have two local dinners. Click on the link for more details.

saigon motorcycle tours night tour

Get on a cool ride in Saigon at night

Saigon Food Tours

Explore Vietnamese cuisine at local stores with our local guide. Some names on top of the list of must-try foods are Banh xeo, Pho, Bun Thit Nuong, Banh mi, and local snacks like Banh trang nuong and sweet soups.

saigon motorcycle tours food tour

Treat yourself to these delicious foods in Saigon

Saigon’s Other Side Tour

3.5 hours. Daily from 8 AM and 1:30 PM. Get off the tourist trails in Saigon, go on a new adventure in the backstreets off the city centers, and explore the rustic side of Saigon. Click on the link for more details.

saigon motorcycle tours other side

Chill and enjoy a peaceful time on the other side of Saigon

Pick the most interesting Saigon motorcycle tours for you and have fun!

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