VietnamQuarantine Hotels in Vietnam - Reviews and Useful Tips

Quarantine Hotels in Vietnam – Reviews and Useful Tips

Like most countries, Vietnam requires everyone entering the country to be isolated for 14 days. If you are not into complimentary quarantine sites built on the former barracks or sports centers, there are quarantine hotels in Vietnam that offer modern facilities and professional services.

Traveling to Vietnam during the Pandemic

Vietnam continues to stop entry for all foreigners, including visa exemption holders. There are only a few exceptions such as diplomats, civil service, experts, senior workers, investors, and employees of key projects as decided by the Government of Vietnam. All individuals entering Vietnam are required to undergo medical examination and quarantine for 14 days. Quarantine, however, is not required for those staying in Vietnam for less than 14 days.

Foreign nationals are expected to pay for the quarantine fees and medical treatment (if any) themselves.

On July 28, the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam announced that all passengers using public transport (bus, taxi, passenger car, train, aircraft, ship, etc.) must fill in a medical declaration form before boarding and try not to talk, eat, and drink during the trip.

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Guidelines for Self-quarantine in Vietnam

Though the Vietnamese government has adequate measures to control the spread of Covid-19, do equip yourself with essential knowledge about protecting yourself and others during the pandemic. Apart from face masks and hand sanitizer, self-quarantine is a popular keyword these days.

Who Needs Self-quarantine

In addition to people traveling from areas known to have the disease outbreak and community infection, those who have been in close contact with someone with Covid-19 must also commit to self-quarantine, including individuals who:

  • Have been within 6 feet of someone with Covid-19 for at least 15 minutes or more
  • Have provided home care for someone with Covid-19
  • Have had direct physical contact with the person (hugging or kissing them).
  • Have shared utensils with someone having Covid-19
  • Someone with Covid-19 sneezed, coughed or somehow let airborne droplets get on you

How Long does Self-quarantine Last

The duration of self-quarantine is maximum 21 days, the specific number of days of isolation is counted from the date of last exposure to an identified disease or suspected disease case or the date of entry into Vietnam. If you have been fully vaccinated with 2 shots, the duration can be cut down to 7 days. However, this is still a pilot program, not an official COVID-19 guideline in Vietnam

What to Do during Self-quarantine in Vietnam

  • You must stay in your current room or house only. In case you do not have a private room, your bed should be at least 2 meters away from the beds of other family members.
  • The isolated room should be hygienic and airy, with few pieces of furniture.
  • Measure your body temperature at least twice (morning, afternoon) a day. Record measurement results and health conditions on daily health monitoring sheets.
  • Stay in your room as much as possible, limit direct contact with family members and other people.
  • Monitor your health, keep yourself clean, wear a mask, and wash your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer.
  • Notify the assigned medical staff of communes, wards, and townships twice in the morning and afternoon about the temperature measurement results and your health situation.
  • Immediately notify the assigned medical staff of communes, wards and townships as soon as there is one of the suspected symptoms of the disease: fever, cough, difficulty in breathing.
  • Do not leave the house or residence without permission.
  • You must collect the used mask, towel, nose tissue, and mouth tissue into a separate garbage bag and keep it neatly in the room’s corner.
  • You can also buy yourself at-home COVID testing kits to monitor your health. 

More Safety Measures for Traveling in Vietnam

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An Overview of Quarantine Hotels in Vietnam

There are 207 hotels in 25 localities throughout Vietnam selected by the tourism and medical authorities to lodge quarantined people in Vietnam. Over 18,000 rooms and 23,000 beds will not serve any other purpose, and quarantine and security staff will limit all unauthorized entry.

Find out about your favorite hotel in Vietnam:


Quarantine Hotels in Vietnam – Saigon

Quarantine Hotels near Tan Son Nhat Airport

The following hotels are suitable for those who do not want to travel far after landing, which only takes you a maximum of ten minutes to reach your accommodation from Tan Son Nhat Airport. As ibis Saigon Airport and De Nhat are 4-star hotels while Holiday Inn is a 5-star hotel, you don’t have to think twice about their quality and amenities.

Holiday Inn Saigon Airport
Address: 18E Cong Hoa, Ward 4, Tan Binh District

quarantine hotels in vietnam holiday inn

Check price and availability

ibis Saigon Airport
Address: 2 Hong Ha, Ward 2, Tan Binh District

quarantine hotels in vietnam ibis

Check price and availability

Hoa De Nhat
Address: 18 Hoang Viet, Ward 4, Tan Binh District

quarantine hotels in vietnam hoa de nhat

Check price and availability

Quarantine Hotels in the City Center

In case you seek a panoramic view of Saigon city center, these lodgements are what you should opt for. Hotels in the downtown are mostly luxurious hotels with high-quality services and amenities, which guarantee a comfortable experience for all customers.

