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Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam during the Coronavirus Outbreak

After a string of quiet days being isolated at home, nothing is more exciting than starting new adventures in different parts of the country. As the Vietnamese government has loosened its ban on social gatherings since September 7, don’t hesitate to book a trip in the following safe places to travel in Vietnam.

A Few Glimpses of Safe Travel in Vietnam

No matter where you go, protecting yourself is a must in this pandemic era. Though you may have heard so many times about protective methods, remember to note down ways to stay healthy during Covid-19. Also, update traveling information is essential as Vietnam has tightened its regulations on entering the country.

If you want to have safe travel in Vietnam, keep these tips in mind while planning for your vacation:

1. Choose Off-The-Beaten-Path Places

“Social distancing” is a hot keyword now so your destination should be somewhere that you can apply this method effectively. Bustling cities may sound appealing, but your health is your priority. Thus, opt for off-the-beaten-path places like those we will mention in the section about safe places to travel in Vietnam.

2. Check Your Lodgement Policies

Before booking your accommodation, learn about the hotel’s guest and employee protection policies. You should visit its website to find out the answer for questions like “Do the staff wear masks?”, “Is hand sanitizer provided?”, “Are general areas at the hotel regularly disinfected?” and so on.


3. Note down Contact Information of Health Facilities

Though you never expect to get in a hospital while traveling, having the contact of several hospitals is your savior in case of health emergencies. Since there is a wide range of hotlines that specialize in Coronavirus cases, you will always be supported when noticing symptoms of Covid-19.

Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam during the Coronavirus Outbreak

1. Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam in the North

Cao Bang

Dear nature lovers, Cao Bang is exactly where you should head to at this time! Though Ban Gioc Waterfall has long been a prominent spot, the whole province of Cao Bang is yet to be a tourist attraction. Don’t think that this area has nothing but a waterfall! Pac Bo Cave and Nguom Ngao Cave are also worth visiting.

Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam original bg

Ban Gioc Waterfall will awe you with miraculous beauty

Ha Giang

You are a fan of terraced fields or buckwheat flowers? Ha Giang has them all! If you wish to see those winding fields, you should go in August. For those interested in the pinkish flowers, visit Ha Giang from September to November. While traveling, don’t just focus on the two aforementioned sceneries, it is advisable to check out the province’s exotic caves and ethnic markets as these places are also signature ones of Ha Giang.

Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam original hg

Does this scenery trigger your adventurous self?

Ninh Binh

Want to see what’s wonderland like in real life? Come to Ninh Binh and you will be introduced to breathtaking landscapes which were the background of a Hollywood blockbuster – Kong: Skull Island. Besides, Ninh Binh also has various historic sites such as Bai Dinh Temple, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, and Phat Diem Cathedral.

Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam original nb

Trang An – the UNESCO-listed heritage site – was used as the movie set of Kong: Skull Island

2. Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam in the Central Region

Buon Ma Thuot

With breathtaking Dray Nur Waterfall and spectacular Yok Don National Park, Buon Ma Thuot city guarantees you an impressive adventure into the wild. Once coming to this so-called coffee capital, you will be introduced to the unique traditions of ethnic minorities such as Ede, J’rai, K’Ho, etc.

Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam original dray

The stunning Dray Nur Waterfall

Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam meal

Apart from the fine coffee which has made this city famous, you should give Central Highlands dishes like grilled chicken rice and ruou can a try

Kon Tum

Kon Tum is another prime coffee production region in Vietnam. Despite being a strange name on the tourist map, the province has a variety of activities to offer. You can either commune with nature at Mang Den Pine Forest and Ecotourism Area, trace back to the French colonial era at the Bishop’s House or gain insight into the local culture at Kon Klor Communal House.

Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam bs

The Kon Tum Bishop’s House is a combination of French and local architecture

3. Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam in the South

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is not only famous for its crystalline sea and white sand but also fresh seafood dishes and hospitable locals. If you are a beach lover, this is one of the safe places to travel in Vietnam that you cannot miss! In addition to the striking natural beauty, Phu Quoc makes its name as a great producer of fish sauce, pepper, and last but not least, pearl jewelry.

Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam pq

Phu Quoc is also called the Pearl Island of Vietnam

Con Dao

Apart from its pristine beaches and serene atmosphere, Con Dao also has a strong reputation for its fascinating history. As the island was once used to imprison Communist soldiers, there are many mysterious stories about the life of these prisoners. Currently, you can travel from Ho Chi Minh to Con Dao by boat express which was just recently launched at the beginning of 2020.

Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam cd

Con Dao Prison captivates visitors’ attention due to its epic history

Final Thoughts on Safe Places to Travel in Vietnam during the Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has shifted people’s attention from tourist spots to places where they can be safe from the widespread disease. We hope that our list of safe places to travel in Vietnam has given you some ideas about where to go during this pandemic era. To have more reference about venturing in Vietnam at this time, look through Vietnam travel trends during Covid-19.

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