VietnamQuang Ba Night Flower Market in Hanoi

Quang Ba Night Flower Market in Hanoi

In Hanoi, there is a place where a wide variety of bright, fresh-cut flowers are sold, bringing a different ambiance from the center of Hanoi. And this place is not an unfamiliar location if you plan to explore the wet market culture of Asia, it is Quang Ba Night Flower Market.

Quang Ba Night Flower Market In Hanoi – An Overview Of The Best Fresh-cut Flowers Market

overview quang ba night flower market in hanoi

A picture of how the market looks from above

Quang Ba night flower market in Hanoi is the largest wholesale market selling fresh flowers in Hanoi. The flowers often come from gardens in Hanoi’s suburban areas such as Tay Tuu, Dong Anh, Gia Lam, and Me Linh. Some specific kinds of flower are delivered from Sapa or Da Lat; some even are imported. The variety of flowers here is diverse, with different sorts, colors, smells, and shapes. Altogether, they create a bright and lively picture for the quiet night of Hanoi.

overview 1 quang ba night flower market in hanoi

The sorts of flowers are diverse, coming from all over the country

Here is not a place to shop for souvenirs. Instead, it is for local wholesalers to buy in bulk and sell the flowers at their vendors. Eventually, when the day starts, the color of these flowers has already been transferred to every corner in Hanoi.

The price of flowers sold in this market is much lower than that at street vendors. A bunch of 50 roses is about VND 50,000, and the cost of expensive ones such as gladiolus is 5 – 6 times higher. However, the closer it gets to important events such as Tet holiday or International Women’s Day, the higher the price will be.

flowers 2 quang ba night flower market in hanoi

The owners here often arrange flowers in bunches to make it easier for delivery and selling

Quang Ba Night Flower Market In Hanoi – How And When To Get There

Quang Ba night flower market is about 7 kilometers away from the center of Hanoi. You can get there by Grab or Taxi. Motorbikes are not recommended since it is hard to find a parking lot, and walking is the best way to explore the market.

Address: 236 Au Co Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

Google Map Location: Quang Ba night flower market

when to visit quang ba night flower market in hanoi

It is not too crowded daily

Quang Ba night flower market in Hanoi is open daily, and it has two sessions:
– From 2 AM to 4 AM: for wholesalers
– From 4 AM until Midday: for retailers

The market is the most lively during the first session. Therefore, if you want to have a complete experience of visiting this vibrant market, try to come in the very early morning.

Quang Ba Night Flower Market in Hanoi – What to Do?

Appreciate the beauty of the flowers

There are various sorts of flowers, from the cheapest and most familiar ones to the more high-end ones, coming from different places all over the country with their distinct beauty.

flowers quang ba night flower market in hanoi

In the summer, there are a lot of vendors selling lotus

flowers 1 quang ba night flower market in hanoi

Besides flowers, they also sell other accessories such as baskets, wrappers, ribbons, etc

Embrace the bustling atmosphere

Instead of the noise from vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, buses, …, once you visit the Quang Ba night flower market in Hanoi, the sound you mostly hear comes from the talk between the sellers and the customers. They call, offer, bargain, and argue.

bustling atmosphere quang ba night flower market in hanoi

A customer is trying to bargain the price with the owner

trucks quang ba night flower market in hanoi

Trucks full of colorful flowers are commonly seen at the market

The shops are lit barely by light bulbs on the ceiling, which gives off a great atmosphere, but it is quite blurry and unsuitable for photography.

Experience wet-market culture in Vietnam

Wet-market has been a distinctive trait in Asian culture and a special feature that has complemented Hanoi’s vibrant community heritage. Originally, they are places lined with stalls selling fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish. In comparison with supermarkets, wet markets offer more personal interactions and unique food and services.

Quang Ba night flower market in Hanoi is ideal if you desire to explore this trait. There are stalls full of fresh flowers on both sides of the road. And you had better move quickly but carefully enough since the traffic is dangerous.

wet market culture quang ba night flower market in hanoi

There is a small but wet walkway between the two sides, so be careful when you’re moving

Quang Ba Night Flower Market in Hanoi – Tips for A Complete Visit

– Remember to bargain carefully and respectfully before purchasing any flowers. Nevertheless, it is best to buy at a street vendor and pay slightly more for a smoother experience.
Check out our guide on How to Bargain in Vietnam?
– Check the quality of the flowers before paying.
– The price of the vendors/stalls towards the back of the market is lower.
– If possible, leave your passport at home and bring a minimum amount of money. The security at this market is not 100% assured, so be aware of everything.
– It is fine to use your camera or phone to take photos. But don’t take too much time because the owners may get mad. And be mindful of photographing their faces!
– Be extremely cautious of the traffic!

Summary on Quang Ba Night Flower Market in Hanoi

Visiting Quang Ba night flower market is an artistic and cultural experience at the same time. Besides the blooming beauty of all the flowers, the Quang Ba night flower market is a perfect place to know more about a different angle of Hanoians’ lives, a lively and colorful one.

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