Le Meridien Saigon
Address: 3C Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

quarantine hotels in vietnam le meridien

Check price and availability

Hotel Des Arts Saigon
Address: 76-78 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3

quarantine hotels in vietnam hotel des arts

Check price and availability

Other Quarantine Hotels in Saigon

1. Bat Dat Hotel: 238 – 224 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 11, District 5

2. Norfolk Hotel Saigon: 117 – 119 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

3. Huong Sen Hotel: 4-6-8 Mac Thi Buoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

4. Sunshine Boutique Hotel Phu My Hung: 16-18-20 Cao Trieu Phat Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7

5. Muong Thanh Luxury Saigon Hotel: 261C Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District

6. Alagon City Hotel & Spa: 54-56-58 Pham Hong Thai Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1

7. A&Em Signature Hotel: 52 Thu Khoa Huan Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1

8. Blue Diamond Luxury Hotel: 11 Thai Van Lung Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

9. Riverside Hotel Saigon: 18-19-20 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

10. Sky Gem Central Hotel: 26-28 Dong Du Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 

Quarantine Hotels in Vietnam – Binh Duong (70 km from Saigon)

Saigon Park Resort
Address: 79/28, Group 28, Binh Phuoc B Quarter, Binh Chuan Ward, Thuan An Town, Thuan An District

quarantine hotels in vietnam sg park

Check price and availability

Phuong Nam Resort
Address: 15/12 Trung Quarter, Vinh Phu Ward, Thuan An Town, Thuan An District

quarantine hotels in vietnam pn resort

Check price and availability

Quarantine Hotels in Vietnam – Binh Thuan (250 km from Saigon)

Lotus Mui Ne Resort and Spa
Address: Quarter 5, Phu Hai Ward, Phan Thiet City

quarantine hotels in vietnam lotus

Check price and availability

Havana Resort
Address: 126a Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City

quarantine hotels in vietnam havana

Check price and availability

Quarantine Hotels in Vietnam – Hanoi

Muong Thanh Grand Xala
Address: 66 Phuc La, Xala Residential Area, Ha Dong District

quarantine hotels in vietnam muong thanh

Check price and availability

Thang Long Espana
Address: 63 Nguyen Truong To, Nguyen Trung Truc Ward, Ba Dinh District

quarantine hotels in vietnam thang long

Check price and availability

Other Quarantine Hotels in Hanoi

1. Hyatt Regency West Hanoi: 36 Le Duc Tho, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem District

2. Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi: No. 20 Phan Chu Trinh, Phan Chi Trinh Ward, Hoan Kiem District

3. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi Hotel: 15 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem District

4. InterContinental Hanoi Westlake: 5 Tu Hoa, Tay Ho District

5. Hoa Binh Hotel: 27 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem District

6. Wyndham Garden Hanoi: HH01, To Huu, Ha Dong District

7. Silk Path Hotel: 195 – 199 Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem District

8. The Ann Hanoi Hotel: 38A, Hang Chuoi, Hai Ba Trung District

9. La Belle Vie Hotel: 101-103-105 Nguyen Truong To, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh District

10. New Era Hotel & Villa: 18 Nguyen Van Cu, Ngoc Lam, Long Bien District

Tips to Survive Quarantine in Vietnam Hotels

14-21 days might seem like a brief period of time, but spending more than half a month by yourself in an isolated place can be a challenge, especially to your mental health. Therefore, careful preparation can help alleviate the stress and make the quarantine time fly by smoothly.

Note: The quarantine policy can vary slightly according to each hotel; for example, some might not allow room service inside your room while others might, so make sure to check with the hotel carefully what you can and cannot do during self-quarantine.

  • The cost of quarantine at a Vietnam hotel: staying at a hotel for an extended period of time can create a little dent in your pocket, especially if you’re staying at a luxury facility. However, since you won’t be able to step outside, paying for a quality room is not a nad investment. Additionally, since the country is encouraging domestic tourism, hotel’s prices can offer many attractive promotions, and you can get a nice deal when booking in advance.
  • Food and drinks: if you’re staying at a high-class hotel, there are an abundance of food options to choose from. At standard places, on the contrary, the menu might not be as appetizing. The good news is you can always order food from outside using food delivery apps and have the hotel staff bring the food to your room.
  • Room service: as mentioned, the room service policy for quarantine guests can differ from one hotel to another. In case room service is not allowed to enter your room, make sure that you have enough comfy clothes for the entire stay, your personal toiletries and medicines (if any). If there’s anything needed, you can order online or have the staff order it for you.
  • Staying healthy mentally and physically: your laptop and phone are your best friend during quarantine, but it is a good reminder not to glue your eyes to the screen 24/7. Some indoor workout will do wonders for your body and mind, and bringing your favorite books along can also help you accommodate to staying alone.

Final Thoughts on Quarantine Hotels in Vietnam

Two weeks of quarantine may seem long but don’t worry, as long as you are staying in a well-equipped place, it is just a form of leisure travel. After this “relaxing time”, you can enjoy start your journey in Vietnam but remember to protect yourself by following the guidelines of WHO and Vietnam’s Ministry of Health.

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